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Editor’s Note
Welcome to the 13th anniversary issue of your favourite magazine. Boy, what a ride this has been! And how different the world is today than when we published the very first issue of Mother and Baby, back in May 2008. The years may well have brought a
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Tots In Style
LITTLEENS is a sustainable kidswear label. It houses clothes made with plant-based fibre, providing utmost comfort for your li’l ones, while still being fashion forward! The brand strives to create fashion and lifestyle for kids that is high in quali
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Mum About Town !
In the build up to my conversation with Mitali, I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic, reminiscing when I first began following @houseofmisu. I was a bright-eyed college kid, absolutely floored, watching the iconic duo Mitali and Summiyya, embr
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Sleep Swell! ■
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10 Baby Steps To An Eco-friendly Pregnancy
Our generation today is all about saving the environment. We are more conscious of the carbon foot print that we are creating and the damage that it causes to the earth. New mommies and daddies are now more conscious of bringing their babies into a w
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Happy Bums !
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Get Your Glow On
1 Biodegradable toothbrush with bamboo case Rusabl Store ₹299 2 Yuga oil Sash ₹449 3 Nail and cuticle serum Ethiko ₹890 4 Oil-control anti-acne serum Ethiko ₹1,890 5 Cinnamon and hemp divya body oil Nourish Mantra ₹850 6 Natural coffee cranberry
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Bring On The Yummies!
1 Classic pancake mix Slurrp Farms ₹149 2 Blueberry pancake mix Slurrp Farms ₹199 3 Organic sprouted ragi cereal Slurrp Farms ₹300 4 Organic nut powder Slurrp Farms ₹400 5 Chocolate and cranberry millet museli Soulfull ₹399 6 Ragi bites strawber
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A Studied Approach
When we look at life in its totality, the formative years become very crucial in laying the foundation for the entire life. It’s the experiences in these golden years that shape up who we are in later years. Your tot completely trusts the environment
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Green Fingers
Nature sustains us and helps us cope with life. It has both healing and stress-relieving properties. As adults living in a fast-paced urban environment, many of us are losing touch with nature, and becoming slaves to screens, gadgets, technology and
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Milking It!
Nothing can be more frustrating than wondering whether you’re getting enough breastmilk. Any sob, hiccup, burp, or whimper from your baby can appear to be a sign that he isn’t getting enough milk. The first thing, mums, is to relax and trust your bod
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I Da(iry) you!
The advent of the unfortunate global pandemic, we are currently facing, has somehow realigned my perspective towards technology as opposed to nature. COVID-19 has clearly pointed out the major imbalances in our lives. Within just a few days of everyt
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Daddy Cool!
Parenting in general, is essentially, leading by example. It is rightly a 50-50 effort, and daddies need to step up to their end of the bargain. At infancy, take charge of burping, bath time and nap time. At the later stages, if mum is more involved
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Playing It Safe!
A simple open-ended form that invites and allows imaginative play, and build a sense of balance, posture, poise and gross motor development. the form invites imaginative play—and can be re-purposed it in many different ways while playing. Materials u
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Mother & Baby India
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Your Guide From Bump To Birth...
Worried about getting a nursing headstart when baby arrives? With practice, just thinking about your baby will be enough to trigger a response. Hormones also kick in as your baby starts to suck on your nipple, telling your mammary glands to produce a
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About The Author
Preeti Misra is the founder of Rainbow Bridge, a Waldorf Early Child Care Centre in Belapur, Navi Mumbai. She is also one of the founders of the Waldorf Kindergarten Association in India—Sadhana—and is presently handling the administration and financ
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Keep Calm..
• Sit on your mat in a crossed-leg position. • Keep the spine comfortably upright — don’t become aggressively straight in your posture, as that can strain your back. To find the right position for the spine, sit as straight as you can, and then relax
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Panel of Experts
A succesful gynaecologist and practicing obgyn for the last 30 years. A doctorate in education, she is currently the Curriculum Development head with EuroKids International Pvt Ltd where she promotes a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Popula
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Eat Your Heart Out!
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The Conscious Shopping Guide
About: India's only manufacturer of hybrid cloth diapers, with chemical-free, disposable nappy pads. Category: Diapering Shop: About:A Tamil Nadu-based toxin-free baby garments and accessories brand. Category: Nursery, dining. Shop: w
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The Ultimate Cloth Diapering Guide
Can you imagine how exhausting it must be change the baby’s nappy after every pee! Especially as a new mum learning the ropes of mommyhood, with an already jam-packed daily routine. Most of them are even advised to use cloth nappies right from the st
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Furniture That Grows!
How do we imbibe the concept of a sustainable and eco-friendly designed space in children? Is it through organic textiles, buying local materials, natural materials, etc.? No doubt, that’s a commonly used and a very effective approach—but that’s not
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Gentle Touch
1 Natural baby massage oil The Moms Co ₹474 2 SPF-50 baby sunscreen lotion BabyGanics ₹2,470 3 Fruit-based nourishing baby bathing bar Mamaearth ₹499 4 Vegan baby lotion Bambo Nature ₹690 5 Ayurvedic baby massage oil Blue Nectar ₹575 6 Organic b
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Take A Book-see
Publisher: Tulika Books Ideal for: Ages 3+ The book follows Bulbuli, who lives in a world where everything is made out of bamboo, and teaches young ones the benefits of a bamboo tree. It is a great book to get started with your tot’s journey to cons
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Take Care! ■
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Age-appropriate Nutrition
Infants and tots from the age of zero to three years have very specific nutrition needs. All infants must be breastfed from birth to a minimum of six months, and preferably continue till the first year. Upto six months, they need 1.16g protein per ki
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World Of Mums
Mum-to-be? Pamper yourself before your li’l tornado arrives with Khadi Natural’s hair care kit, a one-stop solution for all your hair-related nourishment. It includes: • Herbal amla and bhringraj shampoo: The product is SLS and parabenfree with the e
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What’s On
Sophie la girafe, the avant-garde toy made from 100% natural rubber, celebrated its 60th year this May. Over the years, Sophie la girafe became has become a household name with celebrities and real mums alike; and a handy accomplice for millions of b
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