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Publicis Groupe’s Kiwi Expansion
You’ve recently made some pretty significant acquisitions in New Zealand – what does the newly expanded Groupe look like now? Towards the end of 2019, Publicis Groupe acquired New Zealand’s largest independent agency MBM and the country’s leading cus
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From Impossible To Possible:
Creative experience agency Method is doing things you could only imagine. Yes, really. Much like what Disney does with its Imagineering Team, Method is a New Zealand company that specialises in fusing storytelling with tech to create awe-inspiring ex
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When It Comes To Marketing, Counting Cards Beats Throwing Dice.
Thanks to Daniel Kahneman the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour are increasingly well known. A nice gambling example involves a thought experiment of a lottery with ten tickets, a $1 ticket price and a $20 prize. When presented this way almost everyo
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Celebrating 40 Years Of Axis Awards
INTRODUCTORY OP-ED BY PAUL HEAD, CEO OF COMMS COUNCIL Axis was launched 40 years ago to celebrate the power of creativity and spur on our industry to do better work. Work that is culturally relevant, work that connects with Kiwis and most importantly
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A Hive Mind Approach
What does GroupM stand for in New Zealand and what does it look like on the ground? GroupM has four agencies in New Zealand; Mindshare, MediaCom, Wavemaker and Ikon; each with very unique propositions. While we are the largest and most recognisable m
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I still can’t believe this was conceived and shot right here in New Zealand (apparently in a Wellington quarry). I love the fact that it ignores our industry’s obsession with stacking the spot full of the target demographic (just in case they don’t g
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GO GLOBAL? Or Stay Local?
“We have the best people doing the best work in the best environment we can create,” boasted John Steedman, executive director of WPP AUNZ, in an AdNews interview at the end of 2019. But is that true? Are global agencies employing the best people and
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This is classic Speights. These ads established the essence of the brand, which is still used today – Mateship. From an effectiveness point of view, the brand is intertwined throughout the ad, both visually and verbally. I’m sure it drove a great bra
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SAATCHI & SAATCHI Looks Into The New Decade.
What do you want people to think of when they hear “Saatchi & Saatchi”? PAUL WILSON: Creativity, culture and collaboration. Creativity first and foremost, as it is our reason for being and why we get up in the morning. Regardless of the medium or tas
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I sat and watched all three minutes of The Riot of Spring. Three minutes is a very long ad to play… Perhaps I’ve been changed by TikTok and its short format, but holy moly, three minutes. I got confused. I looked for more meaning. For less meaning. T
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“Is it just me… OR ARE WE ALL CRAZY?”
For the majority of my advertising career, I have suffered from anxiety and depression. Never telling anyone. Not my family, not my best mates, and most definitely not my workmates. I certainly wouldn’t have dreamt of telling you. For years I have tr
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Orcon + Iggy is as infectiously catchy and watchable now as it was then. Take an epic, but almost forgotten star, team them up with some talented but casual New Zealanders, in their living rooms, in their underwear, chuck in the latest technology fro
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NZ MARKETING: Why is creativity crucial to the NZ economy? What is your role in this? What does it mean for the future of work? JIM GALL: It’s generally agreed that the creative economy spans many different sectors, including the advertising industry
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On 14 January, Google announced cookies would be phased out of the Chrome browser over the next two years. The announcement was made in response for greater privacy controls. Cookies, which are small text files that are used to track users across the
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Time For Change Developing Brave Partnerships
With the ever-changing nature of our industry, we decided to take a long look at ourselves. Business as usual, rate-cards and service-based work is how countless agencies get by, but is it really the best system? Both agency and client lose when the
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2020 Vision
To state the blindingly obvious, the marketing communications industry is undergoing momentous change. Business models are changing in response to changing client needs and ways of working, the right to advertise is under threat in a number of catego
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A lot of global agency brands disappeared in NZ in 2019, how have you managed to turn TBWA around? SHANE BRADNICK: 2019 was a year of significant change from a global network perspective in New Zealand. Ogilvy, Y&R, JWT and Assignment have all disapp
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From The Otherside
Having spent most of my earlier career agency side I jumped at the opportunity to be marketing director at Lewis Road Creamery, one of New Zealand’s most loved brands. Who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to step in to the shoes of a client and try th
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Changing The Channel?
INTRODUCTORY OP-ED BY CARL SARNEY, HEAD OF STRATEGY AT TRA. Media used to be so simple. Print, billboards, radio and television. Eyes, ears and eyes + ears. From a marketers perspective, prime time television was (and still is) the ultimate place to
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TRACK NZ / McDonald's
GOLD: CRM & Data Management // GOLD: Strategic Vision // BRONZE: Innovation As the largest player in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) category McDonald’s faces constant competitive pressures. They recognised that sustaining growth in an increasingl
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Want To Increase Sales? Get A Catalogue.
73 PERCENT OF US THINK THEY’RE HELPFUL In an era of media disruption, declines are hitting all media channels. Digital is under more scrutiny than ever before, with major global brands Proctor & Gamble to name one, hundreds of millions of investments
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Flexigroup New Zealand
FlexiGroup New Zealand is an innovative financial service company delivering smart, customer-centric financial solutions for consumers and businesses across New Zealand. With a diversified product offering including interest-free credit, credit cards
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2020 Vision
Change can be a daunting prospect. From heel-dragging to complete rebellion, it’s something many of us don’t want but often need in order to progress and thrive. I’m a rebel when it comes to change and find that I must push myself that much harder to
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Federation change Agents
People usually come to us when they have a complex problem or a business opportunity that needs lateral, category-challenging thinking,” says Sharon Henderson, founder and managing director of established, independent agency, Federation, a creative,
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The Mary Robbins Direct Marketer Of The Year Award
When ASB lured Vanessa away from Colenso BBDO, she had been part of a globally awarded team producing direct marketing for BNZ. After years in agency, it was time to take on a client-side role, embedding a new marketing automation programme. Vanessa
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Account manager – retail, Google How did you get into your position? What sparked your interest in the industry? I studied marketing at the University of Auckland but it was a mentor of mine, Brendon Potter, who suggested that I apply for a marketing
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Outdoor Bountry
Driven by digitisation, programmatic proliferation and super-smart screens, the out-of-home (OOH) sector seems to be having its moment. According to industry body the Outdoor Media Association of New Zealand (OMANZ), the Kiwi market grew 14 percent f
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McDonalds’ Customer Engagement Engine
ENTRANT: TRACK NZ NOMINEE: McDonald’s GOLD: Retail & E-commerce This year’s Grand Prix winner is a triumph for the clever use of data gathering, profiling and customisation. While it’s been possible for some time for retailers to capture customer dat
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Paul Ego, Comedian and Voice Actor
I was just messing around in the sound booth where I used to do radio for the Breakfast Show. At the time Foodstuffs was working with FCB to create this new campaign, and while they were making decisions for the sound they approached me and said why
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Delivering Unbeatable Targeted Experiences With JCDecaux
What has changed since JCDecaux acquired APN Outdoor? The company values of JCDecaux and APN Outdoor were very complementary, which allowed for a very smooth transition. Both organisations are driven by ensuring premium quality and unparalleled exper
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