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Keep On, Keeping On
It wasn’t so much a leap of faith as it was a determined dive towards her goals for 23-year-old rookie hairstylist Winnie Loo when she opened her very own hair salon, A Cut Above, alongside business partner-and-husband Richard Teo in 1979. Renowned l
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Sweet Dreams Are Made of These
In a project that ranked global cities for their sleeping environment, based on research about the leading causes for lack of sleep across 75 cities, London-based wellness company Alphagreen produced the 2020 City Sleep Index. On it, Hong Kong came i
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Strength in Grace
The clock is ticking. Displaying a mesmerising combination of a physical agility, strength, and stamina, she executes her jumps, her body a vision of athletic grace on the 10cm-wide, 5m-long balance beam, a look of concentration on her face. Finally,
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Talk Of The Town
Before we dive into the practice itself, can you tell us what the KL Speakers Club (KLSC) is all about? Roopi: The club was actually formed 1970 and its members are exclusively women who have stories to share as well as an awareness to create. It’
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Now Listen Up, Me
If a friend or loved one ever spoke to you the way that you speak to yourself, would you want to keep that person around? The answer seems obvious. And yet our inner critic’s voice is louder than that of our inner cheerleader’s more often than not, e
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Poetry and Purpose
Cult is a word that gets thrown around often in the beauty world. But few brands can claim to have such a legion of loyalists as Aesop. Since it was founded in 1987 in Melbourne, the Australian skincare brand has drummed up an army of conscious custo
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Roopi’s 5 for -Step Formula for Public Speaking
This is important, but it doesn’t have to take long. Dress appropriately and always smile, that’s going to be your biggest support tool. Keep in mind that the first 20 to 30 seconds is all it takes for the audience to decide whether they want to list
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Genderless Aesthete
Sean Garrette’s obsession with skincare came about after suffering from adult acne when he turned 21. Wanting to treat his condition, he ventured into the science behind skincare, researching different acne treatments and learning from trials and err
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Master of One
“How does one begin an email to a monk?” I wondered when I first reached out to master Shi Heng Yi, who belongs to the 35th generation of warrior monks known as Shaolin masters, after watching his TEDx Talk about self-mastery. A joke came to mind onc
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What gives Ili Pot an edge over its competitors is its all-encompassing model. No portable stove? No problem. Add an 18cm-wide steamboat pot or 20cm grill skillet to your cart for just RM29.90. Though small in size, the nifty devices work like a char
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To the Rescue!
As part of the Doctor Babor Cleanformance series, both the Moisture Glow Cream and the Moisture Glow Serum are formulated with ingredients that are up to 98 per cent of natural origin. Infused with a hydrating concoction of hyaluronic acid and aloe v
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The Mind’s Eye
A registered hypnotherapist and founder of Hong Kong’s All About You wellness clinic, Sonia Samtani has spent the past 15 years helping patients work through crippling phobias, substance abuse, eating disorders and other personal traumas or blocks. “
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Koh Li Tim
Whether it’s dressing up or down, style maverick Koh Li Tim is almost always camera-ready for any occasion—even as he busies himself with work, dance and even TikTok while at home. With an innate aptitude for aesthetics and design, the 30-year-old ha
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Keeping It Simple
What was your first experience with beauty? Zaida Ibrahim: My first memory was actually buying a children’s makeup set while on a holiday—that was over 20 years ago by the way, I can’t believe I still remember even going to the shop. And let me tel
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Toiling Ox or Bull Run?
Feng shui and astrology are really fabulous living skills because they give you a window into what’s in store for the future. They can help you navigate your daily life, improve the decisions you make, and get your timing right most of the time. More
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More Than Art
When it comes to Daniel Adams’ work, he doesn’t pull his punches—nor does he intend to do so. Vivid in colour and full of character, every picture he’s taken isn’t without its purpose. Ever since his parents had gotten him his first camera at the age
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Tatler Jewellery
Last year, Chaumet unveiled its Trésors d Ailleurs rings to celebrate the reopening of its flagship at 12 Place Vendôme in Paris. Now, the brand has once again turned to architecture for inspiration. Six high jewellery parures inspired by Paris’s lan
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Witch Please
“Witches don’t burn, honey,” Sabrina Villard, a modern-day shaman, tells me as we’re standing in a ceremony room inside her chic apartment on Robinson Road in Hong Kong’s exclusive Mid-Levels district. “We are not going anywhere.” As a baby, Villard
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Bold Flavours
While some were preoccupied with Single’s Day sales on 11.11, the Tatler Dining team was busy testing the waters at Mandarin Grill in Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. The brand spanking new menu, which executive chef Luigi Stinga has been raring to r
Malaysia Tatler1 min lettiDesign
Tell us about the first jewellery piece you owned. It was a Tiffany ID bracelet, which remains iconic. At the time, it felt like every pre-teen girl had one. What’s special about vintage jewellery? Vintage pieces stand the test of time and are alm
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A Fresh Perspective
A year spent working from home with little or no travel has allowed us to adopt a slower pace in life, which is sure to mould the way we travel in the future. One of the best opportunities to have a snail-paced sojourn is to sail aboard the Dunia Bar
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Tatler Style
Photography Lara Jade (Bottega Veneta coat) Image Julien Martinez Lec (Chanel) ■
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Tell us about the first jewellery piece you designed. It was a medallion, which was inspired by the only piece of jewellery my grandparents brought from Cuba. During the revolution, everything of value—especially gold—was confiscated by the governme
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Take a Dip
From meditation apps to singing bowls, a renewed self-care routine kept many of our minds and bodies in shape during the pandemic. Similarly, hotels are placing more emphasis on services and experiences that improve well-being, specifically practices
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Tatler Report
With consumer behaviour trending towards more practical clothing, Fendi has collaborated with affordable British brand K-Way for a functional capsule collection for men, women and children. Consisting of nylon jackets, bags and reversible windbreaker
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Who Says It’s a Man’s World?
I was nine years old when I first visited one of Tiffany & Co’s boutiques with my father to help him purchase a brooch for my mom. I still remember walking through the doors and being mesmerised by the diamonds and coloured gemstones that were displa
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Off-Grid Adventures
Our philosophy at Pelorus is to dream big and travel better—with a more conscious approach and enhanced guardianship of the locations, communities and environments we champion to our clients. One of my recommendations is to discover the culture and m
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Around Asia
On the cover of this month’s issue of Tatler Hong Kong is Veronica Chou, the founder of eco-friendly clothing and accessories brand Everybody & Everyone and a daughter of textile and fashion tycoon Silas Chou. She discusses the importance of embracin
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Toton Januar
How did you first realise you wanted to work in fashion? I think ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always had this fascination with fashion, although maybe I didn’t understand it at that time. My mum was a seamstress for some time and a fashion en
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Tatler Watches
Girard-Perregaux continues to push the boundaries of high-tech materials with its new Laureato Absolute Crystal Rock wristwatch. The Laureato line was first designed in the 1970s and was relaunched in 2017. Crafted from carbon glass, the new Crystal
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