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In Brief Tidbits
There will be no blank checks. Reforms and concrete action are indispensable French President Emmanuel Macron Everyone knows what reforms need to be done – except the politicians Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister of Foreign Affairs We encourage mov
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Adapting Against The Odds
To varying degrees, the adverse economic and financial conditions have been detrimental to private sector companies. Some of them have been able to continue business almost as usual while a few are thriving and achieving noticeable success. Their ach
Lebanon Opportunities8 min lettiPoverty & Homelessness
InfoPro Research has estimated that subsidies by the State and the Central Bank (BDL) are consumed mostly by the non-poor, when measured in terms of money value. According to a study it has undertaken, the poor’s share is under 25 percent of the tota
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What’s New Leadersclub
The NET Group, a logistics and freight solutions provider, has recently opened an automated logistics center designed for e-commerce. The center, located in Karantina, provides faster pick and pack as well as delivery services to e-commerce clients w
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Quod Vide* Response
* Go see in Latin The challenges caused by Covid-19 have pushed the business community and other players to come up with innovative solutions to face the pandemic. Manufacturers, startups, incubators/accelerators, NGOs, professionals, and universitie
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Calculating The Share Of The Poor In Subsidized Products
The ‘Poor’ consume on average less than 25 percent of the total value of products and services subsidized by the State and the Central Bank. The calculation was based on LL34,500 as a new daily income threshold for the ‘Poor’ category. The weighted a
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ESA Business School has launched a computer coding school ‘ESA Coding Lab’ that will open next January. “We have teamed up with ITESCIA, a French information technology school which operates a ‘Coding Factory’, in order to benefit from their expertis
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Apartments Replace Bank Deposits
Real estate sales are soaring at a time when almost every other economic segment is suffering. The number of sale transactions increased 49 percent to more than 55,000 in the first nine months of 2020 compared with the same period a year earlier. The
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Economic Indicators
Up and Down. The first six months of the year have recorded negative economic and business performance, the worst in recent history. Only real estate has seen its numbers up, not as result of sector growth, but rather as a hedge against a possible ha
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Official Business
Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) is performing forensic audit of the Central Bank (BDL) under a contract with the Ministry of Finance. KPMG and Oliver Wyman are carrying out the financial audit. A&M is a global consultancy that provides restructuring and turna
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Surge Or Decline In Prices?
Real estate sales more than doubled in terms of value in the first nine months of 2020 to LL15.2 trillion compared with the same period of last year. The limited supply and the surge in demand have predictably resulted in the rise in prices in ‘lolla
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E: Exhibitions | C: Conferences
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Banque BEMO has allocated $100 million to provide fasttrack loans to people hurt by the ports explosion and who want to rebuild their houses, offices, or restore their equipment. Cars and home appliances are among the items that maybe considered as ‘
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Investing In Real Estate Shares
People who want to preserve their savings and who cannot afford to buy real estate properties have resorted to buying shares of Solidere whose prices in lollars almost tripled compared with a year ago. Although the share price has tripled but it is p
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Matters Of Fact
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased by 80 percent during the first six months of this year, when values are denominated in lira. In the previous six months ending in 2019, the index rose by just six percent. The total increase for the past 12 mo
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Business Law
The Caesar Act is a US legislation that imposes sanctions on the Syrian regime. Entities that provide support to the regime or that are associated with it directly or indirectly are targeted by the sanctions. Lebanon, which has close economic ties wi
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People On The Move
Bankmed Chair Former Minister of Finance Raya Haffar El Hassan has been elected Chairperson of the board of directors of Bankmed. “Her experience in working under tough conditions, in addition to her thorough knowledge of Bankmed will allow her to pl
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Caesar Act And Its Potential Fallout
The ‘Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019’, better known as the Caesar Act, imposes sanctions on the Syrian regime for war crimes against the Syrian population. It was signed into law by the US President on December 20, 2019 and came into for
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New Born Companies
Name 4T Sal Capital (Shares) LL1,507,500,000 (301,500) Directors Wael Said Far (Chairman) (226,125), Rachad Mouin Khorchid (30,150), Hamze Khodre Ajouz (45,225) Reg. address 5th Floor, Saifi Plaza Building, Beirut Central District Object General trad
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Importing Electricity At Stake
The Caesar Act sanctions target the Syrian energy sector. This prevents Lebanon from importing electricity from Syria which it needs to fill part of the huge gap in power generation which cannot meet the demand for electricity. The electricity link w
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Picking Up The Pieces
The Port Explosion has resulted in a preliminary estimate of $8 billion in direct damages. The losses become more substancial when factoring in the indirect impact, the opportunity cost, and the multiplier effect of the demise of many businesses. Min
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Mixed Impact On Smuggling
The Caesar Act will have mixed effects on ongoing smuggling between Lebanon and Syria. On the one hand, it encourages contraband activities as restrictions on official trade become stringent. On the other hand, the inability of the Lebanese governmen
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Loss Assessment
Overall damage resulting from the explosion is substantial and ranges between $3.8 billion and $4.6 billion, with economic losses ranging between $2.9 billion and $3.5 billion, according to the ‘Beirut Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment’ report, relea
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Exports By Land Are Limited
Exports via Syria represent a small portion of Lebanon’s international trade. Almost all industrial exports to Gulf countries are transported by sea with land exports practically confined to agricultural produce. Very few industrial products are expo
Lebanon Opportunities1 min lettiInternational Relations
International Donor Conference in Paris
An emergency donor video-conference has raised pledges worth nearly €253 million ($300 million) for immediate humanitarian relief. The international response is coordinated by the United Nations. The “assistance should be timely, sufficient and consi
Lebanon Opportunities1 min lettiInternational Relations
Reconstruction Services Sanctioned In Regime-controlled Areas
Reconstruction has been specifically addressed by the Caesar Act and the sanctions will apply on reconstruction activities at least until the realization of a UN-negotiated truce. The Caesar Act’s strategy is to deter foreign legal or natural persons
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Thank You For Your
COMPANIES: AUB | Abi Aad Architects | Alfanar | Cimenterie Nationale | Ciment de Sibline | Colortek | Construction & Design Solutions | Dehive | Debbas Group | Erga Group | hawy Steel Industry | Haya Hotel | Glass Co | Holdal-Abou Adal Group IDM | MA
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Circulars Issued Are Met With Resistance And Questions
The Central Bank (BDL) has issued a series of circulars to strengthen banks’ capitalization and boost their liquidity. BDL called on banks to complete by the end of February 2021 the required 20 percent capital increase otherwise it will take over th
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Art Community Fundraising Initiatives
AFAC ‘Lebanon Solidarity Fund’ Art Nub Beirut ‘Beirut Fine Art Heritage Rescue’ initiative ArtxRVA4Lebanon Fundraiser in support of reconstruction ArtScoops Charity auction online platform Ayyam Gallery ‘To Beirut…’, with Ammar Abd Rabbo’s photos BIG
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Missing The Target
| Banks gave to the least needy Central Bank interest-free loans | Approval: 10 percent for rescheduling, 8 percent of applicants | 25 percent of BDL funds went to new loans for salaries and opex Figures published by the Central Bank (BDL) confirmed
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