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Betrayed Again
Almost exactly 100 years ago – 20 August 1920 to be precise – the victors of the First World War promised the Kurds a homeland. Within three years that pledge – made under the Treaty of Sèvres – was tossed into the brimming bin of broken promises. Lo
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At A Glance
LEADER: President Alejandro Giammattei (since 14 January 2020). ECONOMY: GNI per capita $4,400 (El Salvador $3,820, United States $63,080). Monetary unit: Quetzal. Main exports: Clothing, bananas, coffee, sugar. Agriculture accounts for nearly 10% of
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View From India
India’s mid-March Covid-19 lockdown – announced at very short notice at night – led to panic and confusion all over the country. While the plight of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers rushing from the cities made international headlines, the ru
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Britain Rude Awakening
The oak trees and fields of Colne Valley – just west of London – hum with birdsong and insect life, thriving in the clean air of the Covid-19 lockdown. But the quiet is soon shattered. The construction of the HS2 high-speed rail line, which will conn
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Star Ratings
Despite economic growth, poverty has become more widespread. Poverty rates double in rural areas and triple among indigenous people. 81.5%. 25% of children drop out of primary school, indigenous girls even more. A third of Mayan women cannot read or
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by Andrew Wear (Oneworld, ISBN 9781786079015) ★★★★✩ Reviewers don’t often highlight the process of reviewing, for the good reason that it is usually mundane: receive review copy, read book, write about it. The circumstances
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Reasons To Be Cheerful
Biodiversity loss means that pollinators – such as bees, bats and butterflies – are having a hard time. But a suburb of the Costa Rican capital, San José, is pulling out all the stops to welcome them. Nicknamed Ciudad Dulce (Sweet City), Curridabat m
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The Wolf of Baghdad
Carol Isaacs is a musician and cartoonist, born in the UK to Iraqi-Jewish parents. The last of her family had fled Iraq by the mid-1960s and to all intents and purposes regarded itself as British, settling quietly and without fuss into suburban Londo
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by Diamanda Galás (Intravenal Sound Operations LP, CD + digital) ★★★★★ If ever there was an artist for these strange times, then truly Diamanda Galás – singer, pianist, composer – is the one. That said, Galás has never stopped being
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The Kurds And Covid-19
Usually there’s no discussion about it. The Big Story, the main theme of the magazine, is what goes on the cover. But, in the midst of the current global pandemic, it seemed strange not to give greater prominence to our coverage of Covid-19. Should t
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Covid-19 Broken Bonds
The World Bank celebrated the 2017 launch of its ‘pandemic bonds’ with a glitzy video. Shots of gleeful African schoolchildren were cut with a speech from Jim Yong Kim, the Bank’s president, pledging to be ‘aggressive and creative’. The initiative wo
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Could The Sdgs Deliver On Their Promises?
GARY: The SDGs cover a huge number of seemingly intractable issues. What might surprise many people is that there is a good chance they will succeed. There are six reasons to be optimistic. First, the fact that 191 countries actually agreed the SDGs
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Agony Uncle
Q: I always thought I would have children, although I wasn’t in a hurry when I was younger. Now I’m in my early 30s and the time seems right in many ways. I’ve been getting those pangs of desire to bring a new life into the world, but when I think ab
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This Month’s Contributors Include
Dilar Dirik is an activist in the Kurdish women’s movement in Europe and is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford. Tehran-based Jalal Sepehr started out as an industrial photographer and has sinc
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Kurds The Facts
Where accurate statistics are lacking, we have gone with ‘reasonable’ estimates. Their homeland, an area they call Kurdistan, straddles four modern-day states: Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. There are more than 30 million Kurds in the world.1 WHERE KU
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Does Celebrity Activism Do More Harm Than Good?
Being in the public eye does not take away the rights of celebrities to be activists. Anyone has the right to be an activist, including celebrities. If brands pay them thousands to endorse their brands then why would activism not benefit from their e
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The Puzzler
8 Pacific resort lawyer’s lost on two incidences of sanctuary (4,4)9 Part of play where one retreating Greek character reaches Antony’s defeat scene (6)10 Shaker’s reactionary article is removed from Rio stadium (6)11 Islands in the Seychelles before
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New Internationalist
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Who’s Who And What Do They Stand For?
Far-right, Sunni Islamist but pro-Kurdish constitutional and cultural rights party. Coalition of Kurdish parties not aligned to the PYD. Politically more conservative, backed by the Iraqi Barzani-led KDP. Left-wing, pro-minority, pro-Kurdish secular
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Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
Silicon Valley firms have been quick to seize opportunities. Palantir – a firm that analyses data to help US immigration enforcement agents identify and plan raids to apprehend undocumented people – has been contracted by the UK government to do data
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Drug Patents Were Scrapped?
In 1955, virologist Jonas Salk was asked about the intellectual property rights of his polio vaccine. To which he responded: ‘There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?’ Salk’s choice to make the vaccine patent free ultimately beat back the US pol
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Send Us Your Feedback
Re: your striking image of a coal-fired power station in your edition on Air pollution (NI 525). Surely you should be aware that cooling towers emit only steam (as they are cooling waste steam to recycle in the process) and not smoke. The steam may a
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Action And Info
Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign Broad-based, affiliated with UK trade unions Women Defend Rojava Network for a free society Canadian Friends of Kurdistan
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First Ebola, then COVID-19
In early April, Sierra Leone confirmed its first case of coronavirus, one of the last nations in the world to do so. A low-income country, it has limited intensive care capacity, a total of 18 ventilators and a population of six million, the vast maj
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In The Next Issue: A Better World?
Since the early 2000s, Argentina has been forced into a cycle of debt and austerity. Nick Dearden presents solutions to this coercive, financialized system. The Covid-19 crisis has triggered an international rent strike. Amy Hall reports on the housi
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Early every day, Ilham, a Kurdish woman in her sixties, gets up to make her way to her Mala Jin – or Women’s House – in the Northern Syrian city of Qamishlo (aka Qamishli). There, with colleagues ranging from teenage girls to women her age, she tries
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View From Africa
The president of the US stood at a podium with the White House seal emblazoned across the front and suggested that sunshine, household bleach and disinfectant might be a treatment for Covid-19. Newspapers around the world reported his remarks, but wi
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Ways Of Belonging
I had two babies inside me, the medical rationale for the unimaginable boneweariness I experienced. The pregnancy started almost in tandem with Covid-19. Before most of the mayhem had spread globally I took regular walks up from my apartment to the n
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A Shot At Statehood
Welcome to the lighter side of Iraq. Spend a bit of time in Erbil, with its sleek highways, its gleaming highrises and chic cafés that know their espressos from their macchiatos, and it quickly feels strange to think you’re in Iraq at all, which is s
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Hall Of Infamy
JOB: State Counsellor of Myanmar REPUTATION: Human rights champion turned genocide apologist How could it happen? For decades Suu Kyi led a mostly nonviolent struggle against a vicious military dictatorship in Myanmar. She endured 15 long years of ho
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