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Timely Re-minder
Getting a phone call from the mechanic performing your MoT can be daunting no matter how good your classic Ford is. So imagine him phoning and telling you your car is on fire. Not just any car either, the 1977 Capri 2.0S from the television series Mi
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Rs2000 Appreciation
It is fantastic to see the Mk5/Mk6 Escort RS2000 in Classic Ford (May 2021 issue). It’s far from a Cosworth is because it’s an RS2000, so why do people compare the RS2000 with an Escort Cosworth? It’s like comparing an MGB GT with an MGB GT V8 — I do
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The Police Fords
Paul’s Prefect is part of a long tradition of Ford police cars in the UK. Other early Fords to work in law enforcement include the Model T, E493A and Zephyr and Zodiac range (made famous in Dixon Of Dock Green, above) before the Anglia 105E gained tr
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Best Of British
The Pratmobile sits within a private collection named Best Of British; the owner also has the Morris Minor from Some Mothers Do ’Ave ’Em, the second Citroën Saxo VTS from Gavin and Stacey, the Fiat 500L from Peter Kay’s Car Share, along with all sort
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Classic Ford
Words: Jamie Arkle, Daniel Bevis, Adrian Brannan, Jon Cass, Rob Hawkins, Mike Renaut, Stephen Roser, Christian Tilbury, Emma Woodcock Photography: Jeannot Boesen, Adrian Brannan, Jon Cass, John Colley, Rob Hawkins, Magic Car Pics, Matt Richardson, S
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Capris On Screen
Ask yourself this: would the mighty Capri have been as popular if it weren’t for the big screen? Possibly not. The Capri soldiered on for a long time — nearly 20 years in fact — and a lot of its longevity can be credited to the exposure (good and bad
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Where To Go This Month
When: Sunday, June 27 Where: British Motor Museum, Gaydon UK What’s going on: Held as part of the big, modern classics-heavy Ford Nationals event at the British Motor Museum near Gaydon in Warwickshire, the XROC’s Nationals celebrates the great and
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All In The Details
No two rally cars are the same, they all have their unique quirks and spec differences. It’s particularly endearing that, aside from the necessary concessions to safety required by modern competition, this Cortina is specced just as it was in 1966. C
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Parting Shot
A Capri? At Daytona? What fresh lunacy is this? Larry Caudill is shown behind the wheel of Louise Smith’s Mercury Capri during the NASCAR Baby Grand 100 race at Florida’s infamous Daytona International Speedway in February 1979. Caudill ran in the Ba
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Under The Skin
The first lockdown in 2020 brought some high many low points for everyone, but for Mark Elliott, it proved to be the excuse he needed to speed up progress on his longterm Mk1 Escort Cosworth project. By chance, we first met Mark on a lockdown walk on
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What’s On
June 13 Ripon Racecourse UK www.markwoodwardclassicevents. com June 19-20 Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester UK June 20 Hatton CountryWorld,Warwickshire UK June 25-27 Syon Park, London, UK www.thelondonclassiccars
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Expert Clinic
Q I’m in the process of rebuilding my Mk1 Escort. Do you know if anybody sells a complete poly bush set in black instead of all the other colours they do? Dave Ellis UK A Rally Design produce their Classic range of polyurethane bushes for the Mk1
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Mücke Business
As far as origin stories go, you’ll find fewer more impressive or as impactful as that of the Escort Mexico. So well known is the tale of the birth of the sporting Escort that it can largely be told via a series of phrases, buzzwords and second-hand
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Regarding your answer to the question about fitting a five-speed behind an Essex V4 in a Corsair 2000E (Expert Clinic, June 2021 issue) there is another option that I used and that is the Milton five-speed adapter and thrust tower. They say to turn d
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10 Reasons To Visit Ford Fair 2021
This year at Ford Fair we celebrate one of the most respected cars in Ford’s history, the Fiesta. Now hitting its 45-year anniversary, we’re putting on a special display purely for the Fiesta that you won’t want to miss! Silverstone’s legendary Nati
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On the August 1979 debut of the Cortina 80, or the Mk5 as it was quickly coined, it seemed that Ford’s engineers had taken heed of the old adage of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ when developing the latest generation of the UK’s favourite saloon.
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Your Cars
From: UK Car: Mk3 Cortina “Without my Dad, Des, his car wouldn’t have been brought back to life,” reveals Chris. “He knew I didn’t have a project on the go, and said I might be interested in this...” “It’s a 1973 1.6 auto L Decor in Daytona Yellow
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Redundant Racetrack Run
The Ford RS Owners Club (Australia) recently organised a run to visit a number of former motorsport sites in the greater Sydney region and beyond. Having invited the British Ford Club to join them the range of cars that turned up included original an
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With the government roadmap taking us out of lockdown remaining on target as we went to press, the 2021 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show with Discovery is on track to take place at the NEC on November 12-14. Tickets are now on sale for the even
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In The Workshop
Mk1 Cortina Ben’s hard a tough couple of months but working on the Cortina has helped — update next issue Mk1 Cortina Mk1 Sierra Escort XR3i Mk1 Fiesta Mk1 Cortina Estate Mk2 Escort Mk3 Escort Mk2 Granada Anglia 105E Mk1 Cortina
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Friends Reunited
After its years sat abandoned in a dusty corner at Elstree, it’s gratifying that Del Boy’s Capri is now out and about enjoying a life befitting an ageing television hero. Indeed, it’s been meeting up with other such heroes from the list of Only Fools
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About Mücke Motorsport
While hardly a household name in the UK, Mücke Motorsport has established itself as one of Germany’s leading exponents of the art of making classic Fords — chiefly Escorts and Capris — go schnéll, sehr schnéll indeed. This ability has been honed over
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Carrying The Torch
We all know that building a project at home can take time, but often there are good reasons for that. For many, it’s a balance of money, time and skill, but for others there’s a deeper and more meaningful reason for slow progress. Mark Taylor, owner
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Tech Spec
Works-spec 1966 Lotus Cortina, ‘FORD’ lower side stripes. Paint: Ermine White, Sherwood Green stripes, matte black bonnet and wing-tops BRM-spec Lotus 1600 twin-cam Lightweight close-ratio gearbox, lightweight differential Works-spec with leaf-sprun
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Not Just Cars…
In addition to the Capri, Tony Page also owns one of the Daimlers used in Minder. When that year’s series had ended in 1985 the car was initially going to George Cole who, ironically, at that time drove an old Capri. However TV Times magazine arrange
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The Big Picture
They’re still out there! Last on the road nearly 25 years ago, this ripe-for-restoration, 1975-registered Escort RS2000 was recently pulled out of a garage on the south coast and is being readied for auction next month. The Mk1 is estimated at £20,00
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This Issue
After three years’ slumber, Ade’s Dutch Mk1 Sierra is back in daily use with (thankfully for some) no sign of a V8 swap on the cards. Page 60. Jeannot’s Mexico is back for its second feature as Jamie reveals over on page 80, only this time it’s been
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Engine Ideas
Being an XR3, the car would have originally been fitted with a CVH, but at some point many years ago it was fitted with the I4 engine sourced from a Mk5 Escort RS2000. Being a 16-valve, twin-cam engine it was a step up from the CVH, but it was heavy
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Consul Classic And Capri
Something quite different to the mainstream classic Ford here — it’s the stylish Consul Classic range. These oft-forgotten cars share a lot in common with the 105E Anglia in terms of visuals — the sweeping back window of the Classic for a start — but
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