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A New Year Commences
Cathy Tait-Jamieson, BioFarm, Manawatū I’m really looking forward to Matariki coming into our world view this year. Aotearoa celebrates a new public holiday, which for a self-employed farmer doesn’t mean too much in terms of having a “day off”, but i
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Meet The Locals
Tell us about the business. Our philosophy is to provide each region in New Zealand with local growers that sell exceptional quality, well-priced, BioGro-certified organic herb and vegetable seedlings to the local market. They are sold through retail
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Unanswered Questions On Emissions Reduction Plan
Government moves announced in May to reduce climate emissions through nationwide organic waste collection and composting are potentially a game changer for urban food and farming, if supported by infrastructure, says Soil & Health general manager Pet
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Community Garden
Whether you’ve been around for two months or 20 years, every magazine subscriber is automatically a member of the Soil & Health Association, New Zealand’s oldest organisation promoting sustainable, healthy food. Soil & Health publishes Organic NZ mag
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Digging Up the Past
Preventing the release of GE into our environment and keeping it out of our food was one of the biggest environmental issues of the late 1990s, and as one of the leading authorities on the subject, the July 1999 “GE issue” of Organic NZ is filled wit
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Winter gardening
Your winter māra may be resting, but that doesn’t mean you can do the same! July and August are preparation months, and the mahi you put in now is essential if you are to reap rewards down the track. Act without delay because spring is just around th
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He Whenua Rongo – wānanga resolutions
Te Waka Kai Ora – National Māori Organics Authority and Papawhakaritorito Charitable Trust called for a kaupapa coalition at He Whenua Rongo, a national kai and soil sovereignty movement born out of a two-day online wānanga held in May. The resolutio
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Nourishing Papatūānuku
Pourewa is a community vegetable garden – a mārakai – and revegetation nursery for the whānau of Ōrākei, which is those people who relate to Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei’s marae. My role really is to oversee the developments of the plan for the garden that I’
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Forever Farming
A mid the gently rolling hills, lush green pasture and big skies of Southland, lies Lindhurst Organics, a family farm that’s been certified organic for the past 15 years. George Stevenson’s grandfather bought it in 1937 through a tender system, and s
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Jeanette Fitzsimons and GE
GE is perhaps the issue with which many people would come to associate Jeanette Fitzsimons. She embraced it as an issue because of the genuine public concern; as a politician she was simply doing her job asking questions and challenging assumptions,
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From The World Of Organics
An insecticide called chlorpyrifos, which is banned in the US but still widely used here, is again under the spotlight due to risks of exposure in New Zealand children. An alliance of NGOs made an appeal to government on 5 June (World Environment Day
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Things We Like
What do filmmakers do when they’re not on a job? If you’re Ali Titulaer and Jimmy Muir you start an organic cold-brew coffee business. WYLD’s RTD coffees are enhanced with adaptogens from functional mushrooms that help the body adapt to stress and en
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Our House
John Etherington likes to take routes off the beaten path. So it was only natural that his new home, built with partner Mandy Richards, would be a project of scrappy hard work and invention. “Mandy always says that I have an abject fear of normality,
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Grow, Gather & Freeze!
Almost every gardener I’ve ever interviewed has told me that their passion for growing was ignited by a parent or grandparent who loved gardening themselves and passed on their knowledge. Of course, there are always a few exceptions, but I know that
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Maramataka For Hōngongoi And Hereturikōkā
The coldest month of the year is Hōngongoi when birds huddle together at night, too cold to move. The star Aotahi (Canopus) hangs outside the basket of stars telling the īnanga (whitebait) it’s time to go to the sea. If the rays of Aotahi (Canopus) e
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Organic NZ
Chair of Soil & Health Marion Wood National Councillors Monique Bartosh, Jodie Bruning, Barbara Collis, Jenny Lux, Bernie Mabbs, Mike Palmers General manager Pete Huggins: Enquiries and membership support Meghan Read, in
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A stitch IN TIME
Clothing is powerful and necessary, and a handwoven burlap sack just doesn’t do it for most people these days. The right clothes can help get you the job you want, keep you safe, change how you see yourself and how others see you; they can be a sourc
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Explaining Organics
That’s not a spelling mistake you see – we have professional editors you know! Natrue is the mark of The International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association. It’s a trusted guarantee for consumers that the cosmetics they buy meet strict ingredien
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• Receive six issues for $55 or two years for $100.• Be in to win with subscriber-only competitions.• Access member-only digital content on our website.• All subscribers automatically become members of the Soil & Health Association – the largest memb
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Glyphosate Submissions Released
New Zealand’s first proper assessment of glyphosate risk could be on the cards following the EPA’s release of information on its use and misuse. A key battleground could be the issue of herbicide resistance which industry users are seeking to downpla
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WIN This Issue!
Sweet treats to remedy those winter blues! Subscribe to Organic NZ by 31 July to be one of five subscribers to win a mixed carton of Bennetto organic chocolate. All current subscribers are automatically entered. The mixed carton is a complete pantry
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Is It Puanga Or Matariki?
This year, on Friday 24 June, we celebrate the first Matariki public holiday in New Zealand. The recent resurgence of interest in maramataka Māori has been a rewarding experience for many. As we observe and align more with the rhythms of nature we ca
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After decades of growing parsnips, two circumstances conspired this year to lead me to a much improved way to digthem. The first was to allow several plants to flower and seed last summer, something we’ve been doing for some years now, which results
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Hormone Balance, Naturally
There’s a lot of talk about hormones these days, and for good reason. They’re a vitally important piece of the puzzle when it comes to our overall health and feeling our best. Let’s break down what hormones are, including looking at our three main se
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Kūmara Recipes From Hapī
This is a Hapī favourite. Salt baking the kūmara seals the skin, allowing the insides to bake into a melt-in-your-mouth mash. SERVES 4 4 medium kūmaraFine sea salt1 medium onion4 cloves garlic Oil, for frying4 large leafy greens (kale, silverbeet, co
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Being Hapī
Hapī Ora is a café in downtown Napier that is run like a fast-food joint but everything is made from scratch and super healthy. We also grow produce for the café in our māra kai, run an online store, have stalls at farmers’ markets and provide cateri
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The History Of GE
The question of whether we should allow genetic engineering in New Zealand has been raging for almost as long as the technology has been around – since the 1970s. By the late 1990s and early 2000s, the sentiment among the public was decidedly anti-GM
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Latest Reads
Gareth Hughes (Allen & Unwin, $39.99) This is a lively, informative biography of one of our most organic politicians, and a patron of Soil & Health after her parliamentary career. It’s also something of a de facto history of the Green Party, from its
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Maramataka For Haratua And Pipiri
Haratua – May/June With a bountiful harvest crop enjoyed and the excess stored away for future use, late autumn is a time to relax, visit and socialise with family and friends. The kererū too, heavy with the fruits of the forest, enjoy a relaxing tim
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