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Wrestle Mania
Amazing MAXIM photo shoot, Susie, congrats! How do you feel? It has been a dream of mine for a long time to shoot for MAXIM and now it has finally happened! I’m very happy with how it all turned out. Well, you look gorgeous. When do you feel sexy?
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Stalling Manoeuvres
In his book, The 4-Hour Body, bestselling author Timothy Ferriss suggests engaging in brief muscular contractions throughout your binge. Based off research originally done on rats, he surmised that following short bursts of high intensity exercise, m
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Australia’s KINGS of CANNABIS
In the burgeoning Australian cannabis industry, there are a number of personalities that have been staples in the small-yet-passionate community. Driven individuals who have been promoting legalisation and sensible cannabis reform for over a decade,
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On To The Future
“Our design approach is governed by a playful interaction between beauty and function, intuition and intelligence, proportion and performance,” says Robin de Vries, a senior designer at Dutch studio Vripack which produced the 216-ft Futura yacht conc
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Bumble’s Big Boss
On February 11, from the Bumble offices in Austin, Texas, Whitney Wolfe Herd virtually rang the bell to open the Nasdaq exchange in New York. Wearing a brilliant yellow power suit and holding her son in her arms, the young mother celebrated as yellow
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Where To Find The World’s Sexiest SUPERYACHTS
There has always been an element of escapism when it comes to ultra-luxury travel. And it has never been more important than in the midst of the global pandemic. A voyage by superyacht, be it privately owned or by charter, is the ultimate escape. Exp
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“My 2018 MAXIM HOT 100 cover forced me to shave my legs and it was one of my favourite shoots ever. I felt so comfortable shooting at my house and it’s always fun playing dress ups. I would almost say I am ready to hang up the bikini, but let’s get r
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Are You Binge Worthy?
Some would say that if you have to “cheat” on your diet, then you’re on the wrong diet. However, cheat meals — or Treat Meals as I refer to them — can actually be planned. Kind of like a reward for being a good dieter, and also a much needed mental b
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BORN: January 9, 1997 HOMETOWN: Sydney, Australia INSTAGRAM: @annadurkiin SNAPCHAT: @annadurkin ■
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Status Update
NAME: Susie Crawford BORN: January 24 HOMETOWN: Sydney, NSW LIVES: Los Angeles, California USA FIVE-WORD SELF-DESCRIPTION: “Ambitious, entertaining, independent, loyal and motivated.” FAVOURITE WWE STARS: “Trish Stratus and Charlotte Flair. Both thes
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Birthday Bang
Jokes are plentiful when discussing birthday sex. There’s the infamous ‘birthday blowjob’ that comes once a year. Then there’s the ‘birthday shag’ — a popular event amongst non-newlyweds. However, for those searching for some serious birthday action,
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Ten Years, Cheers!
When you launched MAXIM Australia 10 years ago, did you ever expect you’d still be working on it 10 years later? Hell, no! If you asked me in 2011 if we’d still be around in 10 years, after launching our inaugural issue with Jennifer Hawkins on the
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Top 10 Maxim Moments
This answer is cheesy AF, but launching MAXIM Australia/NZ of course. Am I right?! I once did a shot of horse semen, which was syringed into my mouth (see pic, top right), for a story we did on the Wild Foods Festival in NZ. But this wasn't as bad as
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Maxim New Zealand
National Advertising Manager Dave Van Oosterom ( Managing Director Michael Downs Fashion Editor Adriana Dib Grooming Editor Shonagh Walker Motoring Editor Bill Varetimidis Gaming & Tech Writer Chris Stead Staff Writer Reilly Su
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Introducing… JULIA FAYE WEST
Tell us a bit about your shoot We did our shoot for this cover at an exceptional location; Ranch Island Animal Sanctuary in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was my photographer, Brian B Hayes, who had the idea to shoot at this stunning location. Ranch Island i
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Once In A Lifetime
It took a very rich and determined individual over 20 years and millions of dollars to pull off one of the greatest feats in watch collecting — assembling a full set of four Patek Philippe perpetual calendar ref. 2499 series chronographs, dating from
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General Motors’ announcement on February 19, 2020 that it would retire the Holden brand from the Australian market by year’s end came just two days before the Supercars hit the track at the season-opening Adelaide 500. Although Holden’s sales had plu
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Fades Or Fads?
When the trend of fades started, we were asked by a few customers if it would be just a fad? After seeing many different wrap styles come and go, some customers insisted this would definitely be a passing fad. Others felt it may last a while longer,
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Destination Maxim
BORN: March 23, 1999 HOMETOWN: Flower Mound, Texas USA INSTAGRAM/SNAPCHAT/ TWITTER: @audreyywatkins BORN: May 14,1994 HOMETOWN: New Orleans, Louisiana USA INSTAGRAM: @Ashley.arre BORN: January 26, 1997 HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas, USA INSTAGRAM/ TWITTE
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The Krasinski Method
Krasinski’s Jim Halpert is a salesman at the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin. He whiles away the hours by winding up his boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell), pranking workmate Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) a
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Kimber Surprise
Christian Kimber’s presentation of his latest menswear collection was a decidedly intimate affair, with a few dozen or so media and VIPs gathering at Sydney’s Chin Chin restaurant for a dinner and accompanying fashion show. On hand to help launch the
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About Alexa
“Action Alexa” is an internationally published celebrity trainer, sports model and nutrition and lifestyle coach with over 15 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, and has worked with NZ’s world champion rugby team, the All Blacks. Sh
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About The Author
Luke West is a life-long motorsport tragic and Australian motoring historian with an eye for colourful characters, quirky content and significant moments. He spent eight years as editor of Australia’s favourite retro motoring magazine,Australian Musc
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About The Author
Luke West is a life-long motorsport tragic and Australian motoring historian with an eye for colourful characters, quirky content and significant moments. He spent eight years as editor of Australia’s favourite retro motoring magazine,Australian Musc
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Origins Of The Supercars
Each year the newly crowned Supercars champ receives a magnificent Championship trophy. It’s a keepsake that will forever be a reminder of his special achievement; a symbol of superiority for a season of success and hard work. Yet this shiny, handsom
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From the GROUND UP
For most of the 1,100 years since Iceland was settled, the island’s food had more to do with surviving the long, sunless winters than it did with making something that was remotely palatable. In order to eat when the ground was frozen and the snow to
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Rocky Roads
To explore Iceland, you need the right wheels. Not any vehicle will do — the country’s brutal terrain can inflict more damage than your supplemental liability insurance can cover. To reach Iceland’s wonders, a more rugged ride is needed: the Super Je
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Deep Divide
Tucked within Thingvellir National Park is one of Iceland’s most incredible natural wonders. The Silfra fissure is a crack that formed between the North American and Eurasian continental plates, and it’s filled with some of the clearest and cleanest
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Twenty-eight seasons and counting. That’s how long Supercars has been part of the Aussie motorsporting scene. Make that the Aussie sporting scene, as the Championship now commands a position that goes way beyond what any local racing class has previo
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If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’re already well acquainted with Iceland, even if you don’t know it. Not only is one of the show’s iconic characters an Iceland native (“The Mountain” is played by former World’s Strongest Man contestant Hafþór Júl
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