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Master Piece
WITH THE INTRODUCTION of the Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster in 2019, followed by the release of the Acoustasonic Stratocaster in 2020 and the Acoustasonic Jazzmaster this year, Fender’s expansion of its innovative Acoustasonic line of acoustic-electr
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Brian’s Song
Was Van Weezer as much fun to make as it sounds? It is a fun record, isn’t it? It’ll be a party to play. As far as making it… it wasn’t a party, that’s for sure. [Laughs] Working is our way of partying. A lot of it was recorded during the pandemic,
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Melodic Muse
THIS MONTH, I’D like to continue our exploration into the horizontal approach — moving up and down a single string — to crafting improvised solos. We started with one finger on one string, the benefit of which is that it immediately pulls you out of
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Cheat Sheet
STREET PRICE: $1,399 MANUFACTURER: Victory Amps, The V40 offers two voicing options, all on one channel, with Voice I yielding mid-Sixties American cleans with warmth or Voice II for a stronger midrange with punch. A Mid-Kick switch
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Making His Marc
THE PHOTOS FOR this feature are from a spectacular new book, Marc (2021, Wintergarden Publishing). Carlton P. Sandercock has compiled the ultimate Marc Bolan photographic record, sourcing many previously unseen images as well as using photos from mag
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New Music, Anyone?
THE FIRST TRACK from José González in six years is a spellbindingly ethereal listen and features the Argentinian-Swedish folk musician singing in Spanish for the first time in tribute to his young daughter. As on previous recordings, there’s a sense
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This Van’s A-rockin’ On The New Van Weezer.
IVEN THE FACT THAT WEEZER’S LATEST ALBUM IS called Van Weezer (this from a band that has famously fashioned its flying “W” logo after Van Halen’s iconic “VH” wings), one might easily assume that the group’s front-man, lead guitarist and songwriter, R
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The Gristle Report
AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT in my guitar education was the study of the way jazz and blues organ players comp, or lay down a chord progression while accompanying a soloist, be it themself or someone else. A great example of this stylistic approach is heard
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Van Guitar World!
YOU PROBABLY WOULDN’T have guessed it (at least I hope not), but this month’s Rivers Cuomo cover shoot represents the first Guitar World- assigned photo shoot since the May 2020 issue, when Kevin Scanlon photographed Ozzy Osbourne guitarist/producer
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Sounding Board
There’s been a lot of great stuff in Guitar World over this last year — great interviews, the tribute to Eddie Van Halen, etc., but the Gary Moore lesson in the May 2021 issue knocked it out of the park. These licks and tricks are invaluable to anyon
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All Hail The King Of Sra Guitar!
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Get The Sound, Cheap!
• Sterling by Music Man Luke • Marshall DSL20CR • ToneConcepts Distillery The Luke TONE TIP: Luke’s tone settings tend to give most frequencies equal weight, so avoid the temptation to boost just the mids or highs. Do, however, feel free to go heavy
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String Theory
PREVIOUSLY to continually, split WE LOOKED a bar of 4 4 at meter various into ways even halves. Like binary cell division, you start with one whole note, then go to two half notes then four quarter notes. You can then keep halving the note values and
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AGE: 47 HOMETOWN: Cookeville, TN GUITARS: Fender Stratocaster, Fender Strat HSS, Fender Jazzmaster, Yamaha RGX320FZ, Schecter seven-string, Washburn bass and an old Alvarez I keep forgetting I own SONGS I’VE BEEN PLAYING: Pat Benetar “Heartbreaker
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Inquirer George Thorogood
The first person who really got me into guitar was John Lee Hooker. I’d been fooling around with his music for a while, so he was the first of many who’d go on to influence me. It was a Segovia guitar given to me as a Christmas present when I was 15.
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Hearty Har
GUITARS ARE AN essential nutrient when it comes to L.A. rockers Hearty Har. Whether it’s the Byrds-like 12-string guitar twinges on “Radio Man ’56” or the spaghetti western instrumental “Canyon of the Banshee,” the instrument plays a critical role in
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Buzz Bin
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the rotating speaker effect. It’s the sound frequently associated with guitar legends like Peter Frampton and, most notably, David Gilmour. I’ve tried and owned nearly all types of that effect — from an actual Leslie speaker cabinet
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Reader Art Of The Month
If you’ve created a drawing, painting or sketch of your favorite guitarist and would like to see it in an upcoming issue of Guitar World, email with a scan of the image! Also, please let us know if you’d like us to share
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Something Wild
ALEXI LAIHO made two trips to Guitar World’s cover over the years; oddly enough, he was accompanied by ZAKK WYLDE both times. In the May 2005 issue, he joined the elite ranks of Wylde and STEVE VAI to “show you how to play the impossible!” Five years
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THE LAST THING CHILDREN of Bodom/Bodom After Dark frontman Alexi Laiho ever wanted to do is disappoint fans. That s why he refused to cancel any shows in late 2009 after the band’s tour bus took a hard turn and he fell out of his tour bus bunk in the
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Power Lunch
THE LUNCHBOX: WHEN you were a kid, it was a fashionable, efficient means of transporting the goods for a delicious lunch. And let’s not forget that its coolness factor was increased by whatever was emblazoned on its metal walls and faceplate — design
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Kirk Douglas
CAPTAIN KIRK DOUGLAS affiliation with Gibson goes back roughly two decades, to when the brand furnished him with two Les Pauls to play — and then, apparently, set on fire — in a Heineken commercial. “But Gibson was cool with it,” Douglas recalls, add
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Peter Frampton
PETER FRAMPTON’S NEW album — brilliantly titled Frampton Forgets the Words — sees the British guitar legend tackling songs by Radiohead, Lenny Kravitz, George Harrison and David Bowie, using his instrument to replace the well-known vocal melodies of
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The Ides Have It
CONSIDERING HIS DUTIES fronting Alter Bridge and Slash’s solo band, Myles Kennedy could very well be one of the busiest musicians in rock. Especially when you factor in his solo work, which began with his 2018 debut, Year of the Tiger, and continues
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Goldie Licks
THE CLASSIC LP-STYLE single-cutaway, dual-humbucker, mahogany-with-maple-cap solidbody design was introduced nearly 70 years ago, which has given guitar builders a lot of time to come up with refinements and modifications. The challenge with updating
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Jurassic Classic
IN A YEAR OF NOTABLE ANNIVERSARIES, 2021 sees the 50th anniversary of the release of Electric Warrior in 1971, for many the ultimate T. Rex album and the perfect encapsulation of Marc Bolan’s genius. Having spent years toiling away on the club and fe
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“Along For The Ride”
THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE of writing about Steve Lukather for this column was choosing a song to examine. As a first-call session guitarist he’s played on hundreds of hits over the last four and a half decades, and he’s recorded more than two dozen album
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• GUITARS 1966 Fender Coronado II; 1967 Gretsch 6117 Double Anniversary; Fender Ultra Stratocaster; Fender Meteora; Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine • AMPS 1973 Fender Twin Reverb, Fender Hot Rod DeVille III • EFFECTS Lawrence Petross Design Sixty 8
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YOU KNOW YOUR band is a dead-ringer for classic Eighties thrash metal bands when one of your songs gets posted on YouTube every year under the heading “New Metallica Song 20xx,” and people believe it. In actuality, the recurring song is “Underworld,”
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Weezer’s Van Halen Fanboy
I am 100 percent the biggest Van Halen fan in the band. I love Van Halen, especially Eddie’s insane playing. I was fortunate enough to meet Ed. He came to the Forum in L.A. when we played there in 2010. There have only been two people I ever got nerv
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