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Ed’s Letter
I am writing this letter to you from my couch. It is Monday, 30th March and we are four days into the nationwide lockdown. It is an eerie, ominous feeling. It’s as if the world has been turned into a dystopian movie set, and we are all being held ra
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I Got A CBD Massage And Blissed The Eff Out
CBD oil, which is derived from the cannabis plant, is big business. Not only can you now *legally* purchase non-psychoactive CBD supplements and tinctures for physical and mental ailments, but you can get a massage infused with the ‘happy herb’ as we
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Float Like A Butterfly…
Disclaimer: it sounds like hippy nonsense, but with swank studios (including Cape Town’s Float Zero, Johannesburg’s Cloud 9 and myFloat, and Float Wellness SA in Durban) springing up everywhere, it’s clear that floatation tanks are on the rise. These
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‘Good Mental Health Can Make A Positive Impact On All Industries’
I have always been passionate about helping people, teaching and making sure that I’m always learning something new in my career. Medicine fits perfectly into all of those categories and, now that I’m working with children as a training paediatrician
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Add To Cart
My favourite fashion finds this month, all proudly made in South Africa by Foschini ■
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The Best Brows Of Your Life
‘Apply gel against the grain of your brows first, then reload your spoolie and brush them back down again. Sandwiching each hair in gel makes brows look extra thick.’ -VINCENT OQUENDO (@makeupvincent) ‘If your brows are on the darker side, save cash
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Is Cardio A Scam? And 7 Other Not-stupid Questions About Fitness Things
Q I worked out yesterday and now it hurts to live. Whence this cruelty? A This is called delayed-onset muscle soreness, and it sucks. It’s the result of contracting muscles over and over, which tears their fibres, says certified personal trainer St
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Nokukhanya’s Inspo
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It provides practical steps to help you achieve your goals and work efficiently every day. Positively Psyched With Valorie Burton and PedsCases. ‘I am who you [God] say I am.’ ■
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Okay, So The Way You’re Reading This Mag Right Now ~reveals~ Something About You
You’re the type to show up right before the two-minute Uber grace period runs out and announce yourself like you’ve been waiting for hours. PS: we see you thinking about bailing on the rest of this page. Teachers called you out for texting in class,
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Answering All The Beauty Qs
How did your relationship with the Lancôme brand begin? A David Sharp (Lancôme makeup artist and trainer) and I bumped into each other after 14 years, and he happened to mention using Génifique as the reason his skin was so immaculate. Once he sent
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How To Nail The Perfect Mountain Climber
Yes, we know you’re proud of it, but your bum shouldn’t be reaching skywards during this move (something that happens quite naturally as the reps wear on). Resist the urge by keeping your core engaged and your back neutral. Keep driving them towards
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How To Get Sh*t Done
Reading this as an excuse not to get started on that book idea or work project? You’re not alone. When it comes to achieving our ambitions, it can be all too easy to put off what needs to be done. Whether it’s because of fear, busyness or, er, a new
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What These Other Habits Mean
‘It’s like this for a reason.’ – you, at least twice a week You lurve being different. You might even read backwards just to *look* different. Honestly, though, it’s working. Clout. You’re all about cutting to the chase – only the essentials matter
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Excuse Me, I’m Not Ready To Be Done With My Summer Clothes Yet
That cute bikini that looked so good in your vacation snaps? Yep, also works as a top, baby. It almost feels like the holiday never ended – thanks, bikini top, for extending my trip! Remember that flowing robe? Honestly, no-one will know it served as
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Basically No-one Has A 28-day Menstrual Cycle
Okay, not, like, no-one no-one – there are some women out there who get their period exactly every 28 days – but the vast majority? Nope. Only 13% have a precise four-week cycle, according to new data published in NPJ Digital Medicine. And guess what
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The Get-it-done Kit
Add in activities to help meet your goals. Each day you’ll be prompted to complete one, creating a ‘chain’ you won’t want to break. Aka ‘Stop playing small. Transform your life’. This Mac-compatible app blocks websites of your choosing for specifie
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FYI, There’s An Archive Of Everything Your Favourite Celeb Has Liked On Twitter
A few weeks ago, as I was trolling Rihanna’s tweets instead of doing my actual job, I discovered the Likes tab, just chilling there in the navigation bar. Um, click. There for my viewing pleasure was everything RiRi had ever hearted: an absolute gold
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Just A Bunch Of Cosy Knits That You’ll Want To Live In
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I Tested Positive For The Alzheimer’s Gene At 26 Years Old
the day I got my genetic test results, I ignored them. I came home from work and put on a big T-shirt and fuzzy pyjama pants. My long-time boyfriend (now fiancé) cooked dinner. I didn’t even mention that the e-mail from genetics and research company
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Great African escapes
Namibia is a big country, so it’s best to pick a route based on what you’re interested in seeing. A road trip offers loads of selfie stops and you can take in the immense natural beauty of the arid landscape. Namibia shares a border with South Africa
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Is Rage Bait Okay?
In the age of ‘always online, always relevant and always aware’, rage bait has been the mainstay in online media for the past decade. Rage bait, cultural appropriation and inspiration are intertwined concepts, and they have been a constant source of
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The Prairie Dress
This dress is simple yet sophisticated – and easy to throw on when you’ve just rolled out of bed and are late for work. If you don’t want to look like you own a wagon, pair your spotty frock with a biker jacket and combat boots. Give your prairie dre
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The Truth About These Tests
Curious about your predisposition to certain diseases? Genetic tests, which range in cost from about R1 000 to R4 000, scan your DNA for particular genetic markers for conditions such as late-onset Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and breast and ova
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Based On Where Your Debit Card Is Right Now
Your 2004 ~Toyota Camrí~ is still in your parents’ garage. Sure, it hasn’t run since high school, but you’d never give up your first car, first Jonas Brothers ticket stub, or first-haircut hair (JK...I hope). You like Lizzo and Millennial pink and o
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Three Ways To Look Cute This Season
Replace your sporty athleisure pieces with relaxed, military-inspired attire Go big or go home. Tonal dressing – in bright, vibrant colours – is hot right now Banish the winter chill with this fresh pastel hue. PHOTOGRAPHY INSTAGRAM AND COLLEEN COP
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The Best Sex Toys For You Based On Your Love Language
ICYMI: there’s a test floating around the Internet that tells you your love language, which is very important (like, just as necessary as your birth chart). Not only can knowing it make dating/ being in a relationship easier, but it can also be a clu
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Pearl Thusi’s Milk Tart
Serves 8 ‘Milk tart has always been one of my favourite bakes and was usually what we could afford when I was growing up.’ 2 tbsp butter2 tbsp sugar1 egg¾ cup self-raising flour pinch of salt 2 cups milk2 eggs, separated½ cup sugar¼ cup cake flour
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The Ultimate (and Probably Only) Instagram-caption Crossword Puzzle
Consider these a warm-up. DW, they’re easier than a messy bun. 1 Squad _____ 2 Felt cute, might _____ later 3 Probably thinking about _____ 4 _____ weather 5 Pop the _____, she’s changing her last name 6 *insert Cardi B _____ here* Okay, let
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Hold The Phone
The Gautrain is offering free rides to the airport to meet her. President Cyril Ramaphosa is personally inviting her to attend the State of The Nation Address as his guest. And, Nelson Mandela’s grandson is opening the doors to Tata Madiba’s’ histori
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