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5 To Try
Made from certified organic farmed maca and free from colourings, flavourings and preservatives, Vitality Nutritionals Maca Root Powder Organic 300g (£16.90, vitaminexpress. org) can be added to smoothies, baked goods, juice or just water. Instead o
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Make Magnesium Work For You
• Choose fully reacted (not buffered) magnesium. This is more easily absorbed than magnesium oxide. • Look for the ingredients taurine, glycine and citric acid as they’re highly effective carriers. • Split your dosing. Magnesium absorption is signifi
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Top Nourishment
Sleep better tonight with a shot of nah Natural Bottled Cherry Juice Concentrate (£16.99, It contains 100 per cent Montmorency cherries, which contain melatonin, the sleep hormone. The glass bottle helps extend the shelf life of the jui
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FROM RUNNER’S KNEE, tennis elbow and swimmer’s shoulder to Netflix neck and laptop lower back! Sports injuries are a common cause of chronic pain, but back, neck and hand pain often strike after simply sitting hunched over a phone, TV or computer scr
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3 To Try…High-quality Magnesium Supplements
New Igennus Healthcare Nutrition Triple Magnesium Complex (£16.99 for 90 capsules, contains a trio of magnesium citrate, bisglycinate and taurate, all in their fully reacted forms. They are also bonded synergistically, which increases ab
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Veg Out!
BEETROOTS ARE TOUTED AS a superfood for good reason, as they contain a wealth of minerals that can help to lower blood pressure, increase stamina, improve gut health, and aid liver and kidney function. They’re deliciously sweet, too, which makes them
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5 Pain Relief Devices
1 Theragun Prime (£275, uk) is a new generation, smart percussive therapy device. It gives deep muscle treatment with a quieter motor and 120 minutes of battery life. Pair it with the app for personalised recovery suggestions. 2 Therag
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The Wonders Of Wind!
WHEN THE wind’s whipping up a storm outside, it’s tempting to draw the curtains and hunker down indoors. But hiding away from gusty weather could mean you’re missing out on an easy-breezy way to wellbeing. Next time it’s blowing a gale, try doing as
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All On The Line
Serves 2 ■ Lemon 1, half sliced and other half juiced■ British trout fillets 2■ Butter 25g■ Cherry tomatoes 3-4, halved■ Chives handful, snipped■ Fresh mint leaves handful■ Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 Preheat the oven to 180C/gas 4. Tak
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Tried & Tested
‘I found the Theragun Prime a bit cumbersome – it’s definitely designed by a man for men to use, as it’s heavy and a bit unwieldy. But the new Theragun Mini fits perfectly in my palm. It works well and feels great on my tight hips and leg muscles, du
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‘The Wind Blows Away All Sorts Of Troubles’
When I was younger, I worked in Indonesia, Israel and Jamaica where it was always sunny and hot – but the same every day. I found the weather boring and would long for some wild Welsh winds! I’m now lucky enough to live on the coast, where I walk wit
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Fabulous Fibre
FIBRE IS SIMPLY A FORM OF carbohydrate that the body can’t digest which, as well as keeping our bowels healthy and our energy levels up, plays an important role in weight management by regulating our appetite. It does this in two ways. First, it ma
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As I write, I am anticipating more lockdown measures so by the time you read this, things may have changed yet again. So many new rules, regulations and constant changes are enough to add stress to even the most level-headed among us. That’s why in o
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The Ultimate In Back-pain Treatment
The ‘Mayfair Method’ includes: Targeted Percussive Vibration Therapy, Spinal Impulse Adjustment, Laser Therapy and IDD Therapy. The percussive vibration therapy helps improve circulation and stimulate the nerves in the spine, warming them up for stag
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Top Fitness
your as days get darker with a splash of colour from the new CONTUR range. Their Afresh Crop (£49.99., and Smooth Move Leggings (£59.99,) shown here, will brighten any exercise class and are made using super-soft textiles fashioned in I
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My Fibre-rich Muesli Recipe
Many shop-bought mueslis are high in sugar, so try making this fibre-packed version instead. Serve with the milk of your choice and top with chopped banana, grated apple or fresh raspberries for even more fabulous fibre. ■ Rolled oats 140g■ Wheat br
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The Top Santé Manifesto
“We believe every woman has the ability to maximise her health and beauty at any age, regardless of health history. With a balanced diet, effective exercise and a positive mindset, you can stay younger for longer, inside and out. We’ll bring you the
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Tried & Tested
‘About 10 years ago I slipped two discs (L3/4, and L4/5). In addition to the pain caused by this, I get other aches in my lower back and some discomfort in my hips, too. Osteopathy and physiotherapy have helped a lot, but have never resolved the issu
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“Out Of Your Head, Into Your Body”
AS HUMAN BEINGS WE ARE driven by emotions. They are the very thing that drives us to ‘go for it’, to create, or to chase the dream. But equally, they can create paralysis and kill creativity. Knowing this can be both empowering and overwhelming. Whil
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Ask The Experts
Susie Debice studied at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in food science and nutrition. She is also the nutritionist for Abundance and Health supplements ( Q Is it true you don’t need to take iron supplements after menopause
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Top Sante UK
Editor Katy Sunnassee Art Director Jennifer Ratcliff With thanks to: Lizzy Dening, Yvonne Martin, Angela Kennedy, Jessie Pavelka, Gemma Calvert, Natalie Millman, Carly Hobbs, Sarah Sellens, Sophie Attwood, Peta Leith, Sam Rice, Ruby Deevoy, Susie D
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Hack Your Metabolism
IT’S NO GREAT SECRET that metabolic rate – the rate at which you burn nutrients and therefore calories – plays a role in weight loss. Just think of how many times you’ve heard someone blame a few extra pounds on their sluggish metabolism, or seen a s
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Electric Avenue
WHY DRIVE a car when you can jump on an electric bike? That’s the thinking in Europe, where recent data shows as many as one in four own or want to own an electric bike (or e-bike). And while UK sales aren’t quite keeping up with those of our Europea
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A WORD WITH… Lesley Clarke
I wake up at 6.30am every day. I take my dog Hati for a walk, check in on my flowers and plants, and then make a hot water with lemon and honey. Breakfast is gluten-free granola with almond milk and an English breakfast tea. I steer away from gluten
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Your Healthy November
Everyone knows the warm glow that accompanies spending time with friends – whether that’s in person or via phone or video chat. And new US research reveals that it’s actually friendships rather than romantic or familial relationships that create the
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Feel Calmer Today
Blue light protection Protect your eyes with the Ocushield glasses (from £39.99,, which feature medical-grade blue light filters. By filtering out blue light, you can reduce anxiety and stress, helping to improve your sleep. You can al
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Buyers’ Guide
Specialized Turbo Vado SL (from £2,600, Designed like a normal road bike, this comes with a motor that lasts up to 80 miles. Livall NEO Helmet (£149.99, This smart helmet has indicators on the back and in-built speak
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gloved (from £20, is a handwash and lotion duo made from high-quality, sustainable ingredients, lovingly created by a mother and son duo. Refill pouches are available to cut down on plastic waste. The Protein Ball Co. high protein, pl
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Less Stress, More Sleep
In need of some relief from mild stress and anxiety? A Vogel AvenaCalm Oral Drops (£10.50, is a traditional registered herbal medicinal product that can temporarily alleviate symptoms associated with mild stress, such as anxiety, and al
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Top Beauty
If you’re hoping for a new fragrance this winter, what better than a scent that transports you to a walk in a crisp, fresh woodland? Smelly Trees Unisex Fragrance (£25/100ml, was devised by Carina Birrell (left), when her tree surge
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