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A Vest For Anni
Overshot. 4-shaft loom, 13"–16" weaving width; 10-dent reed; 2 shuttles; 2 bobbins. Warp: 22/2 Nialin (60% cotton, 40% linen; 1,640 yd/250 g; Bockens; Eugene Textile Center), #2002 Unbleached, 1,376 (1,481, 1,586, 1,691) yd. Weft: Tabby: 22/2 Nialin,
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Revisiting Mid-Century Design
In Sweden, from the 1940s through the 1960s, design was regarded as important and something for everyone to take part in. The concept of folkhemmet, or the people’s home, strove to erase poverty in housing, raising standards of living without regard
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Color-Block Bronson Bed Runner
Bronson lace. 4-shaft loom, 20" weaving width; 15-dent reed; two 20" stick shuttles. Warp: 3/2 pearl cotton (1,260 yd/lb; UKI), #95 Mineral, 363 yd; #103 Peacock, 360 yd. Weft: 3/2 pearl cotton #95 Mineral, 273 yd; #103 Peacock, 170 yd. 289 ends 2½ y
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Leno Casement Curtains for an MCM Home
Leno. 6-shaft rising-shed loom, 20" weaving width; 12-dent reed; 1 shuttle; 1 bobbin. Warp: 20/2 cotton (100% cotton; 8,400 yd/lb; R&M Yarns), Natural, 900 yd. Mallo (100% cotton; 1,500 yd/lb; GIST Yarn and Fiber), Natural, 150 yd. Weft: Mallo, Natur
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Crater Rug in Double Corduroy
I recently graduated, as a very “mature” student, from Bradford College, United Kingdom, with a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Fashion and Textiles, specializing in weaving. The Crater Rug forms part of the collection created for my final asses
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Retail Shop Directory
Fiber Creek Suite 123, 1046 Willow Creek Rd Prescott, AZ 86301 (928) 717-1774 fibercreekprescott.com Tempe Yarn & Fiber 1415 E University Dr Tempe, AZ 85281 (480) 557-9166 tempeyarn.com The Spinster 624 E Beale St Kingman, AZ 86401 (928) 753-3660 spi
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Media Picks
Janet Phillips Ever since it came out in 2008, one of my favorite weaving books has been Designing Woven Fabrics by Janet Phillips, and now I am happy to add her most recent book, Exploring Woven Fabrics, to my collection. Weavers interested in pushi
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Favorite Finds
Take your weaving with you, or weave at home with this tapestry loom kit that includes two looms, weaving accessories, and even some yarn to get you started. The two looms in each kit come in either 1/8" or ¼" plywood. The lap loom is 7¾" × 9", and t
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Bauhaus Weaver Hand Towels
Summer and winter. 4-shaft loom, 16" weaving width; 10-dent reed; 2 shuttles; 4–5 bobbins. Warp: 8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,360 yd/lb; Maurice Brassard), #100 Naturel, 268 yd; #83 Noir, 88 yd; #415 Light Grey, 272 yd. Weft: Tabby: 8/2 unmercerized co
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Mid-Mod Coasters
Krokbragd. Rigid-heddle loom with 2 heddle slots, 5" weaving width; 10-dent and 5-dent heddles; 3 stick shuttles; 1 boat or stick shuttle. Warp: 8/2 cotton (3,360 yd/lb; Maurice Brassard), #5981 Navy, 95 yd. Weft: 8/2 cotton, #5981 Navy, 25 yd. Arbor
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Vermilion Cliffs
Bateman park weave. 8-shaft loom, 20" weaving width; 1 shuttle. Warp: 5/2 pearl cotton (2,100 yd/lb; UKI), #115 Peach, #152 Pistachio, and #43 Beige, 252 yd each; #103 Peacock, 381 yd. Weft: 3/2 pearl cotton (1,260 yd/lb; UKI), #02 Natural, 336 yd. 3
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Modern Rep Bath Mats
Rep weave. 4- or 8-shaft loom, 26" weaving width; 12-dent reed; 1 boat shuttle (for thin weft); 1 rag shuttle (for thick weft). Warp: 8/2 cotton (3,360 yd/lb; Valley Yarns; WEBS), #8176 Natural, 2,336 yd; #7327 Tobacco, 264 yd; #7198 Burnt Sienna, 52
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I’ve been a subscriber to Handwoven since it started and look forward to each new issue. I recently saw your call for submissions for the weaving-details–themed issue (September/October 2021). I realize I am way past the deadline for submission but t
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From The Editor
This past summer during the pandemic, my husband and I spent three nights in a hotel while our house was being tented for termites. During our stay, we saw very few people other than the hotel employees. We ate in the room, calling down to order food
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Stonewashed Cottons
“Oh my, this is going to be fun!” was my first thought upon opening the box of 5/2 Valley Cotton Stonewash from WEBS. The dappled appearance of the yarn was unlike anything in my yarn stash. I immediately started imagining how it would weave up. What
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Doup Leno: More Versatility in Leno Weaves
Maybe you have tried your hand at bead-leno weaving and enjoy the lacy openwork that is achievable with the crossed-warp structure. Doup leno is a bit more involved than bead leno, but if you are willing to put in the extra setup time and add a few “
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Mid-Century Shadows
Shadow weave. 8-shaft loom, 15" weaving width; 15-dent reed; 2 shuttles; 3 bobbins. Warp: 5/2 pearl cotton (2,100 yd/lb; UKI; Camilla Valley Farm), #48 Dark Turquoise, 216 yd; #55 Jade, 135 yd; #149 Burnt Orange, 156 yd. Weft: 5/2 pearl cotton, #55 J
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Swatch Collection
The fabrics in this collection are intended for use together. I used wool throughout because if there ever was a miracle fiber, it’s wool. Wool is resilient, which means that you can sink into a padded item of furniture and the upholstery will mainta
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Vintage-Style Table Runner
Overshot. 4-shaft loom, 16" weaving width; 10-dent reed; 2 shuttles; 2 bobbins. Warp: 8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,360 yd/lb; Maurice Brassard), #1315 Orange Pâle, 408 yd; #4616 Peacock, 140 yd. Weft: Tabby: 8/2 unmercerized cotton, #1315 Orange Pâle,
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Retro Chain Scarf
Plain weave with weft floats. Rigid-heddle loom, 10" weaving width; one 12- or 12.5-dent heddle; 1 shuttle; 3 pick-up sticks (1 for pick-up, 1 for the heddle rod, and 1 to clear sheds [a strong 10" dowel can also serve as a heddle rod]); strong threa
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Doubleweave Designs
Doubleweave. 8-shaft loom; 10" weaving width; 20-dent reed; 2 shuttles; 2 bobbins. Warp: 20/2 pearl cotton (8,400 yd/lb; Lunatic Fringe Yarns), Middle Gray, 732 yd; Tangerine and Gold, 720 yd each. Cotton quilting thread (8,450 yd/lb; Coats and Clark
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Passing the Weaving Torch
“In the old days this weave was rarely attempted on four harnesses but, oddly enough, often on five harnesses, suggesting that weavers of that day may have rigged their four-harness looms with an extra harness to carry the weave threads. This is mere
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Redefining the Paper Towel
I have been intrigued with shifu for many years. What is shifu, you ask? Well, it’s the Japanese word for paper cloth: shi translates to paper, fu translates to cloth. I have great admiration for anyone who has the vision to take something common or
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Folk School Hosts a Traditional Craft Mentorship Program
Teaching John C. Campbell Folk School weaving classes is usually a routine experience. I generally work with 10 beginning students at a time, teaching them to navigate around a loom in the weaving studio. I introduce them to a warping board, show the
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Remembering Janet Meany
The weaving community lost a dear friend last October with the passing of Janet Meany. Janet was an accomplished weaver, artist, teacher, and writer who coauthored The Rag Rug Handbook and founded The Weaver’s Friend, a periodic newsletter for rag ru
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Handwoven Couture: Ebba von Eckermann
The incredible story of Ebba von Eckermann (1921–2018) is one of books and movies. How do you describe a woman who saw fashion shows in Paris before World War II, who saw the United States from coast to coast through the window of a blue Plymouth in
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Mildred “Tinker” Schuman, “Eagle Woman”
Tinker Schuman and Mary first met to discuss the Ancestral Women exhibit. Tinker describes the memory: “Mary and her husband, John, came to my house to show me her weavings, then we smoked the pipe. I felt honored that she asked me to be part of this
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Bags On A Budget
WHEN THEA NORTNESS, a self-taught and on-a-budget weaver in rural Oregon, saw plastic grocery bags accumulating, she thought “Hmmm, I wonder if…” Very soon thereafter, a series of charming and wonderful bags, no two alike, began to appear regularly a
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The Art Of Tapestry Weaving
Have you ever looked upon a tapestry in awe of the imagery created in yarn and the skill of the weaver who accomplished it? The magic of this art form is revealed by tapestry artist, teacher, and author Rebecca Mezoff in the new release The Art of Ta
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