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For letters, with photos, received during JUNE we will send you a NEW SURPRISE gift made especially for HFN — our way of saying “thanks for sharing your catch!” . . . Hana pa‘a, Carrie Send to: P.O. Box 25488, Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96825 or e-mail:
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How My Hobby Became Trinity Custom Rods
It was the summer of 1987, and I was 16. My father, Paul, got military orders to move to Hawai‘i for the last stretch of his career in the Marines. I thought, “Here we go again—the third move of my life and the third time I’ve left everything and eve
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Hawaii Fishing News
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2021 Hawaii Island Spring Turkey Hunt
The 45-day Hawai‘i island spring turkey hunt concluded on April 15. Hunter-reported information obtained from check stations at the public hunting areas of Mauna Kea (Unit A) and Pu‘u Wa‘awa‘a (Unit F) were reviewed and yielded the following results:
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Big Baits Attract Big Fish
Most people in the kayak fishing world don’t know us as Kevin and Gareth. They just know us as the Uyeda brothers because we have been fishing together on a tandem kayak for more than two decades. Now that we have children, we don’t get to fish as of
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Shoreline and Offshore Tournament Calendar
Find More Tournament Info at OAHU: OBAKE TOURNAMENT October 2021 TBA* ----------------------------- HAWAII: S. TOKUNAGA ULUA CHALLENGE 2021 CANCELLED* ALL HAWAII: LOKAHI UKU VIRTUAL TOURNAMENT January 1st - December 31st, 2021
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Tuesday Tom & The Opportune Oinker
Tuesday arrived, and two things were about to transpire: the spring turkey season was going to come to an end; and my visiting bowhunting friend, Marlin Dubetz, was going to return home to Pennsylvania. We both retained an unfulfilled goal. I had yet
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HFN Ligthographs Ad - captured
Check out all four lithographs at Artists/Illustrators Les Hata and Norman Nagai are recognized worldwide as two of the best. Both artists are accomplished fishermen whose artwork has appeared on HFN Hawaii Fishing Almanac Cov
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100 Plus Club
Get $8 off with the purchase of both any 100-Plus Club T-shirt & HFN’s new Sun Dot Marine Flag! Includes Free Shipping & Handling T-Shirt Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL *We always carry white shirts. Limited color shirts are available, please email or call
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Lokahi Team Update
Today, during the COVD-19 pandemic, more fishermen are getting out on the water to feed their families, friends and communities or to make additional income. Now, more than ever, everyone needs to understand the importance of managing our fishery res
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The Blue Marlin Capital
Kona’s charter catch reports are limited to tuna (‘ahi) weighing over 100 lbs and billfish catches of any size, any species: (S)=Striped Marlin, (B)=Black Marlin. (Fish  Wt.  Angler  Capt.  Boat) April 1 Marlin  262  McKenzie  Huss  LAUREN LEE April
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Cleaning and Filleting Your Ono
Step 1. Start by cutting open the belly of the fish, from the anal opening to the gill opening. Step 2. Remove entrails and gills. Step 3. Remove the head by starting a cut just behind the pectoral fins then cutting toward the rear top portion of the
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You Never Know When…
This epic kayak fishing day started out with a “poor fishing” report and high winds, so I figured I would only pick up a small bag of ice and fish the day with no expectations. The joke was about to be on me. I had fallen asleep prepping my gear the
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Unicorn Of The Flats
Pa‘opa‘o, or golden trevally, are also known as “unicorns of the flats.” Pa‘opa‘o usually cruise a little faster than ‘o‘io, the main attraction for fly fishermen here in Hawai‘i. Pa‘opa‘o feed in a similar way to ‘o‘io on the flats and eat identical
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Closed Season in JUNE
• Spiny Lobster • Slipper Lobster • Kona Crab • Moi ■
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Paddling for Pelagics
My family is like most local families—we belong to the sea. We’re a fishing and paddling ‘ohana. I’ve fished since I was a young boy and paddled just as long with local clubs here in Kona. I have been paddling my OC1 (one-man outrigger canoe) for man
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Offshore Aquaculture Management—Coming Soon To Federal Waters
When you go to a store to buy fish, do you know where it comes from? More than 60 percent of the seafood eaten in Hawai‘i is imported, and nationally the rate is even higher. Depending on distant locations to supply seafood can cause price volatility
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Kidtime Adventures
When I was a youngster, collecting things was a very popular hobby. I collected stamps, match covers, milk caps, studio photos of movie stars via mail, JOE PALOOKA comic books, and trinkets and charms from the various pistachio and pine nut dispensin
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Fresh Catch Of The Day
The Goatfish Family To many, the adage “Good things come in small packages” applies to the goatfish family. The moano, kumu and malu grow to the length of a ruler, offering meat that is delicate, sweet and mild. They are reef fish that can be caught
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Proposed 2021 Fishing and Boating Laws Passed & Axed
The 2021 Hawai‘i Legislative Session is over, but the fishing and boating laws passed that are now awaiting the governor’s signature will have long-term effects. Statewide, fishers had an opportunity to participate in a legislative overview with the
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Fresh Catch Of The Day
An array of Fishwife’s Tips guide readers from choosing fresh seafood, to safe handling and preparation, to innovative cooking in the kitchen, and barbecuing and smoking seafood outdoors. • TUNA• BILLFISH• MAHIMAHI• ONO• OPAH• SNAPPER• SALMON• SHRIMP
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Hilo Seawatch
The Hilo Trollers held their first tournament of the season on Sunday, May 2. The weather held, and the new weigh-in crew and acting Weighmaster Jason Cadaoas functioned very smoothly together. Seventeen boats were entered, and 10 landed qualifying f
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Four Waipahu men, Lordleigh Caraang (41), Jonie Dalo (60), Jamie Sarmiento (47) and Benny Sampaya (64), were cited by Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement (DOCARE) officers for allegedly se
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HFN Info
One morning, I was blessed to meet Ayshen Tanaka when she came by the Sun Dot Marine headquarters to pick up her order. After COVID-19 hit, we started to offer our O‘ahu customers the option to safely pick up their orders and save a little bit of mon
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Working the Ledge
Publisher’s Note: We hope you enjoy this Readers favorite, from November 1995, Volume 21, Number 10, written by HFN staff writer and local TV celebrity, the late Mike Sakamoto. Look for more soon! It always amazes me that fishing conditions can chang
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Lahaina Seawatch
The START ME UP CUZ landed a 641.5-lb blue marlin angled by Alex Golf. Alex was fishing with Capt. Steve Carroll and deckman Jeremy Johnson. They were one mile south of Kamaiki, Lana‘i, on the 100-fathom ledge between Kamaiki and “Armchair” when they
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A 117-lb Alpha Ulua
“Brah, a huge ulua garanz 80 to 90 lbs is down here!” said my dive partner, Desmond Thain, who was scouting a few grounds for our dive while I stayed on my jet ski. After much persuasion from Desmond, I mentally prepared my plan of attack. As I was d
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Hawaii Legislative Session 2021 – Testify Now!
If you boat, fish, hunt and/or gather, this is the season when you need to be on your game. It’s the 2021 Hawai‘i Legislative Session. You must testify for and against bills that affect your ability to gather food. To be heard, you must testify. Your
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Boat Insurance Basics
More first-time boat buyers are getting on the water this season than in summers past. Along with the boat, many new owners also find themselves shopping for boat insurance for the first time. What are the most basic things new boat owners should kno
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