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IN YOUR 20s AND 30s
At this stage, runners’ lives diverge in a few different directions. Some train more intensely on college teams, in pro groups, or as recreational racers. Others shift their focus to work or family, logging miles on the side for physical and mental w
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News You Can Use
1. 3–6mg of caffeine per kg of body mass is the most effective dose to improve exercise performance. The takeaway: Caffeine benefited endurance athletes the most (an 8-ounce cup of coffee has about 95mg of caffeine). 2. Runners with weak outer thighs
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Nerves Are Natural, But You Can Also Race Without Fear
Those moments before the gun goes off; our hearts racing, palms sweating, adrenaline coursing through our veins. This feeling is natural when we sign up to challenge the body and the mind. But it’s important to differentiate between the typical race
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Age-Proof Your Nutrition
When Los Angeles–based registered dietitian nutritionist Yasi Ansari begins working with a new client, she first asks them to describe how it feels to run, lift, or otherwise train with a fueled, strong body. Then, she has them imagine they didn’t ea
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Stronger Together
Back in May, I got to spend some time out in Crested Butte, Colorado, with our cover star Emma Coburn. I witnessed a deep, I’d-do-anything-for-you kind of love between Emma and her mom, who was diagnosed with stage four cancer in December 2019. I wat
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Build Your Best Smoothie
Smoothies are an easy, foolproof way to pack extra nutrients into your diet. And when solid food is not the move after a hot, sweaty run, smoothies come to the refueling rescue. “Smoothies are an excellent post-workout option for runners who experien
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The summer heat in this Texas city is no joke, with highs averaging from 92 to 97 from June through August. The summer of 2011 saw 90 days of 100-plus degrees. But don’t let the heat discourage you: summer paces may be slow, but the heat training pay
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In The Heat Of The Moment
Summer running can be a sufferfest. Relentless heat and oppressive humidity have us squeezing in runs at the crack of dawn or after sunset. For most runners, these efforts to stay cool are all in the name of comfort. For masters runners, they’re a ma
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Survive and Advance
In June, three-time Olympic gold medalist Tianna Bartoletta published her first memoir, Survive and Advance. The sprinter and long jumper started blogging in 2017, when she escaped a toxic and abusive marriage. Her posts showcased her natural talent
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The Mysterious Malady of Wonky Legs
It’s not really an injury, but when runners suffer the sensation of tingling legs or losing control, it’s often a perplexing—and surprisingly common—problem. When all or parts of a runner’s leg go numb, tingly, or noodly, those symptoms can signal mi
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For the average woman, menopause—which officially kicks off when your period has stopped for 12 months—occurs at age 51. As this natural, biological change continues to unfold, many masters athletes find that what’s worked for them in the past requir
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Our Favorite Olympic Moments
HISTORY IN THE MAKING. At the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam (above), women were allowed to race the 800 meters for the first time—an important barrier broken for increasing the distance then thought “safe” for female athletes. But when the competitors a
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In Your Teens
At this age, girls’ bodies are changing fast. Besides the outward signs of puberty, they’re building bone and muscle at a rapid rate. In fact, you amass about half the strength of your skeleton during this decade. All this requires considerable energ
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Avoid the Comparison Game
“Running isn’t about being the best. It is about enjoying your body and what it can do,” says Danielle Cotter, a perinatal therapist, mom, and runner based in Bloomington, Indiana. Thinking about why you run (and that “why” might be different now) he
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Better Than Before
Before the world was saying “COVID,” and Olympic hopefuls were hearing “canceled,” world champion steeplechaser Emma Coburn was dealt a different c-word: “Cancer.” In December 2019, her mom, Annie Coburn, was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer, n
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Welcome To The Club
It was August 2019, six weeks to the day after I delivered my first daughter. I had just been granted a clear bill of health from my ob-gyn at my postpartum follow-up appointment and I set out to run what would be the most uncomfortable, awkward, and
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Their Essential Workout
WHO: Nikki Hiltz, 26 WHAT: The K(ilometer) Workout • 3 x 1K at 3:15 to 3:20 pace with a 200-meter jog between • Four minutes rest • 2 x 150 meters (strides) • Three minutes rest • One “really hard” K (about one minute faster) • 90 seconds rest • Fini
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Most women begin the transition to menopause in this decade. In the phase called perimenopause, your period may start to become irregular—some months heavier, some lighter, and the interval between them may increase or decrease. Along with this comes
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Chronic Migraines Tried To Stop Me
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Your Return-to-Running Checklist
In 2019, researchers out of Ireland and the U.K. published some of the first recommendations for postpartum running. To allow the body to heal, those guidelines suggest waiting 12 weeks before lacing up. “It’s a guideline, not a set rule,” says Goods
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Grilled Corn, Nectarine, and Burrata Salad
MAKES 4 SERVINGS Grilling the corn and green onions gives this salad a smoky component that pairs beautifully with the sweet-tart flavor of peak-season nectarines and creamy burrata. 3 ears corn, shucked2 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil, divided3 green
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Ensure a Smooth Maiden Voyage with the Run Stroller
• Wait for full head control (around 6 months).• Feed before you go.• Time your run around a nap or play time.• Set reasonable expectations (to simply be able to get out and move with your baby, for example, instead of setting a specific distance).•
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Own Your Run
Assuming you’ve been given the A-OK by your doctor, exercise is healthy and recommended in pregnancy. But that doesn’t always stop the unsolicited advice. These one-liners should quiet the haters commenting on your workouts. What to say: “The best I
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Nikki Hiltz Performs, Authentically
On National Transgender Day of Visibility this year, Nikki Hiltz, one of the country’s fastest 1500-meter competitors, began an Instagram post that changed their life. “Hi I’m Nikki and I’m transgender,” they wrote. “That means I don’t identify with
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Gold-Medal Gear
1 Dress like a gold-medal gymnast in this starry sports bra (there’s even matching leggings!). Goldsheep Clothing Patriotic Stars Bra, $60; goldsheepclothing.com 2 A retro style feels all-American. Reebok Classics Cropped Vector Track Jacket, $75; re
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Try The Wicket Drill
Ramos recommends including wicket drills consistently during at least one annual training cycle, sprinkling them in a rotation of other neuromuscular and speed training tactics (such as short hill sprints, staircase or stadium runs, box jumps, or sin
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Kym Crosby
By the time you’re reading this, Kym Crosby, 28, will know if she’s joining Team USA in the Paralympic Games for the second time. At press time, she only had a hunch: “I feel like this year, I’m so ready to go and I’m so ready to go way faster than I
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Common Migraine Triggers For Runners
If you’re worried about high-intensity exercise causing a migraine, you may tend to avoid exercise altogether, according to Dr. Samantha Farris, director of the Rutgers Emotion, Health, and Behavior Lab. “Starting to slowly approach those things rath
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The Heat Is On For Greener Races
Putting on a running event produces a lot of stuff: Paper cups and bottled water, metallic space blankets, pinned numbers, heaps of plastic-wrapped bars, packets of energy gels, tons of banana peels. Races also require a shocking amount of energy and
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Running Red Flags
• You leak urine or feces while running, which could be a sign of pelvic floor weakness. • You feel heaviness or “poofiness” in your vagina or rectum, a potential signal of prolapse (when your pelvic organs descend down). Remember: Common does not eq
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