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Q&A with Mosa Mkhize
WHO IS MOSA MKHIZE? I am a 33-year-old public policy advisor, married to Mzwandile, with two children, Nizenande and Alakhe, who are four and two, respectively. ORIGINS PUBLISHERS (ORIGINSPUBLISHERS.CO.ZA) IS THE COMPANY YOU FOUNDED TO SELL YOUR B
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Q “My granny says that you lose atooth with every pregnancy. Is this true? I really want to keep my teeth!” A DR ZANA BEZUIDENHOUT, INTERCARE DENTIST, ANSWERS Pregnant women are particularly at risk of developing plaque and gingivitis. The gums
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Am I In Labour Yet?
Even doctors find it tough to accurately call early labour. So how are you supposed to know if you’re really in labour or not – especially if it’s your first pregnancy? In a nutshell: You’re in labour if you have regular painful contractions and your
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5 Best Sleep Tips
Make sure your baby always goes to bed at roughly the same time, with a predictable routine building up to sleep. Babies and toddlers should go to bed between six and seven at night. Start the evening routine with a warm soothing bath followed by aca
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Books Are The Answer… To Every Question
We are One by author Refiloe Moahloli and illustrated by Zinelda McDonald is also available in isiZulu and Afrikaans. Like all Moahloli’s books, this one is a story about bringing out the best in the human spirit. Children and the inner child in adul
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Social Butterfly
ZOE WALKED IN AND OWNED THE ROOM! WHERE DOES THE CONFIDENCE COME FROM? Zoe has always been a wonderful, delightful and happy child. She lights up every room she walks into. She never cried much and has always been independent. She is friendly and su
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What To Do When Baby’s Crying Drives You Mad
■ Acknowledge that all babies cry, and some cry more than others. ■ Crying is your baby’s natural way of communicating with you. Have your baby examined by a doctor if you think the crying is excessive, as it may be as a result of illness, colic, ref
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They’re yellow like the summer sun, juicy and packed with antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin C. It also contains folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, selenium and zinc, which all play an important role in pregnancy.
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The Numbers
In the developed world, 7% of all babies are born early. At the Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, about 30% of women go into early labour. The treatment for you and Baby depends on just how early the birth is. There has been some fantastic medical pr
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FUN And Free
■ A large bucket or paddling pool with a small amount of water in it ■ Different textured water toys – a sponge, face cloth, plastic pot scourer, a soft nail brush, plastic textured toys ■ A hot sunny day ■ Sit your baby in the water, or if he is too
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Most people know the term “Down syndrome”, but if your child were diagnosed with it, would you really know what it is? And more importantly, would you know what to expect from the future? Down syndrome is the most common chromosomal disorder in newbo
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Tot Not So Happy With The Baby?
The arrival of a new baby in the house can be stressful for your toddler. Here are some ways to avoid friction. 1 WAIT BEFORE TELLING Wait till you start showing to tell her there’s a baby growing in your “tummy”. 2 BE HONEST Don’t promise things w
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Never Shake Your Baby
It’s 2am. You’re dog tired, and your ears are ringing from the incessant crying that’s echoing in your head. Baby is awake. Again! You’d never hurt your bundle of joy. But, for just a split second, you’d trade the world for a moment’s peace and quiet
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Good Buy
You really want to avoid alcohol during pregnancy, but you’re craving an adult drink? Then try this alcohol-free wine spritzer. Duchess Spritz is a bubbly delight of fruit and floral notes topped off with an undeniable wine tang. There are two varian
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Epidurals: Tell Me More
Q I am almost 33 weeks pregnant. Ihave read so much on the stages of birth and what to expect at each stage. But I would like to know more about epidurals and how and at what stage they are given. Will it be better for me and Baby to give birth natur
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Floor Time fun Time!
Your baby needs to spend time on terra firma to develop important muscles to soon be able to sit, crawl and then walk. Get one of these to set the wheels in motion. ■
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From The Parents
Vuyokazi Balelo is from Langa in Cape Town. She and Comfort Malope have three children together: 10-year-old Asenathi; Mbalentle, a girl, who is 5; and Baby Mellow Kelebogile. Vuyokazi works as a security guard near Century City. In December, she gav
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Introducing PURITY Toiletries range, with the trusted expertise from Elizabeth Anne’s. Clinically tested to ensure it is mild and gentle, PURITY provides only the best, gentle and effective products for parents and their little ones. Free from sulpha
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‘Brand’ing Your Labour
Midwife and childbirth educator Tina Otte teaches the acronym ”BRAND” to parents in her childbirth classes. It is a handy ”tool” for you and your partner to use during labour when presented with a choice for intervention. Each letter is a question ab
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How Do My Emotions Affect My Unborn Baby?
Q I am 21 weeks pregnant and going through a tough time emotionally. My father died, and I am struggling to cope. I am so scared that my emotions will have abad effect on my baby. Can you please explain to me how my emotions are affecting my baby? An
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A Story Of Two Scars
Q After my first c-section, I was closed up with staples that were removed after 10 days or so, if memory serves me correctly. I didn’t use anything on the scar. On my skin itself the line faded quickly, but underneath I had a big bump running along
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In South Africa, just under half of the calls to the Poisons Information Helpline relate to accidental poisoning in children under the age of 5 years. Although it is fortunately seldom fatal, you should still do everything you can to avoid poisoning.
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House Rules
Every family is unique, but all families need rules to live by. What those rules are exactly should be decided on by the adults, with input from the littlies for sure. Children thrive when there is order in their home. Rules are meant to provide this
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The Carriwell Maternity Expand-A-Belt turns your favourite pants and skirts into maternity wear, so you can still use your favourite jeans during pregnancy! This innovative product helps you to continue wearing favourite items from your existing ward
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Beware The Sun
Summer means playing outside, swimming and going to the beach – some of the best things under the sun! But oh dear, it’s precisely the sun rays that can cause us so much damage if we don’t protect ourselves properly against them. The UVB rays from th
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Good Buy
Ovaria from Lamelle Pharmaceuticals is a brand-new ovarian-health nutritional supplement, the ingredients of which are proven to be just as effective as traditional treatments for polycystic ovary syndrome, but without any of the side effects. Ovaria
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GET READY… Recover!
BY MIDWIFE TINA OTTE So much has been written about the niggles of pregnancy, why they happen and how to deal with them. So you were prepared. Many of you have indeed told us that you fully understood the changes that pregnancy brought and were prep
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Prevent Prevent Prevent
■ Always store potential poisons out of sight and reach of children, like in a locked cupboard or in a wire cage with a padlock, high up where children can’t reach. Check all rooms – kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, garden shed – for potential poisonous s
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When rules are broken, there should be consequences. Also discuss these upfront, and not at the point when the rule has been broken and everyone is feeling emotional. Your child should know exactly what to expect when breaking a rule. Make the punish
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