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TICKLED PINK! Kerre’s Fab New Life
As 2020 rolled around, Weekly columnist Kerre McIvor couldn’t have been happier. She had just returned from a trip to London, where she’d spent time with her daughter Kate Berich, 31, son-in-law Ranko, also 31, and her adorable grandchildren Bart, th
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EUTHANASIA What It Means To Us
Bobbie Carroll is quick to point out that she doesn’t want to die. “I want to live, of course I want to live,” she says. “But cancer is killing me and I want to be allowed to die under my terms. I am not fighting to be euthanised, I am fighting for t
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Touch It
Consider a touchy-feely garden. The soft, silky leaves of lamb’s ear (Stachys byzantina) cry out to be caressed, as does the downy foliage of silver sage. The feathery flowerheads of many grasses invite touch and who can resist stroking bamboo stems?
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Join the Weekly CONVERSATION
It was so nice to finally receive the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly again. What a great comeback edition featuring our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. I loved how you shared anecdotes of her as a mother. Neve sounds like a real character. I respect Jacin
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About The Next Royal Baby
He or she will be the Queen’s ninth great-grandchild, and 11th in line to the throne after Princess Eugenie, who is 10th. Mum Eugenie and dad Jack Brooksbank got married on October 12, 2018 at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castel, in a ceremony that wa
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Arrowtown mum Abigail Rose may spend her days dangerously dangling from intimidating heights but beneath her brave, gusty exterior is an innately beautiful, kind-hearted and articulate woman who has crammed more extraordinary experiences and philanth
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Sensing NATURE
Having a connection with nature is essential for human beings to thrive, particularly children. In fact, many experts agree that time spent in green spaces can make us feel happier and healthier. After all, it’s embedded in our genes to be in the out
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She’s a mum of three and the other side of 50, but Sylvester Stallone’s wife Jennifer Flavin barely appears to have aged. The 52-year-old turned heads while on holiday in Mexico in a turquoise bikini. Jennifer, who has been married to the 74-year-old
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He or she will be 11th in line to the throne, and one of an exclusive group of youngsters who get to call the Queen great-granny. The news that Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank are expecting their first child is giving the royal famil
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SERVES 6 600g broccoli florets2 tbsp olive oil350g Brussels sprouts, halved3 spring onions, thinly sliced on the diagonal½ cup (75g) dry-roasted cashews, coarsely chopped (see tip)1 tbsp sesame seeds, toasted (see tip)1 medium nashi pear, cored, th
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Four Ways With WALLPAPER
To make a headboard for a queen bed, you’ll need a 12mm-thick piece of MDF 80cm x 167cm (or cut it to the width of your bed plus 14cm). Cut wallpaper to cover MDF, allowing an extra 10cm at top and bottom, and making sure you match the pattern all th
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GREEN Goddess
With her dapper husband by her side, Dame Helen Mirren made quite the splash at a charity event in Monaco. The veteran actress and her American film director husband Taylor Hackford, both 75, stepped out for the Planetary Health Gala in Monte Carlo
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Bea’s Good Timing
When Andrew’s elder daughter, Princess Beatrice, 32, married property developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in July, the wedding was a very quiet affair attended by just a handful of people, due to COVID-19. But the source says the lockdown restrictions tu
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Did You Know?
When a recipe calls for king prawns, it refers to the species, not the size – they can be large, medium or small. Uncooked shells are light pink with a characteristic blue iridescence on the tail. When cooked, the texture is robust and the flavour pa
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Hand ’em over!
Nobody needs the drama of lost car keys and there’s no spare set. So next time you’re buying a new set of wheels, and the dealer tells you there’s only one key, don’t be fobbed off. You’re buying a late-model car and the used car dealer has pointed
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For a singer who had a huge hit with I Should Be So Lucky, Kylie Minogue has been decidedly unlucky in love. But her years of disappointment and regret are finally in the past thanks to the new man in her life. The Loco-Motion songstress is so in lov
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PREP + COOK TIME 35 MINS SERVES 4 The soup will thicken on standing, so add enough water to thin it to the desired consistency. You can keep it refrigerated for up to 2 days, making it ideal for lunches. It can also be frozen for up to 2 months. 1
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Let’s get POLITICAL!
1 How many former New Zealand Prime Ministers are still alive – five, six or seven? 2 Who was the oldest person to be elected Prime Minister, at the grand age of 75? 3 Which Green Party MP was 4 known for his dreadlocks? In 1893, New Zealand becam
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Kylie’s Ex Files
The pair were love’s young dream when they co-starred in Neighbours. Kylie dated the INXS frontman for two years, until he moved on with model Helena Christensen. Kylie reportedly had a short fling with the American Woman singer. The French act
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Need To Know
• Prevent bananas ripening too quickly by separating the ripe and less ripe, and binding the stems in cling film. Keep bananas apart from other ripe fruit to prevent the naturally occurring ethylene from initiating the ripening process. • It’s not on
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If sonny’s swim trunks are too tight, cut down the side seams, machine along the cut edges, then work with contrasting wool along each cut edge several rows of double crochet. Join carefully with running stitch. The result is not only effective, but
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PERFECTLY MATCHED! Buck & Graham shape up
Behind every good man is a very good woman – at least that’s what rugby royalty Wayne “Buck” Shelford reckons. And his new partner in crime, the legendary Sir Graham Henry, couldn’t agree more. “Yes, it’s definitely the love of a good woman,” Sir Gra
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COOL Bananas
PREP + COOK TIME 1 HOUR SERVES 8 1 cup pitted dates, coarsely chopped¾ cup boiling water1 tsp baking soda½ tsp ground ginger115g butter, at room temperature1½ cups brown sugar2 eggs1 tsp vanilla essence1 tsp baking powderPinch of salt1½ cups fl our
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Over the TEACUPS
My six-year-old great-niece had piano lessons every afternoon and one day I asked her how she was getting along. She said it was good and she enjoyed it, adding that her teacher was very religious. When asked how she knew this, she said, “Everything
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Kit Out The Nursery!
Winter is coming – and so is Baby Snow! Two years after marrying in a star-studded ceremony in Scotland, Game of Thrones mega-stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington are about to become parents. Rose, 33, who played Ygritte in the fantasy drama, divulged
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A Piece Of CAKE
PREP TIME 1 HOUR SERVES 13 450g double unfilled sponge slabs453g tub vanilla frostingBlue food colouring25 jubes26 fruit jelly lollies13 raspberry lollies13 rainbow sour straps14 fruit rings14 boiled lollies7 black jelly beans, halved1 ice-cream w
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Fashion Stockists
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Written In Stone Emma’s Secret Wedding
It’s wedding bells for Emma Stone and Dave McCary, who have tied the knot in a secret ceremony after three years of dating. The pair kept their nuptials private but were recently spotted wearing matching gold wedding bands on a walk together in Los A
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Feeling Sensitive
If you have sensitive skin, you know it. It’s unpredictable, uncomfortable and downright unfair – to say the least. You could go to sleep with clear skin and wake with your face flushed, blotchy, tight and burning. But what set it off? Was it the scr
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It’s In The STARS
It is one of those weeks that no matter what outfit you try on, it just does not feel or look good. Wait until you are in a better frame of mind. What you have in your wardrobe is perfectly fine for now; especially for those working from home. In fac
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