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Kiwi mum tells ‘MY BOY IS A BATTLER!’
When Ursula Parkes found out her baby boy would be born with Down syndrome, she admits to feeling “devastated” as the unknown seemed like a scary journey. “We shed a lot of tears,” the Palmerston North mum, 38, tells Woman’s Day. “My husband Jake and
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Sleep Tight!
We all know sleep is important, but an alarming 44% of women rate their sleep as poor, according to a recent survey. Furthermore, 67% of women say that their mental health and wellbeing would be improved if they slept better. “Getting enough sleep
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‘Am I Elvis Presley’s Secret Grandson?’
With his smooth voice, coiffed brown locks and confident swagger, Dakota Striplin bears an uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley – in fact, he’s asked if he’s related to the music legend a lot. And the truth is the boy from Brisbane could well be! It’
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Demi Calls The Lawyers On Ashton!
After two Hollywood marriages and a blockbuster career, publishers are said to be desperate to have Ashton Kutcher write his memoirs. But his ex-wife Demi Moore, 59, isn’t too thrilled at the thought of the 44-year-old telling his side of the story
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Create your DREAM CAREER
One of the positive benefits of the pandemic is that many people are rethinking the way they work. Whether it’s asking employers for greater flexibility to work from home, setting up side hustles or joining the “Great Resignation”, lots of Kiwis are
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Sunday Special
SERVES 4 PREP 15 MINS COOK 30 MINS + RESTING • 2 zucchini, halved, quartered• 2 x 250g mini lamp rump roasts• 2 tbsp olive oil• grated zest, juice ½ lemon• 2 garlic cloves, crushed• 2 tsp dried oregano• 250g haloumi, drained, patted dry, sliced• 250
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Zara Tells William ‘I’m Ready To Be A Princess Now’
Princess Anne famously opted out of giving her children a royal title, allowing them to grow up unencumbered by the same duty to the crown as their cousins. In her younger years, Anne’s daughter Zara, now 41, revelled in her comparative freedom, and
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Healthier Fry Up
Kiwis have embraced air fryers with gusto and are experimenting with new foods like never before. With an understanding that home cooks want to recreate their most-loved dining-out meals at home, Maggi introduces Air Fryer Seasoned Coatings. Aimed at
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Ask Mitchell
Q I recently lost my son and he left without me saying goodbye. Does he have any messages for me? I will love him forever. Wendy MITCHELL SAYS My heart and healing go out to you, Wendy. As soon as I look to the spirit world, I can see your lovely so
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Life After Marriage
Viewers of Three’s mega-hit reality show Married At First Sight Australia 2022 will recall contestants Domenica (Dom) Calarco and Ella Ding as the two feisty, down-to-earth besties who took on the rest of the cast after Dom was socially isolated by t
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The BUDGET collection
SERVES 4 PREP 20 MINS COOK 35 MINS • 1 tbsp olive oil• 1 onion, chopped• 1 large chicken breast, thinly sliced• 500g frozen spinach, thawed• 500g ricotta• 50g feta, chopped• ½ bunch dill, chopped• 1 tsp dried oregano• 1 tsp nutmeg• 5 sheets filo pas
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Aesha Scott ‘I Don’t Want To Have To Baby People’
Below Deck fans are thrilled to see you’re back. What made you return to the show? I came back because I really wanted to prove to everyone that I was capable. I’d done two seasons as the second stew, and I just wanted to come back and show the worl
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William Tackles The Big Issues!
The Duke of Cambridge once again proved he is the people’s prince when he took to the streets of London to sell The Big Issue and highlight the homeless and unemployment crisis, just days after the Platinum Jubilee celebrations wrapped up. William, 3
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Culture Club
For centuries, skyr has been part of the Icelandic diet. It was the Nordic women who nurtured this dairy tradition. Now Isey (which translates as Ice (Is) and Island (Ey), skyr is made right here in New Zealand, using those same ancient cultures. Con
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Kitchen HQ
The MasterChef NZ contestant says of her signature dish, “This little number will leave your guests satisfied with a happy puku!” SERVES 2 For the butter thyme, place 50g butter and 4 thyme sprigs in a pot over a low to medium heat. Once the butter
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Check Out The Talent!
Some of TVNZ’s biggest names – including Jeremy Wells dressed as his favourite Wellington Paranormal character Officer Minogue – gathered for a night of fun and frivolity at a star-studded bash in Auckland to celebrate the launch of its rebranded str
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Meg Ryan has sold her exquisite Californian mansion for a whopping $18.2 million. What’s even more astounding is that the 60-year-old only bought the property 2 years ago but has made $11.4 million in profit! The Sleepless In Seattle star put a lot o
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New Old Kids On The Block!
It’s not called Redemption for nothing. If the new teams on the 10th season of The Block NZ look a little familiar, then you’re right because some of your favourites are back to right the wrongs of the past. All the contestants on this year’s show ma
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Naomi’s spi ritual journey ‘MY LAT E MUM IS COOKING WITH ME’
It was a moment no young girl should have to see. Pushing open the door to her mother’s bedroom, 14-year-old Naomi Grace peered through the gap and saw what looked like her mum’s last breath as she succumbed to bowel cancer. “It was like seeing her w
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In the MasterChef NZ kitchen, Sam Low is strong, confident and more than happy to take a bold risk with a dish. He’s the same in real life too – but the self-assured and resilient Sam you’re seeing on the telly is actually a very new Sam, one who is
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They’ve been friends for years and last week the Duchess of Cornwall joined forces with actress and presenter Joanna Lumley to help kick off a new podcast series, the Commonwealth Poetry Podcast. The first episode, recorded at Clarence House, feature
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Surprising Foods That Are Dangerous For Dogs
You probably already know to keep chocolate away from your pups since it can make doggies very sick. But here are some other foods that can make your pooch ill... AVOCADO It contains persin, which causes gastro issues. SALAMI & SAUSAGES In high amo
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As Venus lights up your sign, life may take on an almost magical quality. A coincidence could blow you away and, best of all, feelings of anxiety should be replaced by a more upbeat, playful energy. Why not celebrate with some fun-loving pals? STAR
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Kia Ora!
It’s a special week for our country as we get set to celebrate the very first official Matariki public holiday – a day that promises to be uniquely New Zealand with ma- tauranga Maori at the heart. It’s a time for remembrance and reflection for those
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Master Chef Sarah Todd ‘I CAME BACK TO WIN FOR MY SON!’
Heading back into the MasterChef Australia kitchen for the second time, Sarah Todd says the feeling is a lot like being inside a pressure cooker. “I had forgotten what an intense situation it is,” she confesses to Woman’s Day. “I really went through
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What I’m Into
MY LATEST BINGE-WATCH… Bridgerton on Netflix. I had to see what the hype was all about and I got hooked. The outfits are out of this world, and I’m so inspired by the cast and crew on that project to pull off what they did. MY READING RECOMMENDATIO
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Sophie’s Sparkling She Said Yes!
The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham are just around the corner, but New Zealand’s Queen of the Pool, Sophie Pascoe, has already struck gold after announcing her engagement to friend turned partner Rob Samson. The couple moved in with each other duri
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Amberley’s Big Move
As if being on a top reality show wasn’t life-changing enough, Wellington cook Amberley Kennish decided to move across country during the MasterChef shoot, calling her boyfriend from set to tell him they were shifing to Auckland! “MasterChef is the b
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Britney Ties The Knot! Wedding Fit For A Pop Princess
Fairytales are real,” Britney Spears gushed after saying “I do” to Sam Asghari in an intimate ceremony at the couple’s LA home on June 9. “We really wanted to make this a small and beautiful moment with family and friends,” says Britney, who – in tru
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