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Winston S. Churchill: The Triumphant Story of the Greatest Biography on the Planet
“We go back a long way,” Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn recently reminded me. “I knew Dal Newfield.” He realized that would invoke a fond memory. A few are still left who remember the man responsible for where some of us are today. Dalton New
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New Honorary Members
The International Churchill Society (ICS) is pleased to announce that Lady Williams of Elvel and former Prime Ministers Sir John Major and Gordon Brown have all agreed to become honorary members of the Society. They join His Grace the Duke of Marlbor
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It Is Finished
Martin Gilbert and Larry P. Arnn, eds., The Churchill Documents, volume 23, Never Flinch, Never Weary, November 1951 to February 1965, Hillsdale College Press, 2019, 2488 pages, $60. ISBN 978–0916308483 The 1951–1955 Conservative government was the
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Winston Churchill, Meet Winston Churchill
Collectors of Churchill books have inevitably run into offers of volumes by Winston Churchill with unfamiliar titles such as Coniston, Richard Carvel, and Mr. Crewe’s Career. One title looks close to familiar, The Crisis, but not quite right. You can
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A Churchillian Exchange
London, June 7, 1899. Mr. Winston Churchill presents his compliments to Mr. Winston Churchill, and begs to draw his attention to a matter which concerns them both. He has learnt from the Press notices that Mr. Winston Churchill proposes to bring ou
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Two Winston Churchills and One Trademark Coexistence Agreement
Although perhaps best known to history as the man who stood up to Hitler, Winston Churchill, journalist, warrior, and statesman, also made great contributions to American trademark law. Indeed, Churchill was a pioneer and one of the first proponents
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“What a Tale It Is!”
On the morning of Saturday, 25 August 1928, a passenger plane took off from Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city on Vancouver Island, bound for Seattle some eighty miles to the south across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The international service h
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The Ultimate River War
DEFINITIVE NEW EDITION OF CHURCHILL’S SECOND BOOK The long-awaited St. Augustine’s Press edition of The River War, in 2 volumes, will be the first publication of Winston Churchill’s full, unabridged text since 1899. Editor James W. Muller’s new edi
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Churchill the Dramatist
Though he never wrote a play, he might have been a successful playwright. Winston Churchill admired Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, John Galsworthy, and Noel Coward—and I am convinced that, had he chosen to direct his talents in that direction, he
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Shaw, Wells, and Maugham: Authors Churchill Knew
Winston Churchill’s literary world included novelists, playwrights, poets, and writers of short stories. Three of his best-known friends, who were professional authors, were George Bernard Shaw, H. G. Wells, and W. Somerset Maugham. Churchill met and
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Leading Myths: WSC & GBS
Famous men accrue good stories and quotations. Sadly, one of Winston S. Churchill’s most famous supposed exchanges with the celebrated author and playwright George Bernard Shaw did not take place. The debunking of this story will disappoint many, but
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Death To The French
Winston Churchill loved to read. He grew up in the Victorian Age when books did not have to compete for attention with any form of electronic entertainment. Not afforded the opportunity of a university education, he sought to fill the gaps in his kno
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The International Churchill Society
UNITED STATES • UNITED KINGDOM • CANADA • AUSTRALIA • NEW ZEALAND ICELAND • PORTUGAL • HEADQUARTERS: WASHINGTON, D.C. The International Churchill Society is dedicated to preserving and promoting the historic legacy of Sir Wi
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Action This Day
Churchill wrote to his mother Jennie on 30 September commenting on current events in China, Armenia, and Africa. He closed the letter by telling her he was required to take his two-and-a-half month leave from 24 October to 8 January 1896. “Do try and
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Board of Academic Advisers
Professor James W. Muller, Chairman University of Alaska, Anchorage Professor Christopher M. Bell Dalhousie University Dr. Piers Brendon Churchill College, Cambridge Professor Antoine Capet University of Rouen Professor João Carlos Espada Ca
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A Distaff Big Three
When Sarah Churchill found herself next to NKVD Chief Lavrenty Beria at a banquet hosted by Stalin at the end of the Yalta Conference, she tried out her best textbook Russian phrases on him, such as “Can I have a hot water bottle please?” In response
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From the Editor
“I have always made my living by my pen,” Winston Churchill liked to remind people. Indeed, he had to do something. By the 1930s, Churchill’s parliamentary pay was less than he spent each year on champagne alone! He needed a pen mightier than the Boa
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The Forgotten Statesman
First, to avoid confusion, I should make it clear that I am not reviewing my own book. The author of this unusual biography shares my name; but this (with the acknowledged help of a young collaborator) is his first published work. He is not a profess
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Finest Hour
The International Churchill Society David Freeman Department of History California State University Fullerton, CA 92834-6846 Justin Reash Paul H. Courtenay, James W. Muller Ronald I. Cohen Micha
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That Sinking Feeling
Jim Crossley, Churchill’s Admiral in Two World Wars: Admiral of the Fleet Lord Keyes of Zeebrugge and Dover, Pen & Sword, 2020, 200 pages, £25. ISBN 978–1526748393 Roger Keyes had an amazing career, involving service in every type of Royal Naval shi
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Email: CHARTWELL—[2 September 1928] My dear [George] Bernard Shaw, I was delighted to receive your book [The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism] and greatly complimented by your kindness in sending me a
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The Bristol Giant
Andrew Adonis, Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill, Biteback Publishing, 2020, 357 pages, £20.00. ISBN 978–1785905988 Ernest Bevin and Winston Churchill were (alongside David Lloyd George) the three titans of twentieth-century British politics. Bevin a
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Churchill, The Admiralty, And Scotland
It was in Scotland that Winston Churchill was first offered the position of First Lord of the Admiralty. Churchill, as Home Secretary, was staying with Prime Minister H. H. Asquith at Archerfield late in September 1911 and had been playing golf when
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Churchill in Dundee, 1921
By 1921 the popularity of Prime Minister David Lloyd George’s Liberal-Conservative coalition was waning, and election talk was in the air. As a senior member of the Cabinet, Winston Churchill’s own political future was seriously at stake. Since 1908
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A Scottish Honorary Degree
Readers will be surprised to learn how few honorary degrees were conferred on Winston Churchill in the course of his long life. Although the practice of granting a degree honoris causa is more than five centuries old, the practice was not common unti
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“Keep Their Silliest People in Order”
To return to power in 1951, Winston Churchill needed support in Scotland as much as he did anywhere else. During the general election campaign, therefore, he dutifully traveled to Glasgow, where he spoke at St. Andrew’s Hall on 17 October. If the Con
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Delicious Reading
Health Warning: While reading this scrumptious book, be prepared to crave deliciously rich-sounding recipes. I first spoke with Annie Gray early in 2018 when she had got in touch as part of her research for the book she was writing about Georgina Lan
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Mrs. Everest, Winston’s beloved childhood nanny, died on 3 July. He wrote to his mother the same day: “She was delighted to see me on Monday and I think my coming made her die happy. Her last words were of Jack. I shall never know such a friend again
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That Other Hamilton Woman
Readers of Finest Hour who are familiar with Winston Churchill’s role in initiating the Gallipoli campaign in 1915 will instantly recognise the name of Sir Ian Hamilton, the commander of that tragically doomed expedition. Churchill had recommended Ha
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The Boffin and The Dam Busters
Max Hastings’ newest book, a history of the British effort to destroy three dams in the Ruhr Valley in May 1943—codenamed Chastise—allows him to draw upon the interviews he conducted for his 1979 classic Bomber Command. Building on new archival labor
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