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Full Focus
Glamour has always been a great foundation for many a designer. The timelessness of its silhouettes and the grandeur of its accoutrements have created a world within fashion that has seemingly eternal appeal. Rosbert Villar is one of those designers,
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Go For Gold
These past few months–or rather majority of year–Filipinos have had their fair share of wins and losses. Since we are about a month away from the beginning of another year, we can’t deny that a continuous improvement in everyone’s lives is what we al
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Swor The Moment
Food is a unique universal language spoken especially during the holiday season. The different cultures around the world all celebrate differently but one thing similar always remains, and that is food is responsible for bringing people together. May
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New, Now, Next
Skincare aesthetics has been one of the biggest markets of the 21st century. According to a market research report published on, the global skin aesthetic market is expected to reach $15.9 billion in 2025 from $9.4 billion this
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Simple Joys
Discreet isn’t usually the term used to describe how Filipinos celebrate the holidays. No, we like to be grand, over the top. Our champagne must come with sparklers, the food more than we can handle. We’re also loud—from the decorations to the carols
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Chi Atienza - Valdepeñas
The family Atienza is a household name, but Atienza-Valdepeñas is someone who uses her own voice to amplify those of the Filipinos that need to be heard, especially now more than ever. A TV host and a kindhearted soul, who, even in time of distress a
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PEEWEE REYES-ISIDRO Editor-In-Chief Creative Director SUKI SALVADOR Associate Creative Director JANN PASCUA Managing Editor TRINA EPILEPSIA BOUTAIN Fashion Editor JEB FRONDA Fashion Associate LYN ALUMNO Pull Out Assistant MARY JOY ALMERO Edito
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Merry, Merry Quite Contrary
Tis’ the season to be merry, they said. It’ll be nice, they said. Oh, but the year that was. In Home, we give you a few ideas on how to celebrate as simply or as grandly as your mood permits—all while helping the others. We asked help from the good f
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Mix Master
The first time we encountered Romero Jennings five years ago, we were industry newbies. Us, not him. When he arrived in Manila to introduce the key looks and trends straight from the Fashion Week runways, Jennings was already a master at his craft wi
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Grace & Greatness
his year has been truly a T challenging time for all of us. Whatever industry, socio-economic group or age you might belong to, we all encountered something unprecedented and it changed our lives forever. On top of the pandemic, the year was also rid
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Air Supply
We’ve gone on and on about the pandemic, but can we ever talk too much about it? About how it has upended our lives? We are worn down, so it’s only natural that we seek solace in any shape or form. Many find it in yoga. Why does yoga work so well for
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A Belle In Bloom
Here’s the thing about being an “it girl”: “it” giveth, “it” taketh away. There’s a reason the title is often associated with a reign—it has a beginning, a peak, and an end that’s almost as certain as a scandal and the obligatory “Where is She Now?”
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The Art of Life
“This bud of love, by summer’s ripening breath, may prove a beauteous flower when we next meet.” That’s William Shakespeare likening love to that of a blossoming flower. Just as lovely and temperate, Isabelle Daza blooms in our December-January issue
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Tree Trimmings
“Since the pandemic limited everyone from going out to events, I thought of translating my design aesthetic through these ornaments,” says Neric Beltran. “Nobody was ordering embellished outfits, and my beaders needed jobs. It’s like having an embell
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The Red Sparrow
Hubert de Givenchy’s design philosophy has always revolved around liberating women through clothing. He has always had this affinity towards creating dresses that empowered them, not constricting them in what they wore. “I’ve dreamt of a liberated wo
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Blurred Lines
Beneath the glitzy trappings is fashion’s cutthroat industry. Whether you’re a business owner who survived the pandemic or a creative on the brink of a burnout, being able to make it to the end of the year is already worth treasuring. Now that we’re
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Lift Off
There comes a time in everyone’s life when we realize that gravity is winning the war on aging. For many, premature aging is usually seen in the eye area, where fine lines, sagging skin, dark circles and puffiness make even us look wan, tired and, we
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The Good Place
It has been sounding like a broken record every time someone mentions the pandemic and how it changed our lives forever. But it is the only explanation that makes sense with our current situation and every other remarkable change that will happen in
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True To Tradition
The modern Filipiniana has been Jor-el Espina’s foundation for his namesake brand. Combining tradition with more contemporary designs and silhouettes, Espina finds himself in a special place in furthering the conversation of Filipino design identity.
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Kiss Me Quick
For as long as we can remember, the holidays have always called for makeup that is equal parts carnaval and 50s sophisticate. Glitter is everywhere, and so are crimson lips and jeweled lids. It’s the time for indulgences, when manicures become hand s
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Soignee Soirée
Dance the night away with the LAURA MERCIER Pìece de Résistance Eye & Cheek Essentials (P6650), a stunning double palette containing 15 eye shadow shades, two blush shades, a bronzer and highlighter. Inspired by the elegance and artistry of ballet, t
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50 Shades Of Pink
Dreamy and ethereal, Drém Luxe’s Silk and Skin collection is alluring and undeniably comfortable. The pastel-hued collection and brand were the results of the free time and focus afforded by the pandemic to its founders. The beauty behind the brains
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Flashing Lights
Forget subtlety—MAKE UP FOR EVER puts an opulent and seductive spin to its lipstick line with the Rouge Artist Sparkle (P1250). The brand’s popular Rouge Artist lipstick formula is infused with ultra-reflective shimmer and natural origin oils for a l
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Anatomy Of The Mind
How does one make the human body the focal point of a collection without the negative connotation? How does one tell a story that goes beyond the superficial? Young designer Kelvin Morales lets us inside his mind and explores the depth of anatomy in
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Past Present, Future Perfect
The beauty of CHANEL is that the house is always inspired by the facets of its famous founder. For this year’s holiday collection, the makeup range takes its cue from the brand’s signature gold chains. Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer Lucia
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Cathy Binag
Bayanihan is a unique Filipino trait that we could all be proud of. When our fellowmen are down, it is our own helping hands that are able to lift them. This value has created a sense of community and a connection between people that no challenge can
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SAVE: “Nothing says festive more than red nail polish for the holidays. SALLY HANSEN Complete Salon Nail Polish (P302) in Killer Heels livens up nails while nourishing them with its Keratin Complex formula. This chip-resistant polish can survive a we
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Style Talks
WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST FASHION MEMORY? I’ve always wanted to group to become a princess or a queen, and I thought that dressing up for the role would give it to me. WHO WAS YOUR FASHION ROLE MODEL WHEN YOU WERE GROWING UP? I would always look to cl
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The Mane Star
Committing to a thick curtain of hair requires a proper routine to keep it full and stunning. Give your scalp a pamper session with a hair mask once a week. A full ‘70s blow-out is also a good idea to show off gorgeous tresses We can thank the iconi
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