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Industry Insights
We review two books released in March and April, written from practical perspectives and designed to take your career to the next level. Inside Out: Why Leadership Starts With You by Deb Bailey is a self-leadership book that provides a holistic appro
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Why Marketers Will Continue To Use A Pitch To Select Agencies
If we define the pitch process as ‘To assess, competitively, the suitability of an agency against several others’, then it’s clear this is something most advertisers need to do at various points in their career. The problem is that the industry has l
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Marring Marketing And E-commerce
• More seamless integration between online and in-store channels and experiences • The increasing role of digital post-Covid – with significantly raised expectations – across in-store and online • Norming of mobile-first experiences • Customers are d
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StopPress SHORTS
Significant figures from the past quarter on StopPress. 360 …the number of degrees from which MediaWorks’ new Hamilton digital out-of-home offering can be viewed. It launched in March with a teaser campaign for Today FM. $15.2 million …the interim ne
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In mid-2021, having served as Managing Director at DDB Group Australia for three years, Priya Patel joined DDB Group Aotearoa as its first female Group CEO. Shortly afterwards, she developed a new role for Matty Burton, at the top of the ranks as Gro
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Saatchi Being Saatchi
WHAT MADE 2021 SUCCESSFUL FOR SAATCHI & SAATCHI? I was pleased with the agency’s progress. We came together, and we achieved the first phase of our ‘Specialise, Weaponise & Connect’ transformation. We specialised around our focus on cultural creativi
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Editor David Nothling-Demmer Commercial Manager Vernene Medcalf Designer Alisha Kumar Editorial contributors Graham Medcalf, Caitlin Salter, Philippa Prentice, Courtney Devereux, Bonnie Flaws, Matt West, Michael Healy, Liam Crause, Rufus Chuter and D
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Stop. Start. Continue…
Cruising at an altitude of between 30,000 and 40,000ft as I write this letter, the experience of international travel after two plus years is quite surreal! While it has been said 1,000 times before – and is even more so evident as I venture outside
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A Winning Partnership
In 2021 we were privileged to witness a slew of wonderful, new advertising on our screens. While some came from overseas, many ads were produced locally, as a degree of normality returned to New Zealand at least for a while. Certainly, the narrative
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Aligning Values
In the 1980s, most marketing and advertising people of the era leaned heavily on the strategies contained in the book Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout. It’s one of the few marketing books that has stood the test of time
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Harnessing The Creative Collective
For the launch of this year’s Axis Awards, Convenor Steve Cochran (who’s also CCO of Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand) wrote a poem that spoke to the event’s 2022 theme: ‘A Kind of Magic Show’. Creativity in the commercial world is often referred to as
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Understanding Consumer Use And Trust In Media
Trust and relationship building are things that both individuals and marketers focus on daily, and the rule about not associating with people you don’t trust extends beyond just personal interactions. If consumers feel that a particular brand doesn’t
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Ahmad Salim of Deloitte Digital Creative NZ
In 2021, I finally worked up the courage to get out of my comfort zone and build something new. I loved my time at Colenso BBDO and will forever be grateful for the work and relationships I built there, but there were clear limitations of the ad agen
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The Great Re-evaluation Reimagining Work-life Integration
IS THE GREAT RESIGNATION REALLY UPON US? WHAT’S YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE TALENT MARKET RIGHT NOW? I think what we’re actually experiencing is the Great Re-evaluation, with many people questioning what they want from their life and
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We’re Not All Going To Make It
In crypto circles, WAGMI — “We’re all going to make it” — has become a common phrase, reflecting an optimism for the entire category and the collective technological revolution. Looking at the transformations taking place across the business landscap
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The Consultancy Conundrum
Agencies have always operated in a competitive market, but now, they must contend with brand clients bringing marketing tasks in-house and consultancies encroaching on their turf. 2021 saw significant changes to New Zealand Adland – from senior staff
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Got To Be in To Win
Pitching is the best and worst part of this job. [At EightyOne] we’re three from six. It’s not a bad strike rate, but it’s nothing to crow about. Two of the times we chose not to pitch creative, even though we were asked to. Both times it backfired a
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BEHIND THE SCENES Of Kiwibank’s New Brand Identity
When Kiwibank launched in 2002, it was seen as a local foil to the four large, Australian-owned trading banks. In the 20 years since, it has grown into one of the most loved, trusted and recognised brands in Aotearoa. That brand is a precious asset;
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An Epicentre For creative Growth In The South Island
South Island locals John and Lisa Plato of Plato Creative are passionate about cementing Christchurch’s place on the agency map, but their quest hasn’t been without its hurdles. Shortly after they opened their agency’s doors in 2007, the global finan
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Map of ADLAND 2022
Aotearoa’s creative and media agency space has seen significant disruption over the past 12 months since NZ Marketing’s inaugural Map of Adland was created, so in partnership with TVNZ, we’ve rebooted our easy-to-digest guide listing the various agen
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Marketing Online
MARKET RESEARCH TRENDS IN 2022 — WHAT TO EXPECT After a year of unprecedented disruption in 2020, followed by a constant state of uncertainty in 2021, brands have recognised the need to stay on top of ever-changing consumer behaviour and sentiment, w
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Popular & Effective Aotearoa’s Top-10 Favourite Ads
THE RESULTS ARE IN. TRA asked more than 1000 New Zealanders what their favourite TV ads are — and for a second time, ASB’s ‘Ben and Amy’ has come out on top. In partnership with Marketing Association, we also asked marketers for their opinions, so we
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A Marketer’s View
When the team at NZ Marketing reached out to ask whether I’d like to provide my opinion on the evolving creative agency landscape, including my view on pitches, I immediately asked my wife — a hugely talented account service professional — whether it
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To Pitch, Or Not To Pitch?
In the three opinion pieces that follow, we hear from voices on all sides of the debate, including a big-brand CMO, an international pitch consultant and a local agency owner. They interrogate the above questions, share their personal frustrations, a
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The Media Agency Is Dead
Where’s the media agency heading? To answer this question properly, we first need to look back to appreciate where media agencies came from, and perhaps where many are still finding themselves today. The origins of the media agency are simple. Media
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The Agency Giving Its Clients AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE
Under CEO Cam Murchison, who bought it in 2017, Harvey Cameron has evolved from advertising agency to business and marketing solutions company. Today’s holistic, fully integrated offering sees strategy, creative, digital, media and PR all come togeth
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Delivering The Best Of Global And Local
Delivering insights at the speed of business by bringing the best of global and local together. That’s the intent of integrating New Zealand-based insights agency Colmar Brunton into Kantar’s global offering. The creation of the new structure is the
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We Get Humans, We Do Marketing
When Struan Abernethy took over as Chief Executive Officer of ReachMedia in 2019, the company had built a reputation for bringing together New Zealand businesses and their ideal customers — a success based on letterbox marketing. In the subsequent ye
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The Great Resignation How To Retain And Train Your Staff In The Covid Era
After two years of being hammered by Covid policies, the labour market is the worse for wear, and pre-existing shortages have been exacerbated by New Zealand’s lengthy border closure. The most recent ‘Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion’ from the Ne
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