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Newport Beach, Ca
Lido Bottle Works is the place for craft cocktails, wines and beers in a festive waterfront space. The kitchen rolls out elevated casual fare — think Seasonal Burrata Salad adorned with locally sourced greens, hazelnuts, apples, mangoes, and a brown
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Cooking At Home
Cook it Makes 3–4 dozen DEEP IN the rolling hills near Glencoe Mills, Cape Breton, Elizabeth Beaton cuts the oatcakes evenly with a corned beef tin — one of her husband’s favourite foods. Elizabeth’s utterly amazing oatcakes are so good that she pack
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Joe Patti’s, the largest fresh seafood market in the US, is something you have to see, and experience! But when the crazy crowds and get too much, head for the neighbourhood Navarre Seafood Market where the fish is still fresh and local and you can g
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Lovage Herbe De L’Amour
TE VARIOUS NAMES for this perennial herb attest to its history. The first and the official name levisticum officinale comes from the fact that it grew prolifically in Liguria, that storied part of northern Italy where the Cinque Terre, Portofino and
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The ambiance at The Iron Fairies, located just off Ginza, has the perfect balance of elegance, intimacy and whimsy as do cocktails such as the rum-based Heaven Lonely Froze, the liquor-forward Ash Backwards, and aptly named Fairytale Mule. The manage
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Vegetarian Voyager
Ariff on the Sichuan classic Bang Bang Chicken, with butternut squash replacing the bird, extra vegetables, and a base of noodles to make a complete and nourishing meal. No ‘banging’ is required as the roasted squash cubes will be tender and don’t ne
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Auckland’s cheap Eats
I TOUCHED DOWN IN AUCKLAND just as the local magazine Metro published its annual listing of the city’s Top 50 Cheap Eats. I grew up in New Zealand’s largest city and I have my own roster of favourite places for a good feed that won’t break the bank.
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BEECHWOOD An emerging Ottawa Eat Street with pubs, coffee shops, a kitchenware emporium, bakeries and a number of noteworthy restaurants. BYWARD MARKET The area surrounding the ByWard Market is one of Ottawa’s hottest and most central ’hoods. Along w
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PUGLIA Thriving On The Vine
The itinerary suggested it would be a leisurely series of visits to winemakers working to elevate Puglia’s viticultural reputation, given its past as a bulk wine production hub. It would be interesting to see and taste wines that could compete with T
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THE BEACHES A lakeside community just 15 minutes east of downtown, with an eclectic mix of shops, sidewalk cafés, restaurants, pubs and yoga studios. The boardwalk is a favourite place on a hot summer’s day. BLOOR WEST VILLAGE Bloor St West of High P
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HANOI Three Hours, Four Dishes
But I’m lucky — thanks to my tour company, Travel for Travellers by GLP Worldwide, the Hanoi Cooking Centre guide will be making the choices for the dine around. I’ll be tasting two quintessential Vietnamese dishes and two beloved dishes from Hanoi.
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OLD MONTREAL Lining the edge of the St Lawrence River is Vieux Montreal with its cobblestone streets, picturesque squares, old-world architecture, quais, cafés and small parks. Amongst them you’ll also find intimate fine-dining, such as Pastel, once
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Pine Ridge Road Farmers’ Market
Why? A compact, dog-friendly neighbourhood market in sunny Southwest Florida featuring fresh produce and flowers from local farms, honey, organic treats, bread and baked goods, arts and crafts plus lips-smacking barbecue and Cuban sandwiches. In a co
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KENSINGTON One of Calgary’s most beloved neighbourhoods also offers up an impressive assortment of culinary gems. Pop by Hayden Block Smoke & Whiskey for some Texas-style BBQ and an impressive assortment of whiskey, or grab a seat at Container Bar an
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Mercado Fresco de Slow Food Yucatán
ONE YEAR AGO. Day one. 5:00 am. The ahhhh of picking fruit slowly. It is a cool February morning in 2010. She is up long before the sky is tinged with pink light. She’s cutting greens and picking fat vegetables from her organic garden. When she set o
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DOWNTOWN Winnipeg’s downtown has experienced an exciting revitalization. The city’s arena, the Bell MTS Place, is drawing people back to the area, with new hotels, restaurants and bars opening, while older storefronts are spiffing up. Try The Merchan
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CANADA’S Sweet Table
CANADA, IN ITS EARLY HISTOR Y, WAS A country where sweets tended to be regional, dependent on local ingredients and the origins of new arrivals. By the end of the nineteenth century, the huge nation was largely settled, and the increasing availabilit
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San Diego
NORTH COUNTY It’s no surprise that this coastal area has a relaxed So-Cal vibe, and the restaurants follow suit. Check out Oceanside’s Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub for chef-centric sushi and seafood. A little farther south, Carlsbad’s Campfire bring
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Argentina From Buenos Aires to Wine Country
As I wait until the theatre lights dim and the heavy scarlet curtain rises up into the soaring proscenium, I marvel at the domed, gold-leafed ceiling with its brilliant crystal chandelier hovering above the grand audience hall. I’m seated in one of t
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GRANVILLE ISLAND The tiny peninsula under the Granville Bridge hosts Vancouver’s yearround public market and is crowded with culinary specialty shops and eateries. KITSILANO Beachy Kits has lots of vegan and organic picks plus neighbourhood joints an
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Bush Flavours
JOSH WHITELAND IS THE kind of guy you would want on a deserted island. A cultural custodian and member of the Wardandi Noongar people of the south west of Australia, his knowledge of survival in the bush is immeasurable. He can wield a gidji (fishing
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Cooking with TASTE & TRAVEL
WERE A BAND OF PRETTY adventurous travelling cooks here at TASTE& TRAVEL, not afraid to try our hand at frying an insect, skinning an eel or making pesto out of peanuts and shrimp. We’ve done some of the head-scratching for you — translating instruct
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At Home
THREE OF OUR regular contributors filed stories from the road — Elyse Glickman catching up on developments in the wine industry in Puglia, Susie Ellison on the trail of cheap eats in Auckland and Waheeda Harris sampling street food in Hanoi — before
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Roots Unearthing The Story Of Australian Ginger
GINGER IS ONE of the oldest, most popular, and most versatile of spices. It has been indispensable to Eastern medicine and food for thousands of years, and was one of the earliest spices to reach the West. On the tables of wealthy Europeans, it was k
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Paladar Perfection
JUST OFF PARQUE CENTRAL, UP A narrow staircase is a quirky and eclectic space with colourful art and artefacts. Chef Ivan Justo has travelled extensively and has combined new ideas and recipes from all over the world with traditional Cuban gastronomy
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A Welcome In The Valleys
YOU COULD SAY the cooking of Wales is all about laverbread and welshcakes, but that’s not the half of it. If the national gastronomic reputation traditionally rests on her raw materials — mountain-bred lamb, valley-fattened beef, toastable cheese, un
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SIP Ice Cider Spritz with Maple Pearls CHARCUTERIE St Guillaume Extra Old Cheddar Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde Le Rassembleu Saint-Sophie Fromagerie Les Folies Begeres La Fabuleuse Morgan Farms Organic Duck Rillettes Bio Sauvage Birch Syrup Morga
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Two Welsh Originals
He named the property Portmeirion and over a number of years built an entire village, designed to blend into and enhance the naturally beautiful setting. Employing an idiosyncratic mix of Arts and Crafts and classical Palladian architectural styles,
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Hot Off The Grill
Discover Mexican Cuisine with Chef Mavi Graf Craving the flavours of Mexico? Acclaimed Puerto Vallarta chef Mavi Graf has launched a new virtual opportunity to experience traditional and contemporary Mexican cuisine at home. In addition to the online
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