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The Vipassana Revolution
According to Theravada orthodoxy, even the Buddha’s teachings are subject to impermanence. That is to say, there will be a day when the dhamma disappears from the world. For many Burmese Buddhists, it appeared that day was quickly dawning during the
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Lion’s Roar
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To See Yourself Exactly As You Are
You can’t make radical changes in the pattern of your life until you begin to see yourself exactly as you are now. As soon as you do that, changes will flow naturally. You don’t have to force anything, struggle, or obey rules dictated to you by some
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How I Discovered My Breath (and So Much More)
DURING THE LONG, slow months of the pandemic lockdown, holed up at home with nothing to do and nowhere to go, I discovered something new. I discovered my breath. Breathing might not seem like much of a discovery, occurring as it does twenty thousand
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Breathing in, I see myself as a flower. I am the freshness of a dewdrop. Breathing out, my eyes have become flowers. Please look at me. I am looking with the eyes of love. Breathing in, I am a mountain, imperturbable, still, alive, vigorous. Breathin
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Who Is Invisible To You?
THERE’S A MAN who works in the produce department at my neighborhood grocery store. He’s usually present in the morning when I shop there, but for more years than I’d like to admit, he was essentially invisible to me. One day that changed. My hands w
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Discovering Reality
ON THE COVER: Painting of the famed Vipassana master Ajahn Chah meditating, by Sakula-Mary Reinard  “Go to the root of a tree or an empty place and sit down, crossing your legs and setting your back straight.” This is the instruction the Buddha gives
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The Middle Way Of Abortion
In America, pro-life and pro-choice voices are pitted against each other with some on both sides denying the complexity of the issue. JENNIFER KEISHIN ARMSTRONG reports on how Buddhist teachings could transform the abortion debate—and benefit women.
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The Universe In A Grain Of Rice
AT THE ELEGANT HOME of a friend of a friend, the hostess served me a generous portion of sticky rice. Although I was perfectly capable of using chopsticks, I felt incapable of eating this bowl of plain, unadorned starch. I was twenty-four at the time
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Avikrita Vajra Rinpoche
I WAS BORN in Seattle in 1993 into the family lineage that is an important part of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism. When I was still young, I moved to a remote village called Kamrao in Himachal Pradesh, India. Even though I went to receive teach
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Buddhist Directory
The definitive listing of meditation and retreat centers in North America is now paired with an expanded online version. With available enhancements including images, videos, descriptions and maps. The directory is a searchable, sortable guide to pra
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May We Gather
ON MAY 4, Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles’s Little Tokyo hosted May We Gather: A National Buddhist Memorial Ceremony for Asian American Ancestors. The event, livestreamed to an audience of tens of thousands, marked the forty-ninth day
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How To Practice Vipassana
To achieve peace of mind, you must make sure your body is at peace. So it’s important to choose a position that will be comfortable for a long period of time. Close your eyes. Then place your attention at the belly, at the abdomen. Breathe normally—n
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All You Need Is Breath
I HAVE BEEN FOND of mindfulness of breathing since I began meditating in the early 1980s. The breath offers meditators a versatile meditation subject based on the ordinary, accessible experience of breathing in and breathing out. It can be used in co
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Lion’s Roar Buddhist Directory
5059 Newport Ave, Suite 303, San Diego, CA 92107. (619) 797-5483, • Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism in San Diego exists to share the teachings of meditation and mindfulness and to assist in the Awakening of those who wish to fr
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“Your Life Always Expresses The Dharma”
SUZUKI SAID HE WAS most happy when his students shared in the joy of practice. He said that’s what Buddhism is—not enlightenment or understanding. I asked Suzuki Roshi, “When I work in the kitchen, I feel like I’m in the heart of practice. Why do I h
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Take A Deep Breath
“WE CAN ALWAYS return to the breath.” Many years ago, at an introduction to meditation for beginners, I heard this instruction and learned of the connection between the breath and our ability to return to balance and ease. My reaction landed somewher
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Life, Loss, And Connection
“WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND the goodness of suffering,” writes Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. “It is the compost that helps the roses to grow. It is the mud from which magnificent lotuses emerge.” In How to Live When a Loved One Dies: Healing Meditations for
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More From Lion’s Roar
Lion’s Roar is pleased to invite you to deep, insightful, and accessible instruction in explore some of the profound practices these practices. of Tibetan Buddhism in our new online Sessions include Mingyur Rinpoche on learning experience, Open Heart
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5 Meditations On The Breath
WHILE THERE ARE MANY variations of this practice, this simple version is common to many Buddhist traditions and is a mainstay of the secular mindfulness movement. It is a foundation of the path to enlightenment and offers immediate benefits to our he
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Why I Do Not Bow
BUDDHIST GUIDE TO MINDFUL LIVING You asked me to bow. I couldn’t. You asked me to kneel. I couldn’t figure out how. And it’s not like I didn’t want to. It’s just not in my nature. I have the proper amount of respect for the process and the ritual. An
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Grandmother’s Wisdom
“SABISHII NE.” At my last dinner before leaving home to live in Tokyo, these words unexpectedly came out of my mouth. In Japan, they’re a common way of expressing feelings of loneliness. Early the next morning I would leave and Grandmother would be a
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Stream Of Tears
ON AN OTHERWISE ordinary Monday morning, I found my thirty-year-old son dead on his bed, for no apparent reason. No illness, no explanations, no goodbyes—just dead. Although I was stunned and paralyzed with grief, I guided my beloved son by repeating
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Open, Awake & TRULY SAFE
ALL MEETING ends in parting, said the Buddha. This is an inescapable—and heartbreaking—fact of life. Whether it is someone we love, a good situation, how we define ourselves, or life itself, there is nothing we can hold onto forever. Everything event
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Who Are You, Really?
WHO ARE YOU, REALLY? When asked this question, most people respond by saying what they do for a living, where they live, or something like, “I’m Sam’s father,” or “I’m Jessica’s partner.” These are all perfectly good answers, but what they have in co
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The time we’ve all spent in various degrees of lockdown has of course been difficult. Luckily, many friends of Lion’s Roar were able to make fine use of it by registering for our recent online offerings, including In the Footsteps of Thich Nhat Hanh,
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Sonic Satori
WHAT KIND OF MUSIC, if any at all, serves the purpose of helping meditators establish equilibrium? Some teachers would suggest that music is a distraction, and perhaps it is, but it’s one that has a core place in my own practice. My practice is a kin
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Faith For Troubled Times
IN A WORLD growing darker by the day, how can we find our way to the light? Author and activist Anne Lamott’s latest collection of essays, Dusk, Night, Dawn: On Revival and Courage (Riverhead Books), is a personal exploration of faith in troubling ti
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Our Boundless Mind
Until the arising of the Heart Sutra, Buddhist practitioners typically relied on the presence of an external teacher, a particular buddha, to show them the way. The Heart Sutra, however, pointed to an approach that was revolutionary, one that directs
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Richard Gere on TIBET’S GIFT OF LOVE
MELVIN MCLEOD: How did you first make your connection to the Dalai Lama and the people of Tibet? RICHARD GERE: Well, it’s a long story, as most of these are long stories, but I’ll make it as brief as I can. In my early twenties, I was searching to ma
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