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Spotted This Month
SEEN SOMETHING? send to Get your smartphones out and share what you've seen on our Facebook page. The best entries will end up right here. I dont care what anyone thinks this is the ultimate muscle car! I loved listening to its exhaust note in traffi
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Your Mail
Like us on Facebook Unique Cars Magazine Thanks to Neil Beddoe for alerting us to his posse of Pugs. Unique Cars Mailbag Locked Bag 12, Oakleigh, Victoria, 3166, or email: uniquecars@bauertrader.com.au or Facebook us! 300 words max please! It was wit
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Roll Call
VARIETY SEEMS to be the theme for this year, judging by the big response to Rolling 30 MkII, our coffee and cars on steroids event, set for Sydney Motorsport Park on July 4. Entries began rolling in the moment we opened the booking site (rolling30.co
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Home Brew six-pack!
Originally this was a six-cylinder auto 770 in Vintage Red with black interior, and I transformed it into a tribute car – or a copy of an E38. So it has nearly all the gear that you’d expect, right down to the door trims with their silver panels. The
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Selling A Classic Post-lockdown
It all started at Christmas. The P38A Range Rover I bought before the COVID chain and padlock hit the world, was getting a dash-out, A/C blend motor replacement. Somebody will pipe up to say they can do this job in 17 minutes, including time to down
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Home grown Hero!
The term ‘one owner’ is a bit overused these days, attached to anything from a two-year-old Kia to a classic that’s been through three family members and a collectible car specialist. Not Greg Marshall’s Silver Mink HK Monaro GTS 327 though; it’s bee
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1965 Rolls-royce Silver Cloud III
THE ROLLS-ROYCE Silver Cloud, launched in April 1955, and its successors, Silver Cloud II and Silver Cloud III were the flagships of the British motoring world and the perfect vehicle for monarchy, VIPs and industry giants to be chauffeured around in
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Who’s The Boss
Like many of us, Lou Scapin became interested in cars as a kid and at age 12 his dream was to own a Ford Mustang. “Being Italian the people around us drove Valiants and Holdens and I don’t think we knew anybody with a Ford. In 1970 I got taken to my
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Nissan Skyline R31
With the prices of our go-to Holden, Ford and Valiants of just about any vintage rising by the minute, it pays to look at the left of field examples if you’re hunting for a classic on a modest budget. A perfect example of this is the locally built R3
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What Do You Reckon?
BREAKING DOWN IS PART OF CLASSIC CAR LIFE. BUT FOR GLENN TORRENS, IT’S NOT ALWAYS AS ‘CONVENIENT’ AS SIMPLY RUNNING OUT OF JUICE So, I was a bit perplexed when it spluttered to a stop in a shopping centre car-park. Luckily for me, I’d pulled on the h
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Inside Story
EVEN BEFORE I’d collected my 1979 VB Commodore V8 sport-pack sedan from my mate Paul in mid-2020, I’d begun buying the parts for its resurrection. Months prior, during a weekend road trip to Queensland with Morley (to collect a motor for his Celica)
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Introducing The Squalo
BRITISH-BASED GTO Engineering has confirmed ‘Squalo’ as the name for its all-new car at the same time revealing its final exterior design. With deliveries due to commence in 2023 the name Squalo, meaning ‘shark’ in Italian, was chosen due to the sub-
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Optional Extras
MICK – OUR resident mechanical guru – was visuallising what happened back in 1979 when the first owner of the mighty Kingswood strolled into the showroom and slapped down the hard-earned desposit. “They indulged themselves by ordering the 253 V8, but
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Aston Martin Reveals V12 Speedster
A MERE 88 buyers will experience wind in the hair motoring with the limited-edition open-cockpit Aston Martin V12 DBR1 Speedster that pays homage to the 1959 Le Mans winning original driven by Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori. The 88 carbon bodied, A
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Gearbox Premium
Almost as revered as the GT-HO badge is the lesser known RP083. Ford fans know this innocuous code means something special. While the Phase IV never got into production lots of the bits had arrived at the factory in anticipation. So instead of doing
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I Hate Wiring
THE CITROEN SM is back on the road. I have given up waiting for the Prime Minister to visit so that he could put his hands on the bonnet and heal the various woes and afflictions. And I was starting to think it would take a miracle to fix all the hyd
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Club Listings
48 Currawong Street, Concord West, NSW, 2138 sec@fordv8club.com fordv8club.com PO Box 5196, Cranbourne, VIC, 3977 michael.kyval@bigpond.com 2litress.com Mayrung Road, Deniliquin, NSW 2710 0458 371 576 ironmaiden4x4@hotmail.com PO Box 2590, Kent Town
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FIND ’EM ALL on tradeuniquecars.com.au, or go straight to the car by SCANNING THE QR CODES UNCLE PHIL’S Top Pick OF THE MONTH $33,000 ONCE THE UGLY DUCKLING FROM THE TORANA NEST, THE UC HAS HISTORY ON ITS SIDE DESPITE ITS unloved tag the UC did a rea
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Auction Action
WHAT'S MOVIN' AND SHAKIN' Ford Australia superseded the Escort with a rebadged, Mazda 323. The Laser Sport. was a replacement for the RS2000 Escort. At that it failed but still carved its own niche with its snappy performance and good handling. The l
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1974 Chrysler Vj Valiant Ranger
WHILE THE CHARGER was giving the brand a massive image boost and one of the catchiest ad campaigns of all time, Valiant was still firmly entrenched in family car production. The VJ series Valiant was the most popular model from Chrysler Australia wit
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Race Bred
FOR RACING homologation, CAMS required 500 similar cars be made, but options like seats and diff ratios were relatively free. The Australian Racing Drivers’ Club (ARDC) had supplementary regulations over and above CAMS’ own sup regs that required no
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Uniquecars Nos Corner Magazine
From the earliest years of motoring, decorating your interior cabin with a homely touch has been important. Flower vases could be mounted throughout your cabin including rear seating areas and in later years, were even dash mounted. Consider them 'or
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Unique Cars Australia
EDITOR Guy Allen ART DIRECTOR Angelo Loupetis Mark Higgins, Glenn Torrens, Jon Faine, Rob Blackbourn, Dave Carey, Mick McCrudden, Ben Galli, Mark Bean, Phil Walker, Dave Morley SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER Ellen Dewar STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Alastair Brook DIGITAL
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Nuts ‘N’ Bolts
Okay, I thought this time around I’d revisit one of my pet hates, which is seeing a carefully rebuilt engine held together with old and sad looking bolts. To me, it’s a huge wasted opportunity to make a real visual impact with very little extra expen
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Best Buy
THIS IS UP for wild interpretation, but what was the best fun for your buck that you ever got out of a car? For me, it’s definitely up for debate and could be argued in several different directions. But in the final analysis, I reckon our 1976 BMW 63
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1978 Holden Sunbird Sl/e
SEND YOUR UNIQUE CAR TO UNIQUECARS@BAUERTRADER.COM.AU Holden didn’t have much sales success with its four-cylinder, locally designed and developed cars in the 1970s, which now makes them quite rare cars. One of these is the UC Holden Sunbird SL/E, th
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This Month
Owned since 2014 Miles 134,251 Owned since 2016 Kms 143,000 Owned since 2017 Kms 220,000 Owned since 2020 Kms unknown Owned since 2018 Kms unknown ’63 THUNDERBIRD Owned since 2005 Miles 46,263 Owned since 2016 Kms 108,408 Owned since 2019 Kms 279,800
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Ones That Got Away
Tell us in 60 words the car you should have bought, or were lucky enough to buy! Send your tale to uniquecars@bauertrader.com.au with ‘Gotaways’ in the title HOLDEN CALIBRA 4X4 TURBO When the Holden Calibra was released in the 90s I instantly fell in
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Danger Man
RECENT REPORTS of Murray Walker’s death at age 97 caught my eye and brought back happy memories of both his appealing F1 commentary style and an interesting personal conversation with him about 10 years ago. To me the way our paths crossed was quite
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