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Excellent Junior
Josh Junior created history by becoming the first Kiwi to win the Finn Gold Cup (World Championships) and took the top gong at the recent Volvo Yachting Excellence Awards. Junior triumphed at last year’s Finn Gold Cup in Melbourne. Along with the Orb
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Releases New Gran Turismo 41 Model
AN ALL NEW Gran Turismo 41 is set to join Beneteau’s express cruiser line renewal, building on the legacy of the Gran Turismo 40, while taking her signature features a step further. The new GT41 is a perfect combination of power and practicality, wit
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Thrust You Can Afford
For many boaties returning to the marina after a trip is always fraught. Everyone’s on high alert with a boat hook and fenders at the ready to try and prevent the inevitable crunch with the dock or a pile. Often, shouting happens and fracture lines a
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Rum Punch Perfection
Caribbean boats carry a large dose of Bertram DNA, since International Marine produced Bertram motor yachts for many years before developing the Caribbean range. This Bertram lineage is evident in the classic lines of the Caribbean 420 Express, the s
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Oyster Blue Water Grand Tourer
FIRST NEW MODEL of the Oyster 885 GT is currently in production. The inspiration for this performance-orientated yacht came from a long-time Oyster owner who was keen to combine true luxury with exceptional performance. The result is the Oyster 885GT
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On The Rails
The 80km canal’s system of carriages and rails – in Poland’s Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship region some 240km north of Warsaw – has operated since 1860 and took 16 years to build. It comprises five inclined ‘planes’ that interconnect a series of canals
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Rescue ‘Runners
Famous for its surfing, fishing, kite boarding and other water sports, fast-growing Raglan is a popular weekend and holiday destination with more than 3,000 permanent residents. The harbour covers around 33km2 at high tide (9km2 at low tide) and expe
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Tiwal 3r
THE TIWAL 3R will be unveiled at Germany’s Boot Düsseldorf (January 23rd to 31st 2021). After selling more than 1,600 inflatable sailing dinghies worldwide, Tiwal is launching a sporty, technical and compact dinghy for more advanced sailors. This new
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Under Pressure
Given I wear glasses I nearly didn’t apply. But the application form didn’t mention vision requirements so I filled it out and applied anyway. Lo and behold, a few weeks later I’d been accepted subject to passing a medical exam. There were well over
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Eco Boatbuilding
Kiwis may have voted against legalising dope, but the issue isn’t settled yet. You may not be allowed to skin up a fat one any time soon, but you could soon be setting sail in a tinnie or a hemp boat. As if that weren’t enough, it might also be built
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Hot Catch!
While his previous ride – the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 795 – was great, it wasn’t quite what he wanted. That model is configured more as ‘family cruiser’ than ‘serious fishing boat’, and it lacks easy access to the bow area. And though the enclosed cabi
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Retro Boats
Reflections: Rod Davis | Crossword Classic Boat Show Miss Britain III Shackleton’s self-rescue revisited VintageView: Saving Ethel ■
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Our Own Backyard
Don’t leave town until you’ve seen the country. This phrase has become a kind of mantra for the local tourism industry over the decades – directed at those fixated on overseas travel without ever having explored the riches in their home country. And
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A Perfect Day
It’s been quite a few years since I last scuba-ed at the Poor Knights – but a recent visit confirmed that these islands remain a remarkable reminder of a New Zealand that existed centuries ago. They teem with prolific life above and below the water –
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Like most observers, my familiarity with hydrodynamics and aerodynamics extends to being able to spell them correctly. For me, this 36th America’s Cup – with its radical AC75 foiling monohulls – blends the two disciplines more tightly than ever befor
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Leading Light
Davis was born in 1955 in Florida – at the time his father Whit was a commander of a US submarine. So his childhood was spent in and around various Navy bases in Florida, California and Hawaii – “the best childhood, always around water.” By age 13 he
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Boating NZ
Editor Lawrence Schäffler Lead journalist John Eichelsheim Regular contributors Roger Mills, Sarah Ell, Norman Holtzhausen, Harold Kidd, John Macfarlane, Matt Vance, Lindsay Wright Art director Debra Tunnicliffe Production mana
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The ‘just Right’ syndrome
It was a beautiful sight and a rare occurrence to have all three in one spot, as the owners usually whisk them away as quickly as the team at Dickey Boats can build them. It was also an opportunity not to miss and with this in mind, I was shoes off a
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Save Your Back
Having the French-manufactured eWincher aboard is a bit like having a strong, young crewman to do the heavy lifting – but you don’t have to feed it or provide accommodation. The battery-powered unit fits any conventional winch, in effect turning it i
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8. Sail _____ – sail with wind abaft beam (5) 9. _____ Yacht Club – located at Whangarei Harbour (7) 10. Marine animal in photo (3,4) 11. Epoxy _____ – might be used in boat repairs (5) 12. Slender freshwater fish of Eurasia and Africa resembling cat
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Boat World
Boat World News Review: Caribbean 420 Express Raglan Coastguard Waverunners | Eco boatbuilding A Perfect Day | Review: Dickey Semifly 45 ■
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Boat business
Boat Business news | Review: Merry Fisher 795 ETNZ’s new AC75 | eWincher electric winch Boat Bling | Review: Stryda 600S The Catch: summer stealth | Electric tender Review: Innovision 707 Explorer | Boat electrics upgrade Wind loads | Practical Boati
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More ZIP Better Attitude
Though they’ve only been available for around five years in New Zealand (since Auckland’s Advance Trident Ltd – ATL – acquired the agency), the Swedish-manufactured Zipwake tabs have quickly gained a foothold. “We’ve been enormously – and pleasantly
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Expect The Unusual
Boaties tow their prized originals, restorations and rebuilds from right around the country, and each boat has a story to tell. Event organiser Pete Rainey says visitors relish the opportunity to chat with owners while the boats are displayed on the
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Drowned Cars
The fate of the cars became clear a few weeks ago when the VB10000 heavy-lift crane – after delays caused by Covid-19 and the hurricane season – was finally able to begin lifting pieces of the capsized vessel on to waiting barges. Using a 75mm anchor
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Boat Show Grand Prize Announced
THE JUST ANNOUNCED Surtees/Yamaha Grand Prize for the 2021 Hutchwilco New Zealand Boat Show will again be a huge incentive for interested Kiwis to attend the country’s largest, longest-running and most popular boat show. The Grand Prize has been desi
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Boat Bling
The latest in Lowrance’s line-up of midrange fishfinder/chartplotter displays, the Elite Fishing System (FS) combines a full line-up of fish-finding tools with a display that‘s easy to install and use. Elite FS offers anglers all the tools needed to
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The Other America’s Cup
This is a story about the golden age of powerboat racing – and the pioneers who shaped it. A story that blends the quest for speed, world records and famous trophies with personal and national pride. Of the marriage between high horsepower engines an
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China’s Submersible Sets Record
China’s newest submersible – the Fendouzhe (Striver) – has set a new dive record for the country, reaching the bottom of the western Pacific’s Mariana Trench at 10,909m. This depth is some 18m short of the world record for the deepest dive set by Ame
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NOW APPROVED AS an official Battery Replacement Centre (BRC) for the Ocean Signal rescueME range, L&B is urging anyone with a PLB1 personal locator beacon to make sure their batteries are replaced if needed before summer. “L&B has all the appropriate
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