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It wouldn’t be Christmas without a mince pie, or two or three! MAKES 12 ✴ 375g (13oz) pack ready-rolled sweet shortcrust pastry✴ 200g (7oz) mincemeat✴ 1 Pink Lady® apple, cored and finely diced✴ 25g (1oz) dried cranberries✴ 1tbsp icing sugar to du
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Festive BAKES
These adorable mini bundt cakes are laced with redcurrants and doused in a rich glossy mascarpone glaze. ✴ 175g (6oz) unsalted butter, softened✴ 225g (8oz) golden caster sugar✴ Zest of 1 lemon✴ 2 large eggs✴ 270g (9½oz) self-raising flour✴ 1tsp van
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A Warm Winter WELCOME
• Green foliage• Pine and cypress• Gold or copper spray paint• Oasis foam ring 31cm in diameter• Mini gold, red and copper baubles• Large red baubles• Medium green and red baubles• Gold berries• Buckets• Craft knife• Green florist’s wire• Florist’s s
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Let’s Get This Party STARTED
Is there anything better than a crispy roast potato? Yes – the addition of melted cheese! SERVES 6-8 ✴ 750g (1½lb) baby new potatoes✴ 2tbsp olive oil✴ 3 sprigs of thyme✴ 100g (3½oz) Comté, grated✴ 100g (3½oz) Gruyère, grated✴ 100g (3½oz) Emmental,
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Twinkling LIGHTS
If you’re worried about lighting these, why not create the same design on an LED pillar candle? • Leafy foliage• Red velvet ribbon• Two pillar candles• Red berries• Marble coasters• Scissors 1 Cut the foliage into short sections of stem and leaf or
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New On Our TABLE
A canape fit for royalty! Lobster and king prawns in a creamy white wine sauce laced with Cognac. Roll out the red carpet. Lobster Thermidor Vol-au-vents, pack of 10, 145g, £9, Waitrose This soft and creamy French Brie is made even more delicious
Woman's Weekly Living Series2 min lettiDesign
This special gift holder is finished in stem stitch and blanket stitch, and decorated with pompoms and tassels. • 60 x 80cm cream cotton fabric• 20 x 40cm white wool felt• Yellow embroidery thread• Red, white and peach yarn• Pompom maker• Tassel mak
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Start The Countdown
A selection of festive-tipple-flavoured popcorn – can’t wait to try the Prosecco! Joe & Seph’s ‘Tipsy’ Popcorn Advent Calendar, 175g, £25, Ocado and Boots A 30g mini jar of jam or marmalade for each day – and an extra treat on the 24th. Bonne Ma
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A perfect reindeer with a scarf to keep him snug. 24cm/9½in tall from tip of antler to foot. 1 x 100g (196m) ball of Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic) in each of Grey (Silver 1203), Cream (1005)*. Oddments of double knitting yarn in Green and Red
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Alternative ADVENT
• String or twine in contrasting colours• Mini brown paper envelopes (approx 6 x 10cm)• Metallic marker pens• Mini wooden pegs• Push pins or temporary hooks 1 Begin by creating the braided cord from which the advent envelopes hang. Plait together th
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DECK The Halls
Upcycle an unwanted pallet into a quirky focal point. • Wooden pallet• Pencil• Ruler• Electric jigsaw• Sandpaper• Paper• Nails• Brass picture pins• Hammer 1 Using a vertical strut of the pallet as the central point, draw diagonal lines down the pal
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Meet Luca THE LLAMA!
Stitched from and embellished with gorgeous, tactile fabrics, little ones will love to play with this toy. • Access to a photocopier• Tracing paper and pencil• 50 x 35cm rectangle ( 1/8 metre) of cream curly 15mm pile fur fabric• 50 x 35cm rectangle
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Made with LOVE
Give the gift of everyone’s favourite cocktail, on toast! ✴ 2 red grapefruits✴ 1kg (2¼ lb) oranges✴ 1kg (2¼ lb) jam sugar✴ 500ml (16fl oz) Aperol apéritif • Jam thermometer• Sterilised jars and lids 1 Cut the skin and pith from the grapefruits and
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Celebrate With A COCKTAIL
The base for this super-elegant cocktail can be made in advance and shaken with ice when your guests arrive – that way, you’ll get froth on each cocktail…it’s well worth it! SERVES 1 ✴ 50ml (1¾fl oz/3tbsp) gin✴ 20ml (1½tbsp) cherry syrup✴ 30ml (2¼
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SERVES 16 ✴ 450g (1lb) raisins✴ 250g (9oz) sultanas✴ 90g (3oz) chopped dried figs✴ 150g (5oz) flaked almonds✴ 150g (5oz) chopped dried dates✴ 175g (6oz) peeled and grated Granny Smith apple✴ 450ml (15fl oz) sherry✴ 300g (10oz) unsalted butter, chopp
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Marble MAGIC
• Old baubles or ceramic blank baubles• String• Primer spray paint• Gloss spray paint in light blue, navy, white and copper• Thin gold ribbon• Fine sandpaper (optional)• Disposable gloves• Old plastic box 1 Prepare the baubles by wiping away any dus
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Raise a GLASS
Christmas is the time to crack open the good stuff. These are the drinks to sip, savour and enjoy. In this stylish, minimal bottle resides a beautiful gin with just as much class as its packaging. Heady bright citrus and pine aroma. A classic-tasti
Woman's Weekly Living Series6 min lettiDesign
This classic jumper is sure to be a welcome addition to your winter wardrobe, with or without a brooch To fit bust 82 (86) (92) (97) (102) (107) (112) (117) cm/32 (34) (36) (38) (40) (42) (44) (46) in. Actual measurements 94 (100) (106) (113) (120
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The main EVENT
(To serve your starter at 2pm and turkey at 2.30pm) 10AM Remove turkey from the fridge. Make the tarte tatin up until the pastry is placed on top, then put in the fridge. 11AM Prep the salsa for the green beans. 11.15AM Make the cranberry sauce. Co
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Jolly good MINCE PIES
These pies have a rich, intense rum and almond flavour that reminded us deliciously of stollen. Tesco Finest Spiced Rum Mince Pies, 6 pack, £2, Tesco. Riverford is a great destination for all special festive plant-based fare – and these very tast
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Take your PLACE
Measures approximately 21cm/8¼in in diameter. 2 x 50g balls of Sirdar Snuggly 4ply (55% nylon, 45% acrylic) in White (251)*. Size 3.5mm crochet hook. Yarn is available from theknittingnetwork.co.uk. Whole motif of place mat measures 21cm in diameter
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This is my favourite Woman’s Weekly special of the year. And this one feels more important than ever . After a challenging few mont hs we have had to accept that Christmas isn’t going to be the same as usual. But the chance to create a festive haven
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Twas The Night Before CHRISTMAS
Decadent, indulgent and show-stopping – everything a meal should be at this time of year. SERVES 6-8 ✴ 200ml (7fl oz) whole milk✴ 200ml (7fl oz) fish stock✴ 100g (3½oz) butter✴ 45g (1½oz) plain flour✴ 1tsp English mustard powder✴ 3 whole cloves✴
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Recipes Just For You
And then there’s the food. Our Test Kitchen UK team has thought of everything from special sweet treats to the best new buys and ingredients. The y’ve also created a simple but delicious Christmas Day menu that will suit any size of family. Here’s
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Showstopping DESSERTS
Our sweet version of the classic Christmas pudding will keep everyone happy. SERVES 8 ✴ 175g (6oz) unsalted butter, plus extra for greasing✴ 175g (6oz) muscovado sugar✴ 90g (3oz) stem ginger, drained and chopped✴ 100ml (3½fl oz) milk✴ 100g (3½oz)
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Woman's Weekly Living Series
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Woman's Weekly Living Series3 min lettiDesign
It’s a WRAP!
Upcycle an old pillowcase for this fun idea. • Housewife pillowcase• Seam ripper• Matching sewing thread• Pins• Bobble trim• Ribbon• Festive stencil• Chalk paint• Stencil paintbrush 1 Begin by turning a housewife pillowcase inside out. Open up a s
Woman's Weekly Living Series3 min lettiMedical
The Big HRT Rethink
That, far from being a risk to women’s health, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is not only the most effective way to deal with many menopause symptoms, it may improve health. Some experts say that oestrogen reduces the risk of heart disease (statis
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Is Eating FAT Making You FAT?
The key to losing weight has been debated for years. Should we go low carb, low protein or low sugar? Research published in the scientific journal Cell Metabolism suggests that weight gain is linked specifically to dietary fat levels, not to protein
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Get Fit For Menopause... And Beyond
There are three distinct stages to the menopause. First comes the perimenopause – the run-up to periods stopping forever. This is when our oestrogen levels start to fall and we experience the most severe and recognised symptoms of menopause. It lasts
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