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In the course of a virtual press conference held on December 2nd, Benetti presented two new projects: the Motopanfilo 37M and the FB284. The first is an elegant modern looking motor yacht which takes after Benetti’s motor yachts of the sixties but wi
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AB Yachts 80 G-Five
Notwithstanding the explorer yachts’ success and that of their offshoots namely supply vessels and crossovers, there are some, a few, no very few yards that still go for Mediterranean style maxi opens. Among these top of the range yards there are two
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Benetti Fb 283
Benetti celebrated the “Cerimonia della moneta” on its premises in Leghorn on November 27th .This is a very old tradition which was celebrated by slotting into place the keel of the FB283 62 metre “explorer” model yacht which features a steel hull an
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Tecnomar Domus
In Latin “Domus” as you probably know means house. Tecnomar shipyards the Italian Sea Group’s brand name is introducing the project design work for this 36 metre destined to charter parties and as the name wishes to suggest it wants to be nothing mor
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Reale Yachts Heritage
Reale Yachts have been building explorer models in Pisa Italy and supply vessels in steel and aluminium too with an entry level which starts with Pacifico 32, This 32 metre will be due for delivery in the course of July 2021 next. At the top end of t
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Who’s Who
Via A. Caroncini 58 – 00197 Roma – Italy - tel. +39 06 8081910 - Via San Gottardo 53 - 6900 Massagno - Lugano - Switzerland tel. +41 91 910 08 83 - Willow Cottage - Romsey Road - K
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Hydro Tec Vanguard
“Vanguard”, meant as something or someone who paves the way for others to tread on, is a term stems from naval tradition that has been deployed since 1580 and the royal navy has often named war ships with the name. “Vanguard”is a concept with which S
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Wooden Boats Wb 27
Wooden Boats from Viareggio has recently presented custom built WB27 limousine tender for the owner of a Sanlorenzo 52 Steel “KD”. This model explicitly shows the yard’s “made to measure” capacity. It will be followed by another 10 metre “tailor made
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TANKOA SELLS FOURTH 50 METRES – Tankoa has recently announced the sale of its fourth all aluminium 50 metre. Now sailing there’s “Vertige”, “Bintador” and the recently launched “Olokun”. Delivery for this fourth has been scheduled for the end of 2021
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Byd Bravo 75
This Spanish Design Group revealed the 75 metre concept featuring a direct derivation from the sailing yacht scene which is known for exploiting every centimetre of the waterline length and relatively low sporty and dynamic looking silhouette on the
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Seanfinity Yachts T-5
After the positive responses with model T-4, Seanfinity yard presented model T- 5 in the course of the latest international boat show in Genoa. Two versions of this latest model are currently being built. One will be motorised with a diesel only whil
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Royal Huisman Apex 850
The Apex 850 is an incredible sloop even if it is not the first modern yacht built by this Dutch shipyard, it still represents another step in the right direction for Royal Huisman in terms of design and technologic solutions. In fact the aluminium a
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Maritime Cover Group To Best Protect Your Yacht
Maritime Cover Group designs and manufactures horizontal and vertical fenders to protect stern bathing platforms, on yachts, superyachts and more. The plant situated in Viareggio north Italy on the west coast produces made to measure fenders as well
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Military Style
Ever since inception Wally has delivered a determined distinctive personality made up of essential minimalist lines which undoubtedly take after the aggressive and determined traits making up military units’ exteriors which have become a typical feat
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Arcadia’s 18th A85 Is Launched
Arcadia Yachts has recently launched its 18th A85, the yard’s flagship. “The A85 is an iconic model but not just for Arcadia, but for the entire yachting market,” said Ugo Pellegrino CEO of the Italian shipyard. “This model broke the pattern in one o
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Benetti Luminosity
This past season has been one to remember for Benetti since it has launched and delivered numerous Class and custom builds. “Luminosity” measuring 107.6 metres is one of them. A glass palace moving along on the sea, rather than a villa on the water a
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A Technical Launch For Tankoa
The technical launch of Tankoa’s aluminium alloy 50 metre “Olokun” designed by Francesco Paszkowski with interior decor by Casadio Miami/London studio was carried out in Genoa. This model’s layout is similar to the two preceding yachts’ with fold dow
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Maiora 35 Exuma Lady Nina
Maiora is part owned by Gruppo Fipa, it is currently experiencing a successful period. So far this year in spite of the Covid 19 the shipyard can be very proud for having launched three new units. Two are Maiora 30 metre models but one of them is a W
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Cantiere Delle Marche’s First Flexplorer Is Launched
Cantiere delle Marche has recently launched 39.37 metre “Aurelia” the first unit of the new Flexplorer range. Sergio Cutolo’s Hydro Tec sports handled the project design work of the exteriors while Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini deliver
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In a historical moment such as this one, in which understandably financial themes and the economy in general are very much in the forefront. We’re running the risk of losing sight of what’s in store for industries’ ethical aspects which in the long t
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Mangusta Gran Sport 33
When in 1985 the Balducci’s founded the Mangusta brand, the fastest and most powerful open power boats at the time were Tecnomarine’s Cobra line. The mongoose as we all know is the only animal that can beat a cobra and the choice of the new brand nam
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A Hat-trick For Gruppo Fipa
In spite of the slow ups due to Covid – 19, Gruppo Fipa has managed to launch as many as three yachts in the course of 2020. An AB 80 and two Maiora 30 one of which in Walkaround version while the other sports a Conver tible one. The latest of the tw
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Hull Vane Wings Not To Fly
Under water wings! Well what’s new about them? you may wonder still. Hydrofoils have been deployed for nearly a century which thanks to the lift effect generated by the wings themselves when travelling at some speed, they surface right out of the wat
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A New 48 Metres For Admiral
“Crocus” a 48 metre superyacht from Admiral a brand of the Italian Sea Group hit the water September last. “Crocus” derives from the 48 metre platform which has already been deployed for “Atos” with loads of interior volumes but always below 500 GT.
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Lynx Yachts Orion
Sometimes trends change faster than seasons. Over the past ten years we have seen large planing yachts, displacing small ships ‘navette’ which preceded ‘explorer ‘ models and more recently ‘Crossovers’. They are beginning to comprise a wider choice w
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Hull Vane® And Its Submerged Foil’s Beneficial Effects:
Very often water does not flow horizontally across the stern of a yacht below the waterline but adopts an angle of elevation. The horizontal wing profile of Hull Vane® engenders lift. The horizontal component (FX) of this lift (F) generates thrust as
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Not Only Launchings
In addition to numerous launchings which took place in the course of 2020, there have been umpteen deliveries as well.Numarine ( for example delivered two units from the fortunate series of the 26XP expedition yachts pushing up to 1
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Codecasa Gentleman’s Yacht
Luca Dini naval architect has recently drawn up Codecasa’s Yacht project design work for “Gentleman” the name given to this limited edition of only ten. “There are owners’ requests for yachts, project design work requests from shipyards and then ther
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News From Hull Vane®
In addition to being Sales Director for Hull vane BV Bruno Bouckaert is also a naval engineer with plenty of experience who has been involved in developing and marketing Hull Vane®. We asked him a few pertinent questions as well on the latest news we
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