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Claws Out For Katherine!
Ellen and Patrick may be getting along better than ever, but the feud is still going strong between their former co-stars Katherine Heigl and Isaiah Washington. Thirteen years after the actor, who played Dr Burke on Grey’s Anatomy, was fired for us
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Reset Your Metabolism
Your metabolism is responsible for converting what you eat and drink into fuel for your body to function. You’ve probably heard of metabolisms being “fast” or “slow”, and that faster is better for burning more kilojoules. Kate Save, dietitian, CEO an
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Joining the army at the age of 17, Ant Middleton has witnessed his fair share of mental and physical battles. Still, for this elite British soldier, nothing compares to what he has seen during SAS Australia. “I would say that this series was the toug
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Healthy, quick, affordable and satisfying – you can have it all! If you’re looking to fuel your body with more nutrients in a flash, Lean Cuisine’s range of meals will be a welcome addition to your next shop. Our favourites are the Apple & Cinnamo
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By Hollywood standards, their 22-year marriage is considered one of the rare success stories. But behind the scenes, sources close to Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber believe their relationship could be in trouble after the high-powered couple made th
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In The Swim!
✓ One-pieces offer some of the best figure-shaping solutions. Look to pattern and panel placement to nip in and trim the torso. Remember, smaller prints are slimming. ✓ Ruched styles disguise the tum. For extra support, opt for built-in stomach contr
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All Grown Up!
Born into enormous wealth and celebrity, one could expect Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt to succumb to the all-consuming world they’ve been brought up in. But despite their immense privilege, the siblings, now 12, h
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Beauty Buzz
One of the newest products to hit the Priceline shelves is these cute skin-saving sheet masks from K-Beauty brand Mask Society. Whether it’s calming hemp, invigorating electrolytes or energising caffeine your skin needs, they’ve got it covered. Plus,
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Look What’s Inside...
Idon’t know what I was doing years ago when Grey’s Anatomy was all anyone could talk about, but somehow the show passed me by. Then, in the throes of lockdown a few months ago, I discovered the medical drama… and McDreamy! (for those who don’t know,
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For 15 years, radio hosts-turned-TV stars Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson have dominated the airwaves with their successful and headline-making Kyle & Jackie O Show. But it seems cracks are starting to appear between the once unshakeable duo,
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Learn To Love LINER!
Here’s exactly how to master liquid eyeliner for mature eyes Attempting a cat eye with liquid liner can seem daunting. However, according to sales and education manager at KVD Vegan Beauty, Madison Drabble, there are a few ways to avoid the often
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If Chris Hemsworth and his mum Leonie, who were celebrating her 60th birthday, were on the lookout for flaws in their gene pool, we’d say they’d be looking a long time! You know how the saying goes... no hat, no play! But not for Rachael Finch and
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Ant’s Report Card
STRENGTH: Determination WEAKNESS: Upper body strength WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO TO WIN: She needs to make sure her head is in charge, then her body will follow . STRENGTH: Stature WEAKNESS: Expressing emotion WHAT HE NEEDS TO DO TO WIN: He need
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Festive Fun
SERVES 12 PREP 30 MINS + SOAKING COOK 3 HOURS • 1kg mixed fruit• ½ cup orange juice• ½ cup orange liqueur• 200g butter, softened• 1 cup brown sugar• 4 eggs• 1¹/ ³ cups plain flour, sifted• ½ cup chopped unsalted macadamias• 100g dark chocolate, chop
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Top Goss!
The inner turmoil of the Burgess family has been laid embarrassingly bare as the case against retired NRL Rabbitohs star Sam Burgess over the alleged assault of ex-wife Phoebe’s father, Mitchell Hooke, turns nasty. During the first day of the trial,
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The Ultimate Comeback Queen!
The actress, who auditioned for the show when she was 24, recently admitted to TV WEEK that she loathed the moviemaking machine. “I had a complicated relationship with becoming so famous so young, and seeing the worst part of what the industry can be
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Top Tips For Perfect Nougat
STEP 1 A sugar thermometer is the secret to making perfect nougat every time. STEP 2 Gradually pour the hot mixture into the whipped egg white. STEP 3 Use a large metal spoon to stir the fruit and nuts into the whipped egg mixture.
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They Can’t Come Back From This!
Moving to the US was supposed to be the triumphant return for the Duchess of Sussex – the prodigal daughter coming back more iconic than she could ever have hoped to be as a TV actress. And while she did come back to California the most famous woman
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Back In The Spotlight!
After her career-making role as Dr Ellie Sattler in 1993’s Jurassic Park, Laura, 53, stayed on the fringes of Hollywood until 2017 when she thrilled TV audiences with her role as the feisty Renata Klein in Big Little Lies. She has since won an Oscar
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Party Flavours
SERVES 4 PREP 15 MINS COOK 10 MINS • 6 pita pockets• 400g can cannellini beans, rinsed, drained• 1 bunch radishes, thinly sliced• 1 red onion, thinly sliced• 1 Lebanese cucumber, halved, sliced• 250g baby roma tomatoes, sliced• 2 celery stalks, thin
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Behind Palace Walls
Amid the fallout from claims Martin Bashir manipulated the truth to gain his bombshell Diana interview, former bodyguard Lee Sansum has spoken out to reveal the mental state of his boss just before she died. According to Lee, who guarded Diana and
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Secrets Of Ramsay St
When actor Scott McGregor visited a Gold Coast strip club in 2019, dancer Danielle Lee thought she’d have a night of celebrity fun and tips in store. However, what she claims she got was a tirade of verbal abuse from the intoxicated star. The dancer
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7 Tips For Creating A Cracking Cheeseboard
1 per Aim person for 60g , plus cheese a fist-size of accompaniments, such as crackers, cured meats and fruit. 2 turning To avoid brown your spread before guests arrive, remember to dip cut fruit such as apples, pears and figs in a bowl of water wi
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Fears For Charles!
He may have just turned 72, but Prince Charles was in no mood to celebrate, according to palace insiders. In fact, it was up there with one of the roughest weeks of his life. Locked down at his Highgrove estate with the Duchess of Cornwall, Charl
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From Fame To Freedom!
He was known around Australia as “Commando”, a member of the muscly cast of the ’90s sports game show Gladiators, but life today for Geoff Barker is very different. After spiralling into depression and alcoholism, Geoff swapped his spandex tights fo
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Festive HQ
A sweet or savoury grazing board makes an impressive centrepiece THIS INDULGENT DESSERT PLATTER IS SURPRISINGLY SIMPLE TO PREPARE Using the picture as a guide, position one medium bowl, one medium shallow bowl and a small bowl on a large wooden
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The Crown: Fact Vs Fiction
While it’s true he met Diana Spencer at Althorp Estate while he was dating her sister Sarah, most biographers agree she wasn’t hiding in the foyer dressed as a woodland creature from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The show depicts the young bride gazi
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Meet the ‘Woman from Snowy River’
Iky Foustok is a busy single mum of four. She’s also a horse whisperer, who has devoted her life to saving retired racehorses and wild brumbies who would otherwise be facing a bleak future. “I was horse-mad as a baby and starting riding trackwork whe
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Dressed-up Dishes
Serve your impressive creations on festive tableware! Maxwell & Williams’ Christmas collection features a host’s essentials – from platters and cheese knives to chip and dip bowls. Choose from the playful and bold Festive Friends range or a tradition
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Even before coronavirus swamped New York, Matthew Newton was a prisoner in his own home – even if it was a rather lovely, two-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side shared with his wife Catherine Schneiderman and paid for by his parents-in-law. As
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