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Life Hacks facts
A natural disinfectant and stain remover because of their acidity, cleaning with lemons will leave your home with a pleasant scent. Squeeze the juice of a lemon onto a cutting board to bleach stains. Leave until the stains disappear, then rinse. For
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Beauty Buzz
Now here’s a sweet solution to dry flaky lips. Karen Murrell’s new Lip Scrub, $32, contains sugar particles that gently remove dry skin. It also tastes delicious and is easy to apply. We’ve written about Evolu’s Active Age-Defence Protective Day Crea
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Your Cup Of Tea
Matcha tea is the stone-ground powder from green tea leaves. It’s vibrant green and so good for you. Matcha is made by nature and antioxidant-rich. Savour this drink either hot, or over ice. If you have it hot, then you can add a tablespoon of coconu
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Book Shelf
Josh Byrne, Hardie Grant Books, $45. Sustainability expert Josh Byrne gives advice on how to create an eco-friendly home that improves your health and wellbeing in a cost-effective and accessible way while keeping your home aesthetically pleasing. P.
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A Weekend Of Wonder MINI-BREAK In Waikato
Waikato Silently slipping through a canyon in a kayak at nightfall while beholding a natural light display is one of Waikato’s best-kept secrets. Up a tributary off the shore of Lake Karapiro, thousands of glow-worms put on a nightly show. Local kaya
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Reset with Barre
Barre Base opened its classes to the world during the first COVID-19 lockdown with virtual sessions and now they’re here to stay says founder Rosa Anderson-Jones. The success of Barre Base Anywhere has connected a powerful community of barre (French
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Is Social Media All Smoke & Mirrors?
Multiple studies suggest that heavy social media use can increase anxiety, loneliness and depression, and can cause inadequate feelings about our lives or appearances. Here are some timely reminders about social media to assist our mental wellbeing a
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A Love Note To Mount Karioi
Raglan On the road out to Whāingaroa/Raglan, the striking silhouette of bush-clad Mount Karioi is a welcome respite from the Waikato’s wide expanses of flat dairy farmland. The mountain’s profile resembles a woman in repose, and local iwi tell that K
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Ancient sisterhood FOR MODERN TIMES
Throughout history, women have had a tradition of gathering in the round to discuss their hopes, struggles, secrets, or just their days. From prehistoric gatherings around a campfire to candlelit ceremonies in modern yoga studios, women’s circles are
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Whakapapa Is Critical To Identity And Belonging
For more information about health qualifications at Massey University Working with a whānau to have their tamariki returned to them after years of being in ministry care was a pivotal moment in social worker Kaysha Whakarau’
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Bluff Hill hike
Walking uphill through native forest inhaling the fresh Bluff air, the tranquility of your surroundings is interrupted only by birdcalls and the sound of your own footsteps. That is, unless your visit happens to coincide with the annual Burt Munro Ch
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THE POWER OF human kindness
Dutch researcher and author Rutger Bregman thinks there is a reason to believe people are inherently good. Bregman’s book, Humankind, sets out to prove that we are hardwired for kindness, geared toward cooperation rather than competition, and more in
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Exploitation For Profit
Trigger warning: some content may be distressing. Human trafficking is a term we rarely hear of in this country. But the reality is that, right now, about 24.9 million people are enslaved in forced labour. Of this, 4.8 million are victims of forced c
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Make Space For Love
The design of your home can help keep your love life alive or even bring new love into your life. It can also keep love away. Design that sparks love isn’t particularly magical or “woo-woo.” It’s not about love potions or painting your walls red. It’
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Tiora Tea Talks
Good’s Life Lovers Ti Ora Talk event in July at Mantells on Tamaki Drive was more inspiring than we dared to hope! Speakers Dave Williams from Sea2Summit, artist Hayley “Flox” King and game developer Atlas Talisman were phenomenal, the Ti Ora Tea moc
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Securing A Fair Future
Achieving Fairtrade status is not simply a box to tick to improve conditions for workers in developing countries, end child labour, pay a fair wage and secure sustainable land management. It’s a commitment to ensure farmers, their workers and their f
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Introducing #nzforgood
If, like team Good, you are mourning at how quickly Kiwis returned to their old energy-consumption habits following the initial lockdown during the current COVID-19 crisis, we have some good news in the form of the #nzforgood programme, the brainchil
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Taimi Allan
Why have you chosen to work in the area of mental health and addiction services? It’s become my calling. I spent 20 years of my life struggling with my mental health. I received eight mental “illness” diagnoses, spent months in psychiatric hospitals,
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Own Your Everyday Superpowers
When we think of superpowers, we think of our strengths but strong can mean many different things. It can mean the lifting-burningbuildings kind of strength we see in the superhero movies. It can also mean the courage to stand up to bullies or say no
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Bespoke Napkins To Dye For
AVO GO AT MAKING THIS Ihave long been a fan of dye and its ability to completely transform or salvage a piece of plain fabric. A few years ago, I stumbled across the idea of colouring fabrics with naturally derived dyes – from fruits, plants and spic
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Finding Freedom From Your Phone
Acouple of years ago, I was finding the constant notifications on my phone stressful and disruptive. As a co-founder in a technology start-up, I became a dedicated power user of apps that I downloaded for business, as well as social media and gaming.
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Super Squad
What our Super Squad is wearing, clockwise from left, Grace wears Hej Hej ‘You’ve Gotta Be Kidman’ knit, $180, and World ‘The Painter’ jean, $174.50,; Aych wears Hailwood satin bomber jacket, $200,; Gaby wear
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Feature Wall Dos And Don’ts
A dark colour will appear to recede, so you can use this visual effect to deepen a space. A flat wall at the end of a hall provides an opportunity to apply this trick. Resene Bokara Grey is a dark charcoal, warmed with undertones of yellow and red. P
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You may have heard of ‘the uprising of the feminine’. It seems to be the narrative amongst the new scriptures, aka social media. But what is this feminine way? It’s not just about dancing to a Beyoncé song, or witches chanting around a campfire – alt
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In The Picture
Even a short conversation with All is for All (AIFA) co-founder Grace Stratton is illuminating. When the 21-year-old takes Good’s call, she’s rushing to a lecture at AUT, where she’s studying law and communications. But in just 15 minutes she still m
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Sustainable Meets affordable For many Kiwis, making sustainable choices has become increasingly important, but being able to make those choices is a privilege often only available to those who can afford to do so. The Warehouse is changing this and
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Humans are wired to make some snap judgements. This can be an incredibly useful tool and sometimes our quick judgements are pretty good. For example, people’s instant judgements of strangers’ personalities are quite accurate. However, when you add to
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@nikkibirrell @stuartjess @maori_mermaid Freelance writer Nikki has been in the publishing industry (for both magazines and travel guide books) for about 15 years. When she’s not writing she describes herself as fanatical about food and travel – the
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Aych Is For Human
Starting all the way back in high school, Aych McArdle has always had a keen sense of justice. The 32-year-old, who is non-binary, carried that passion for human rights through to working life. A somewhat seminal moment occurred 10 years ago in that
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Backyard Biodynamics
In the early 1920s, a number of European farmers were so deeply concerned about signs of agricultural decline, such as soil infertility and loss of food quality, that they sought to find an alternative method of agriculture. These farmers approached
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