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Six Of The Best: East Anglia & Lincolnshire
OLD NEWTON, SUFFOLK This is a Grade II-listed former manor house, next to the village church, in partially wooded grounds. The property has five bedrooms and there is a large pond in the garden, which is just under three-quarters of an acre. Both the
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Kit To Covert
EMAIL SARAH.FITZPATRICK@FUTURENET.COM Do you catch more fish when the moon is waxing or waning? This is the perfect instrument to tell you, with yellow gold, sapphire crystal and an alligator strap. ♦ Price £135,710 ♦ Tel 020 7493 3240 ♦
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Quick Fixes For Shoot Days
For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to understand the biomechanical and mental process involved in shooting better. At another level, I am intrigued by the ‘Zen’ of shooting. However, I discovered decades ago that it is not a simple subject.
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Have Big Teams Had Their Day?
ONE of the familiar sights in the British shooting field, at least on driven shoots, is that of a picker-up walking with half-a-dozen dogs at heel. It’s something that we take for granted, but it’s a relatively new phenomenon. Half a century ago, few
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Incisive Moves
Engraving has been an art form since the dawn of civilisation, and while a shotgun demands the expertise of many trades, an engraver’s mark is the final flourish. First a gifted artist, with knowledge of anatomy, botany, perspective and composition,
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Rizzini Grand Regal 28-bore
THIS month’s test looks at a 30in B Rizzini ‘Grand Regal’ 28-bore. I must admit a bias before proceeding: I am great fan of 30in 28-bore over-and-unders and use two myself. I am also a fan of Battista Rizzini’s guns. He is an important figure in mode
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To Do This Month
With the shooting season cut short by lockdown, many Guns may be hankering for some simulated action. If so, the West London Shooting School has two options: the first is a syndicate day at the Great Tew estate in Oxfordshire, which encompasses an ar
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How To Keep Your Dog Safe
DO: Take plenty of clear photos of your pet, including any distinctive markings. DO: Ensure your pet is microchipped and registered with up-to-date information – and take note of the microchip number. DO: Pay attention to your surroundings and know w
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Sales For The Riverbank
Rigorously tested, the Salar will keep you dry whatever the weather. It is durable and tear-resistant featuring a Gore-Tex three-layer laminate with ripstop, plus a packaway storm hood, handy outer and inner pockets and fully adjustable watertight cu
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BMW X5 xDrive45e M Sport PHEV
WE can call the BMW X5 a lot of things but shy and retiring would not be on that list. In gleaming white – which somehow made the Botoxed black front grille stick out even more dramatically – it dominated the farmyard. It’s a big old beast. Size has
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The Field
ESTABLISHED 1853 VOL 337 NO 7401 Editor Alexandra Henton Editorial enquiries 0330 390 6609 Content assistant Sarah Pratley 0330 390 6609 Group production editor Diane Cross Group art director Dean Usher Picture editors Max Tremlett and Karen Whitehea
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5 Issues For Just £5* If You Subscribe To THE FIELD
Post the completed order form to: FREEPOST FUTURE PUBLISHING LIMITED (No further address required – for UK only) • Conveniently home delivered. • Never miss an issue • Join more than 92,000** people who love and read The Field every month Complete th
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Social Spotlight
With the end of pandemic restrictions finally on the horizon, Fielders have been pondering what they are most looking forward to. For some, it’s grouse shooting, for others, the Game Fair or the smell of gunpowder. But it turns out that a good number
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Fish and Chips
This fascinating short book examines the history and origins of tattoos. John Miller, a senior lecturer in 19th-century literature at the University of Sheffield, didn’t get his first inking until he was nearly 30 but now has a Japanese, horimono-ins
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Where To Listen To Nightingales
Woodlands in east Kent: Blean Woods near Canterbury and Ham Street Woods near Ashford are particularly rewarding. Northward Hill, Kent: an RSPB reserve with several pairs, as well as the UK’s largest heronry. Fingringhoe Wick in Essex: with around 25
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Watch Out! Teme Valley Puppies About
Rose Rodgers; Sarah Farnsworth; Penny Fillingham; Heather Runciman; Kate Bowen; Ellen Jones ■
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Starling Sturnus vulgaris
• Widespread as a garden bird, there are more than 800,000 breedings pairs in the UK even though the population has declined by 89% since 1967.• With glossy, petrol-slicked, iridescent plumage, they are an entertaining garden addition.• Starlings for
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Gundog Awards 2021
IN ASSOCIATION WITH Entrants for Gundog Photograph of the Year, capturing the best of our companions in the field The Field Gundog Awards return with two new categories for the ever-popular Gundog Photograph of the Year: In The Field and Working From
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In Particulars
WHEN I first started writing these property pages, I was renting a cottage from a grumpy farmer – he had his uses, such as lifts to the pub – but most doorstep chats involved the village postman. He joked about his bad back and my delusions of grande
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Igniting A Spark
I became a father a couple of years ago, which, as most parents will attest, is a journey of exhaustion, elation, frustration and (most recently) half-finished apples strewn around the house. One of the aspects of parenthood I have always looked forw
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Curlew Recovery Partnership
The future of curlew looks rosier after the launch, in March, of an initiative that brings together conservationists, farmers, landowners, gamekeepers and policymakers. The Curlew Recovery Partnership intends to “get people connected to vital contact
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One Good Deed…
WITH ITS WIRY COAT AND CONFIDENT MANNER, THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS A BAD HARE DAY FOR A BORDER TERRIER The Farming Community Network (FCN) helps farmers and their families deal with issues ranging from animal disease to mental health. The charity’s 45
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Enjoying The Herb Garden
AS much as I enjoy a garden filled with bright flowers, neatly mowed lawns and a bit of creative topiary, it is always the beds and pots filled with fresh and fragrant herbs I love the most. Visually, I am always impressed how herbs can add not only
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Field Champions
George Davis, chairman, Game Farmers’ Association Becoming GFA chairman has provided George Davis with “the opportunity to contribute my passion for game farming”, while bringing to the role “my respect for the huge number of individuals who contribu
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The Boot Room
You don’t need to be dining with a cactus to feel summery. This hand-drawn shoal of fish is digitally printed to reproduce the fine brushstrokes. Bright and abundant – as we hope our days fishing will be this year – it is an antidote to the winter pa
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Weatherproofing The Flintlock
ONE of the biggest drawbacks of using a flintlock gun on the sporting field was weather proofing. As readers will well know, you cannot guarantee the weather will be benign when out on a shoot. Modern sporting guns can easily deal with such inclement
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And They Call It Puppy Love
To many, and this includes those who ‘hunt to ride’, they ‘ain’t nothing but a hound-dog’, a friendly face at the meet and then a pack in the distance, their presence only occasionally acknowledged by the huntsman’s cheer and horn. To the hound puris
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An Alliance To Save Salmon
IT is a human condition to hark back to halcyon days when catches of salmon were bountiful, whether that was in the 1960s, ’70s or even the Noughties. The issue is that salmon are like the weather, you get good years and bad years. To get an overview
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Write to: The Editor, The Field, Pinehurst II, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 7BF. Email: LETTERS MAY BE EDITED FOR CLARITY OR SPACE I was heartened to read Rob Williams’ take on r
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One Million Trees And Counting
Count Konrad Goess-Saurau farms 2,000 acres of Wiltshire downland on the edge of Marlborough. Since he bought Temple Farm in 1985, he has planted more than 23 miles of hedges and one million trees. A conservation pioneer, Goess-Saurau started transfo
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