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SERVES 6 2 x 250g packets vacuum-packed cooked beetroot1 Tbsp fresh thyme leaves2 Tbsp red wine vinegar2½ Tbsp extra virgin olive oil700g orange kūmara, chopped coarsely1½ cups hazelnut meal1 egg, beaten lightly½ cup grated gruyere cheese1 large red
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Social Club
Kick off Māori New Year celebrations with a bang in Tāmaki Makaurau. The Matariki Festival runs from June 21 to July 16. @matarikifestivalakl Our May cover story makes a compelling case for blue everything. Check out Raw Color
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• Fearless use of colour and/or pattern• Exciting use of wallpaper• Imaginative decoration and finishing. Have you done something bold or interesting with paint or wallpaper in a small room in your house? It could be an office, nursery, laundry or po
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Black With White
After living in a 1950s weatherboard cottage for some time, interior designer Jess Hunter and her husband Sam were set on a contemporary new build for their next family home. But finding a great block they could build on freely in a heritage area pro
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Your Fridge, Your Way
You’ve got your kitchen to the point of perfection, having created the ideal interior after spending hours contemplating every design decision from benchtop to joinery, lighting and tapware. So why limit yourself to choosing a fridge in conventional
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Talk about making an entry. The anticipation must build on the approach to the front door of this New Plymouth house when taking this dead-straight boardwalk bordered by two rows of clivia. For more of this house, turn the page. ■
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The Constant Gardener
As a rule, it is best to grow plants suited to your particular climate. However, there are always some plants we feel we just have to have – for a variety of reasons – and which will need protection from frosts. In my book, this includes black passio
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Liquid assets
SERVES 4 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil2 onions, chopped coarsely600g peeled pumpkin, chopped coarsely3 small orange kūmara, chopped coarsely1 Tbsp ground coriander2 tsp cumin seeds¼ tsp dried chilli flakes1 litre vegetable stockGreek-style yoghurt an
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Fiona Hawtin Deputy editor Caroline Moratti Art director Nicola Feeney Chief sub-editor Michelle Joe Garden editor Mary Lovell-Smith Senior designers Béla Trussell-Cullen, Tanya Wong Designer Alice Bush Anna Briggs, Holly Jean Brooker, Gina Fabish, J
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Winter Trends
As the days grow darker, a few lamps will add warmth and light to the cosy nooks of your home. It’s only right that these interior essentials get a chance to shine with fabulous and bold lampshades. The perfect shade will soften the white light glare
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In Print
Living in the city, Auckland-based designer Emma Hayes is in her element. Her commute to work is a few steps downstairs to her studio, where she designs painterly collections of wall coverings and textiles that are sold around the world. Inspiration
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New-build Worksheet
1 Entry 2 Living 3 Dining 4 Kitchen 5 Pantry 6 Storage 7 Toilet 8 Garage 9 Laundry 10 Bedroom 11 Bathroom 12 Study 13 Main bedroom 14 Ensuite 15 Walk-in wardrobe Easy to install and engineered to withstand harsh conditions, Linea Oblique Weatherboard
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Hedge Your Bets
In deep shade under trees where the roots are close to the surface and only the smallest holly seedlings can be planted, a dead hedge will protect the plants as they get going. In the UK it can also be a legal requirement to lay one on construction s
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Perfect Match
When Alice and Caleb Pearson won season two of The Block NZ in 2013, renovating went from being a passion project to business venture. Not counting the two renovations they did for The Block and The Ultimate Reno, they’re onto their 11th home renovat
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HOT TOPIC There are so many options to heat your home. What’s right for you comes down to the size and age of your house and personal preference. Turn to page 82 for the lowdown. ■
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The Heat Is On
When it comes to heating a home there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What suits a big family who like to socialise together in an open-plan space may not work for a smaller one that spreads itself out into different rooms. Your choice of heating s
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I once rented a flat that had the most garish yellow walls. It was like living inside a pound of butter. When I moved out the landlord accused me of painting them myself. Had I known I’d get the blame I’d most certainly have painted over them in grey
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Treasure Trove
For Delwyn McCurdy and Craig Hooper, it didn’t matter what their next house looked like, it mattered where it was located. The couple, having raised their now-grown children on a sprawling lifestyle block, wanted the convenience and comfort of living
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Can’t Live Without
Bec Snelling was part of the Douglas and Bec studio with her father Douglas. When the studio was destroyed by fire and her father retired, Bec rebranded as Snelling. The studio specialises in innovative and sculptural furniture, lighting and objects
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Welcome Back
When Rebecca and Matt Saunders found their first home nine years ago, they couldn’t believe their luck. They’d been searching for months for a home they could call their own and had settled on Auckland’s Te Atatū Peninsula as an area where they wante
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Drive east for 20 minutes from downtown Whanganui and you can pull up at these privately owned gardens that are open to the public. Owners Nicki and Clive Higgie have spent many years cultivating what has been deemed a Garden of National Significance
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Cookbook Club
I’ve recently moved to a new home and this winter, I’m looking forward to hosting a monthly cookbook club for my friends who love to cook. The evening will be a glorious jumble of all my favourite things: great company, lovely music, a pot-luck dinne
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Sound Bites
Local oat milk-makers Otis have added a chocolate version to the range. Otis Choc Oat Milk is made with 100 percent Kiwi oats and Fairtrade certified cocoa so you can rest assured the growers receive fair pay and working conditions. It’s high in calc
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Pick Up the Beet
SERVES 4 (as a starter) Any beetroot colour will do in this prettiest and simplest of spring starters; it doesn’t matter much if you can’t find chioggia, the candy-striped varieties. Small beetroots are sweetest, but if you do use larger, older ones,
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Fire Starter
+ Gathering around a fire pit is not only a lovely communal activity, it’s a good source of heat on cool evenings. It’s also wonderfully low-tech – all you need is the bowl, kindling, wood and a bag of marshmallows. It’s best to place low seating a s
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Good bones. It’s the carrot that lures would-be renovators, motivating them to pour all their passion, time and money into uncovering the beauty beneath the beast. But what if there are no good bones to be revealed? With little to redeem this 1970s h
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Fresh Finds
We heard it on the grapevine – food-themed table settings are having a moment. Serve dinner in style with this jazzy hot pot mat, $96, Danish brand Ferm Living is bringing the wonders of traditional weaving to ceramic pottery with thi
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Falconers’ Nest
Gaelene (facilitator for Look Good Feel Better), and Howard Falconer (commercial property developer). For ex-farmers, Gaelene and Howard Falconer, a move to Tauranga in 2014 was a lifestyle change the hard-working couple was ready for. After many yea
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As bedrooms go, this is a study in using restful colours and soft lighting to make sleeping a major activity. For more of this house, turn to page 54. ■
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A New Lease On LIFE
As the housing market spirals to near unattainable heights for many Kiwis, renting is fast becoming the new way of life. While renting has its perks, such as being able to live in beautiful, old villas without worrying about money-pit surprises — the
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