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Brain Development
Week 1 to 2: Implantation of the egg into the uterine wall. Week 3: The embryo begins to develop the backbone, cardio-vascular system and brain formation begins. Week 4: The three brain sections of the embryo are formed—fore brain, middle brain and
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Your Unborn Baby’s Senses
The first of her smell receptors appears between five and 11 weeks after conception. Her nose, which develops between 11 and 15 weeks, is continually filled with amniotic fluid, which can carry the smells of different foods you have eaten. Research h
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Brace Yourself!
If there was a training or a course that you could sign up for, which would teach you how to be the perfect mum, you’d find me recommending that every expectant mum go through it! But truth be told, there really is nothing in this world that can prep
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The Breast Start
Google for images of nursing mothers and you’ll see a wide variety of calmly smiling women, nestling their babies against their breasts. Cute, right? Now compare these images to the image of the real-life woman, struggling to find the correct posture
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Editor’s Note
Breastfeeding, like pregnancy, seems to be a subject that most people have opinions on. “You have too little milk!” “Don’t eat this; it will make the baby gassy!” “Give a little formula to supplement.” Unfortunately however, breastfeeding, like pregn
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Getting Started
1 BREASTFEED NOW – “A new mother should breastfeed her baby within the first half hour after the baby’s birth,” advises Sharma. Speak to your doctor and the hospital about wanting to see your baby and feed him or her as soon as you deliver. The bathi
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Panel of Experts
A succesful gynaecologist and practicing obgyn for the last 30 years. A doctorate in education, she is currently the Curriculum Development head with EuroKids International Pvt Ltd where she promotes a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Popula
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Eating Right
Breastfeeding burns up 500 calories per day. But that doesn’t mean you can gorge up on chocolate and potato chips while you’re feeding your baby. Eating a good, nutrient-rich diet will ensure that all those nutrients are being passed on to your baby
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Editor Swati Chopra Vikamsey Asst Editor Kriselle Fonseca Ravi Parmar Vishakha Khanolkar Palav Dipak Gaykar Dinesh Bhajnik Mahesh Reddy Publisher Stephen Cyril D’Lima Mother and
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Breastfeeding India From Nectar To Naysayers
Neha Chopra is a birth photographer and filmmaker at Storiously. She is a trained prenatal and babywearing dance teacher at GroovaRoo with Jugni. She also blogs about sustainability and minimalism on her Instagram page @jugniology Breastfeeding in I
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Mum’s the Word
Dear Editor, Your magazine is one of the very few reads I can never put down. My husband and I recently started planning a family, and Mother & Baby has been an important part of the process. Your issues have helped us anticipate what’s to come. Your
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How To Choose the right Breast Pump
When you first start breastfeeding your baby, you will probably consider getting a breast pump. And why not? Pumping not only enables you to bottle-feed your baby but also increases your milk supply. But with so many breast pumps available in the mar
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Whole Nine Months
One way to bond with your baby while pregnant is to stimulate his taste buds. Particles of food are transmitted to your amniotic fluid, which your baby starts swallowing early in the second trimester. You can also judge his likes and dislikes by obse
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Mothering Through Breastfeeding
Humans are social beings, and develop social life skills to connect, communicate and care during infancy and childhood as these are the formative years. When a woman begins her pregnancy, she steps into the realm of her embodiment of being a woman, c
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Angel Spotting
Send high-res images of your baby to with ‘Angel Spotting’ in the subject line, with your baby’s name, your address and phone number. ■
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Breastmilk Storage: Dos And Don’ts
Everyone is well aware of the importance of breastfeeding babies, for as long as possible. In an ideal situation, it is recommended to exclusively breastfeed a baby for the first six months of his life. But what happens when a mother has to resume wo
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Dr. Flow’s Omega insulated stainless steel feeding bottle keeps liquids warm for 12 hours, or cold for up to 18 hours. This bottle easily converts into an infant bottle, sippy bottle or straw bottle by simply swapping the nipple out for other accesso
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What Does Breastfeeding Really Do For You?
The increased oxytocin levels caused by breastfeeding have been linked with enhanced feelings of envy and a desire to show off your baby, making you fiercely protective and proud —sometimes even aggressive. Watch out, world! If you find you’re noddin
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Awesome Twosome!
“My husband Chintan, a hedge-fund manager, and I met through a common friend when we were all of 24. Call me filmy, but it felt like we were destined to meet. We clicked like no other, so much so that he proposed marriage on the very next day itself!
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At first, your baby can’t tell day from night, so whether it’s two o’clock in the afternoon or two o’clock in the oh-so-early hours of the morning, he just knows that he’s hungry, and you know that you need to feed him. Sitting up in the dead of nigh
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Rise Up!
Sheryl Salis is a registered dietician, certified diabetes educator and wellness coach. She is the founder of Nurture Health Solutions, a health and wellbeing company offering wellness programs to corporates and individuals Its can get frustrating
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Bonds for Life
How does one share life with a sibling(s)? I have heard of when my mother—the eldest of nine children, and her neighbours with a family of 11 children, all lived in the same compound. Mom says things were rather peaceful—with the older siblings looki
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Living with COVID-19
It was like any other night at home. My husband had recently resumed work, albeit in a relatively populated commercial complex. We were sitting with my kids Avika (six) and Nivaan (three), watching television post dinner. I was being the good wife, s
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Clean Learning
Dr Haim Ginott once famously said, “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” These impressions tend to last a lifetime. This is precisely why we need to inculcate and develop good qualities and habits in our children
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Coronavirus and Fertility 7 Things You Should Know
Dr Sunil Eshwar, lead consultant, obstetrics and gynaecology, Aster RV Hospital The pandemic has turned all of our lives upside down, and even the best-laid plans have gone awry. Some of us are still reeling under its effects and some of us are tryi
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How Bullies Are Born
While the role of the bully and the victim are most often manifested in school or on the playground, the problem takes root most often at home, says Dr Harish Shetty, a veteran child psychiatrist. “Both the bully and the victim most often suffer fro
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The Secret Life Of Your Unborn Baby
Her heart is now the size of a poppy seed and her neural tube will fuse this week (which is why taking folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects such as spina bifida). The first hormone-induced signs of your pregnancy may start to appear now
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World of Born recently launched mommy and me masks as part of their special Twin collection, made using only natural fabrics. The collection is sustainable, wearable, stylish and eco-friendly. The cloth masks are made of organic cotton scraps. These
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Like To Be A Toddler
WHERE SHE’S AT “Every time I find something fun to do, it’s snatched away from me. Well, I’ve had enough. I’m going to lie on the floor and yell.” WHERE YOU NEED TO BE When you go to the park, it feels like she throws the worst tantrum when it comes
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Three’s A Party!
Together Mahhi Vij and hubby Jay Bhanushali are a force to reckon with, in the telly world. The couple has starred in various soap operas and reality shows that have made them a household name throughout the country. In 2011, there was news about the
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