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A Hard Tale
It used to be an anomaly: in this modern world of efficient-pedalling dual suspension MTBs that comfortably negotiate terrain ranging from baby-smooth XC/Flow trails through to punishing enduro and even downhill-esque descents, it was rare that you s
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Nico Vouilloz: In Conversation With The Greatest Downhill Racer Of All Time
With three junior and seven elite downhill world titles to his name Nico Vouilloz was very much the dominant figure in male downhill racing during the mid 90’s and into the early part of the new millennium. Unlike his rivals the young French racer wa
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Revamped Snowies Legends Descent To Kickstart 2021 Snowies Mtb Festival
Back in November 2019, organisers were putting the finishing touches on the 2020 Snowies MTB Festival. Held every year in February, the Snowies is a three-day multi-stage race running out of the alpine capital of Jindabyne. Little did they know what
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Hans Rey: Evolution Of A Mountain Biker
He’s often been termed as the most famous mountain biker of all time, and sure enough Hans Rey is a worthy contender for that title. The German born, Swiss-stamped, California resident has been a key figure in our sport since the pre-suspension days,
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Merida Big.trail 500
SCORE IN THE STAND 7/10 ON THE TRAIL 7/10 OVERALL 7/10 When it was first released in 2016, the Big Trail aimed to bring some fun to the world of hardtails. It came about when plus-size tyres were all the rage and was equipped with 2.8-inch wide tyres
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Shimano Me5 Shoes
RATINGS VALUE: 8/10 FUNCTION: 9/10 LOOK: 8/10 OVERALL: 8/10 When it comes to clipless shoes Shimano really are the industry leaders. After all, it was they who developed the SPD pedal just over 30 years ago and they’ve stayed at the forefront of inno
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Macpac Amp Multi Pack
RATINGS VALUE: 8/10 FUNCTION: 9/10 LOOKS: 8/10 OVERALL: 8/10 Macpac is a brand more associated with mountain climbing than biking. Founded in New Zealand in 1973 when Bruce McIntyre began making backpacks out of his parents’ Christchurch garage. It’s
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Michelin Dh Tyres
RATINGS (DH22) VALUE 8/10 FUNCTION 10/10 LOOK 8/10 OVERALL 9/10 Earlier in the year I reviewed Michelin’s excellent Wild Enduro tyres, finding them to be truly outstanding all-round trail and enduro tyres. Michelin has now expanded its mountain bike
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The New Normal
And just like that 2020 is almost behind us. There may still be a few months to go but we at Mountain Biking Australia are already in 2021, at least according to this November/December/January issue. It’s been a tough year for mountain bikers with co
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What’s The Grind With Gravel?
There’s absolutely nothing at all new about riding bikes offroad, even bikes with skinny tyres and dropped handlebars. Cyclists have been doing just that ever since bikes were invented, and way before surfaced roads became popular. Even the original
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Mountain Biking Australia
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Albany Mountain Bike Club
Mountain Biking Australia: So, tell us a little bit about Albany, it’s a town a lot of our readers mightn't know a lot about. Albany MTB Club: We’re located in the southern city of Albany in Western Australia, surrounded by amazing beaches and stunni
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Falls Creek Mountain Bike Park Expansion Gets The Go-head
Falls Creek is thrilled to announce it will be receiving a Regional Infrastructure Grant of $500,000 for the Stage 5 development of the Falls Creek Mountain Bike Park. Currently hosting 40km of world class gravity and cross country trails, this fundi
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Marzocchi DJ Bomber
DJ – The classic remixed The all-new Bomber DJ is back in the mix with a whole new bag of tricks. Sharing the same 36mm chassis as its big brother, the Z1, the DJ comes in a dedicated 26” wheel configuration. Featuring a 20x110mm axle, the DJ is desi
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Merida To Feature Ep8 Motor In My2021 Line-up
Launched in 2020, our eONE-SIXTY managed to seamlessly follow in the footsteps of the 'original' eONE-SIXTY which was the most decorated, tested and awarded bike in MERIDA's history. The highly anticipated bike managed to collect a vast amount of ama
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Otway Odyssey Goes Back To Its Roots Celebrating 15 Years
The Otway Odyssey Mountain Bike Marathon and Great Otway Gravel Grind are back for 2021 on February 20 and 21 with some big news to celebrate the Odyssey’s 15-year reign. The 100km course is returning to its roots, starting in Apollo Bay and crossing
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Shimano Ep8 Motor
Shimano have revealed the next stage of their e-MTB evolution with the EP8 motor officially announced in August. The Japanese brand, so often at the forefront of mountain biking technology over the past three decades, said it intended the EP8 system
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Shimano Me7 And Me5 Shoes
Multi-condition Trail/Enduro shoes combine pedaling performance and off-the-bike grip Whether you're looking for a race shoe or an all-rounder, SHIMANO's ME7 and ME5 have you covered. The ME7 is Shimano's elite racing shoe so, as you can expect, it c
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What’s Up With Wembo?
What do mountain biking, Armidale and Brazil all have in common? Well if you are into endurance mountain biking you could have experienced all three in the space of 12 months. WEMBO (World Endurance Mountain Bike Organisation) are the head honchos fo
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Power To The People
I read with great interest Huw Kingston’s recent feature on the question of e-MTBs and their mostly cons, with a few pros thrown in, and how it may affect this country’s (and the world’s) ever-growing obesity crisis (among other things). I found myse
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Norco Sight Vlt 29 A2
It’s been slightly more than 12 months since Norco shocked (excuse the pun) the MTB world with the release of its ultra-impressive Sight VLT 27.5 e-MTB. The Canadian brand had taken its time before entering the powered bike market segment, and that w
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Ibis Ripley Mark 4
I’ve been racing bikes for a long while – since I was 14 years old (almost 40 years) – and racing MTB on and off for much of that period. But I’ve only had two dedicated XC ‘race’ bikes. The first a custom-made Ti hardtail (written about as part of m
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Keep Dreaming
When I sat down to write the corresponding address for the May/June/July issue we had just emerged from the most traumatic Australian summer in living memory. Little did I know that would be quickly forgotten as the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic s
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Norco Optic C3
Within the last 18 months we’ve seen quite an evolution within the Norco range, and it all kicked off midway through 2019 with a revamp of their XC race dually; the Revolver FS. The new rendition underwent some sizable changes to the geometry with a
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Mountain Biking Australia
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Social media is a group of programs that enable participation in social networking, creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. It has become a way to interact and co
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Stans Notubes Dart Tool
The DART Tool is designed to be extremely light, durable, and easy to fit into pockets and packs, while offering an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold and allows precision DART placement. The DART Tool’s handle includes a built-in valve core remove
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How-to: The Ultimate Guide To Multi-stage Racing
So, you’ve decided three-hours, six-hours or even 24-hours just isn’t enough. It’s time to go multi-day mountain bike racing. Great decision! If you want to get immersed in the mountain biking experience, then this is a superb way to do it. For howev
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Raceface Chester Pedals – Limited Edition Set
Chester Pedals have long set the standard for mountain biking pedals. Now they’re back but something’s different. A party's just not a party until Chester shows up in some new colours. This burly nylon composite pedal is big on features, small on pri
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Prepping For Race Season With An Isolation Twist
As I sit here writing this article, it is the beginning of May and most of us are mid-Corona lockdown but hopeful that the restrictions will be eased soon. Gyms have been shut for a while and the internet is awash with ‘at home workouts’ and ‘iso wor
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