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Give Yourself A Natural High
Feeling overwhelmed? Get your spirit soaring with these five easy tricks... 1 Dance the blues away When your favourite song comes on the radio, turn up the volume and dance like no one is watching. 2 Bring on a grin When life has you in a headlock,
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What Can You Do To Help?
* FILTER Go through your wardrobe and donate whatever gently worn items you can. We’ll happily accept men’s and women’s clothing as well as kids’ garments and maternity wear. * DROP OFF Deliver your bags to one of our affiliated stores – there are 15
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Four Easy At-home Workouts
Perform a reverse lunge, bending both knees so they form 90° angles. Then, keeping your back leg bent, bring it forwards and up into a high-knee position. Perform a plank, resting your weight on hands and balls of feet. Lift right foot off the floo
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Horseradish Beef And Root Vegetable Wine Stew
Throw everything into a casserole dish and let it gently simmer away in the oven for a delicious, warming meal. Serves 6 m Ready in 2 hours 30 minutes 2tbsp plain flour2tbsp hot horseradish sauce750g chuck steak, cut into large cubes2 onions, cho
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Listen Up
Bestselling author Tsh Oxenreider hosts The Good List*, where she discusses living with gratitude and meaning. She looks at self-care, love, and small mercies. For 20 years, The Moth* has been collecting true stories of human experience. These tales
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Accept, Breathe, Choose
Turn your negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones with the ABC method from leadership mentor Clare Josa ACCEPT Try not to resist the negative thought, or it will ‘fight back’. BREATHE Take three deep, ‘sighing’ (make a sigh noise) breath
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ONE STOP wonders
I meet lots of women who tell me fashion stresses them out, but clothes should actually make life easier. If you look and feel your best, making your way in the world becomes so much more straightforward, not to mention fun! And finding your best doe
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Smart Food Combinations
Some things are better taken together. Nutritionist Gabriela Peacock reveals the best superfood combos to pair with each other: ✣ GREEN TEA + CITRUS FRUITS Vitamin C helps the intestinal transport of catechins (the compounds in tea that are high in
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GROWN-UP Puddings
Bring some tropical sunshine into your life with this moist, fruity sponge generously doused in tequila syrup. Serves 12 ’ Ready im 50 minutes, plus cooling 1 pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into segments200g butter, plus 25g extra200g light so
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Your Stars
The Cancer new moon on the 21st is a superb time to try new things. Okay, so communication isn’t great from mid-month, but the future looks bright. SMS WH Cancer* for a daily update A situation around the 5th calls for a change. It might be because
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The best websites and accounts offering inspiring content A beautiful food blog that offers over 400 delicious recipes. Di shares thoughtful, personal insights and draws you into her life as she cooks straight from her kitchen. Launched her cook
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Give It A Try!
Robin Humphris, 63, lives in Cape Town and works as a freelance artist and interior decorator. She pulls off a dual-tone jumpsuit with ease. * A V-neck jumpsuit that’s pulled in at the waist is the most flattering option for anyone with curves. * Th
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Stay-healthy Food Choices
“Get your body in the best possible shape by following a balanced diet and drinking enough liquids – aim for two litres a day,” says immunologist Dr Jenna Macciochi. Buying these expert-approved foods is a great place to start... Around 70 to 80% o
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Toasts, roasts & BONFIRES!
Expect a soft, creamy and unwooded Chardonnay. De Wetshof's location in Robertson is coveted for its limestone soil that imparts tanginess and body to its wines. It's no wonder, then, that this is one of the world’s top 15 Chardonnays. De Wetshof Bon
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Star Sign Of The Month
The full moon on the 5th is a big time for you, and a relationship situation comes to a head. But, these problems begin to melt away after the 25th.  Romance blooms, although one relationship exposes the worst side of everyone. However, by January it
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Who Do You Think Deserves An Award?
Help us find an unsung hero, and you’ll go into a draw for the chance to win a wonderful prize. Nominate a legendary woman in either, or both, of the following categories: COMMUNITY HEROES From volunteers to carers, these are the women who give the
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New for YOU
If you love the moisturising benefits of an oil but dislike having something heavy on your skin, then new Clarins Plant Gold Nutrirevitalizing Oil-emulsion, R785 for 35ml, is worth the investment. It features the brand’s classic blue orchid oil, and
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Get Savvy About Supplements
It’s necessary, in combination with an iron supplement, for the maintenance of a healthy white blood cell count; many of these white cells engulf and destroy microorganisms. TRY Solgar Chelated Copper, R164,95 for 100 tablets; and Solgar Gentle Iron
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Wet Your Whistle
Voted the Best South African London Dry Gin in 2019, this spirit is infused with eight different botanicals and boasts flavours of juniper, lemon, coriander, and spices. The ace up its sleeve is the addition of n’abbas, a fungus known as the Kalahari
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Jason Bateman
Jason lives in Beverly Hills with his wife of 19 years, actress Amanda Anka. They have two daughters, Francesca, 13, and Maple, eight. On his start in showbiz... My dad was a writer, director and producer so, instead of playing catch together, we b
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Courage, Darling, Courage
Mom, I think I’m really ill.” With these words my family’s journey with Covid-19 started. A week of celebrations with friends from all over the world had culminated in a joyous wedding the day before, and the newly-weds had set off on honeymoon. My
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Hello Gorgeous!
Enjoy a new take on the smoky eye this season. “The best smoky eye is what I call the wrap-around eye,” says make-up artist Caroline Barnes. 1 First, use a neutral matt colour all over your lid, taking the shade close to your lash line and up into
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Look After Your Gut
✣ Gut bacteria plays a crucial role in digestion – from banishing bloat to keeping things moving. ✣ “Gut flora also influences mood, stress levels, and immune-system health,” says Dr Eileen Murphy. ✣ Take a clinically proven probiotic to manage your
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New for YOU
Inject some sunshine into your life (and kitchen) with Le Creuset’s Nectar, a gold-toned hue swirled with caramel and honey. It’s just the thing to keep the cold-weather blues away, and this casserole is perfect for those tasty and comforting stews.
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Jason On Screen
Jason makes his acting debut in Little House on the Prairie. In family sitcom The Hogan Family, he plays a charming teen. Jason is voice-of-reason Michael Bluth in Arrested Development. As the morally suspect fraudster Marty Byrde, he thrills in O
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Keep On Going
When I read our article The physical power of positive thinking on page 30, I couldn't help but think how much we all need a Mary Poppins-style dose of optimism and hope in our lives. The changes we're experiencing in our daily lives, along with the
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Think celebs like Tom Hanks, Catherine-Zeta-Jones and Jim Carrey, and you may be surprised to hear they are grandparents. So, too, are Whoopi Goldberg and Mick Jagger, who’ve joined the prestigious ranks of great-grandparents. According to experts, t
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Jane Seymour Wonder Set Liquid Hairspray Firm Hold, R72,99 for 300ml Given how busy I get, I need a product that’s easy to use and leaves my hair looking good with a natural finish. A quick spray of this keeps my blow-dry neatly in place all day, and
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Sleep Enhancers
Calm Sleep Stories (free for Apple/iOS; Android). Well-known people like Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and Leona Lewis narrate calming tales to help you nod off.  This Bluetooth mask blocks out light and plays music through the integrated earphones. Wi
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Picture Perfect
After working and travelling abroad for years, Victoria Bresler and her husband Matt were looking for a new home in Cape Town with their three children: Jonty, Hannah, and Ollie. Matt discovered a house in the Constantia Valley, bordering Cape Town’s
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