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Jolly Green Giants?
Apple has disassembly robots called Daisy and Dave (somehow it’s always Dave) working in a lab in Texas to remove components, rare-earth elements and other materials from old gadgets that it can reuse in new devices. Nice, but is this just an expensi
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E-bikes Etc
£1798 / VanMoof’s second-gen S3 (or X3 if you’re under 5ft 8in) looks like a normal bike, rides like a normal bike and, crucially, doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of cash. The chunky 50mm tyres, slightly swooped bars and upright r
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Learning Rubber
£185,500 / NEWS DASHBOARD Another new McLaren? Do these people ever get any sleep? The Woking elves have pumped out a new model or variant every year since the MP4-12C went on sale in 2011… but unlike its predecessors, the Artura hyb
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A Matter Of Crust
£700 / You can argue over crust thickness, fruit-based toppings and the merits of semolina flour all you want, but the fact is, pizza is great. Making your own can be fun too, so it’s little wonder Google searches for ‘pizza ovens’
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Highly Revolved
£240 / It’s not even been around for four years yet, but it feels like Amazon’s Echo Show has already had as many iterations as Batman. The Echo Show 10 is here to expand the Alexa-powered smart display’s capabilities even further. Li
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Little Nightmares II
If the grotesque imagery of twisted bodies and cannibalism in Little Nightmares left you wondering what the heck is going on in its wider world, you’re about to find out. Instead of being mostly underwater, you begin Little Nightmares II in the woods
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Goggle Boxes
You could shove a Fire TV Stick 4K into the back of your telly for half the price and get most of the same features; but the premium choice is more powerful and lets you bellow across the room to start playing your favourite show. £110 /
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Attainable Sustainables
Among the many problems with Tom and Barbara’s dream of suburban self-sufficiency in ’70s British sitcom The Good Life was the fact that they had to quit their day jobs… yet still be able to afford a house with a massive garden, and buy a pig. Millen
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Urban Whims
If there’s one thing likely to survive a pandemic-led ‘death of retail’ it’s Swedish flatpack furniture – so who better to explore the future of urban living than Ikea and its research lab, Space10. Their new book, The Ideal City: Exploring Urban Fut
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Get The Best Gadget Deals With Stuff
Ever wondered what’s up with the links in Stuff? We’ve got a team of retail pros who scour the web to find you the best gadget deals – visit any link in this issue and you’ll be taken to the best deal for that product. If you make a purchase
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If you’re feeling down and need a colourful pick-me-up, taking a trip into the Balan Wonderworld could be your answer. This 3D action platformer from Sonic the Hedgehog creators Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima sees you play as Leo and Emma, led into a dr
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VR Games
from £41 / Oculus, Vive, Valve Index Announcing Alyx as not only a ‘midquel’ but a VR exclusive got some Half-Life diehards riled up… but in classic Valve fashion, the end result is utterly brilliant. Alyx succeeds because its universe just happens t
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Win A Pair Of Q Acoustics Q Active 200 Speakers!
There used to be a massive gulf in class between Bluetooth speakers and proper hi-fi kit – the kind requiring an amp the size of a picnic hamper and enough cabling to run Glastonbury. Fortunately, technology has had its way and high-resolution wirele
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Fantastic Plastics
Sony has been steadily increasing the use of its own trademarked recycled plastic, called Sorplas, since 2010. Going a giant leap further on a number of its 2021 TVs, the company claims an industry-leading recycle rate of 89% in its components too. S
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£250 / They’re bulkier than the average in-ears and come with a ridiculously large case, but otherwise the QC Earbuds are difficult to knock. The noise-cancelling doesn’t do a disservice to the esteemed QC name, it’s hugely customisable,
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£1499 / A grand and a half for a 48in TV is no one’s idea of a bargain. But when you consider the level of audio-visual fidelity this money buys, not to mention the convenience of the integrated soundbar, it’s hard to suggest the 48O
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Coming In The Air Tonight?
Knowing it’s raining outside your flat isn’t much use when you’re going on a road trip – hence this app, which combines forecasts and route maps. You can peruse temperatures and weather symbols that sit atop a map showing the line of your journey, or
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from £579 / The 4th-generation iPad Air ushers in big changes. It looks the spit of an 11in iPad Pro (at least from the front), and supports Apple’s snazzy Magic Keyboard and second-gen Pencil… and the A14 chip makes it blazingly fas
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Delve Deeper Into The World Of Proper Cameras And Up Your Photographic Game
The essential bible for camera lovers NEW! FROM THE PUBLISHER OF Stuff Get the following every 4 weeks: How to improve your photo technique Advice on the best kit for you New monthly edition from the Amateur Photographer team 1 Free home delivery 2 N
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£349 / With their perfect balance of wearability, active noise-cancelling prowess and audio performance, there just hasn’t been a better package than the Sony XM3s… until now. The XM4s look and sound almost identical, but a range of new
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Smart Home
£90 / Having morphed from a cylinder to a sphere, the latest Echo is an excellent newsreader, weather forecaster, personal assistant and intercom straight out of the box; but it’s now also a capable speaker and a very accessible smart h
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£1549 / The Fuji X-T4 might be the high-end mirrorless camera of your dreams. Relatively affordable for a flagship, it excels at stills and video thanks to in-body image stabilisation, high-speed shooting and 4K recording at up to 60fps.
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VR Headsets
from £299 / The original Quest felt almost too good to be true. Its successor lacks the same wow factor, but you can’t argue with a better display and processor – not to mention a lighter, more comfortable build – for less money. Are
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£419 / Just light enough to avoid having to be registered with the CAA, DJI’s latest pocket drone is a little beast that grabs stellar aerial video. It’s also categorically the most intuitive drone Stuff has ever used, with a contro
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from £999 / The early-2020 version was already the best MacBook Air ever – and this one brings a real step up in power. Apple’s amazing new M1 processor means that, for once, we aren’t hankering after a Pro for video editing and graphi
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Microsoft Fright Stimulator
We’re surprised Microsoft didn’t launch its latest gaming headset alongside the new Xboxes at the end of last year; but if it does indeed turn out to be ‘the future of gaming’, it’ll be worth the short wait. Designed to be used with those new console
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Bud And Thunder
At this point it’s becoming easier to point out companies that haven’t introduced a pair of true wireless earbuds. In fact, where are yours, reader? And after impressing us with a series of Bluetooth speakers and headphones, Marshall is now getting i
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News Feed
If you’re one of the lucky few who’ve already got hold of a PS5, you might be wondering what Sony’s plans are for its VR platform. Well, PSVR 2 is officially happening, with its maker promising “dramatic leaps in performance” and a single-cable conne
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£29 / PS4 Just as The Last of Us proved to be the perfect swansong for the PS3 era, The Last of Us Part II is a masterful triumph to see off the PS4 in style: a rare superior sequel that can be mentioned in the same breath as The Godfather Part II. A
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Captain America’s best mates – the one who flies and the one with a metal arm – get their own spin-off series on Disney+. We don’t know a huge amount about the plot yet, other than that it involves the two erstwhile Avengers butting up against Daniel
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