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Powys Mad
Down in the valleys was the perfect place for Editor Matt to see if the practice he’d put in on simulated days had paid off. Watching a pheasant fall to his first shot was certainly an encouraging start to the day, and things got even better as the d
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Where To Stay
• The hotel we stayed at was the Wynnstay in Machynlleth. Owner Charles is a shooter and has one to three guest Guns on Mark's shoot and can help arrange a simulated day. The food was excellent and we would recommend the woodcock, if available, or th
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How To Gauge Which Bore
In previous articles we have looked at moving up to a 20-bore or starting our shooting journey with a 20, and the suitability of a smaller bore rather than the standard 12. In this article I want to explore the characteristics of the different types
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Worth Its Salt?
I am putting together a first-aid box for my dogs and wonder if I should include a small bag of salt to cause vomiting in the case of accidental poison ingestion. What are your thoughts? Neil says: I have used salt to induce ‘emesis’ in the distant
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New Gear
Popular due to its low maintenance and price, this new version has superb handling, multichokes and Steelium barrels. The new version also has a gloss finish on the stock. Price: £2,245; This superbly designed rubber boot has a 3mm neopren
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As We Embark On The New Season, Many Of Us Are Having To Adjust The Way We Shoot To Suit The Opportunities Available To Us.
For some that will mean a smaller bag, for others it will be walked-up rather than driven, and some will not be able to go game shooting at all. Last week I was told that there was to be a limit on the number of beaters on a shoot I beat for because
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Pattern Of Behaviour
Experienced decoyers will tell you that they have their favourite fields on the farms where they have permission to control pigeons. These will be fields that produce good bags year on year, regardless of the crop being grown. But have you ever wonde
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Is Height And Reach Important?
• A person’s height and reach is one of the main factors to consider. The overall length of a gun can present a much higher degree of difficulty, particularly for a shorter person with a long gun, as it is likely to be unwieldy, awkward and much heav
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Size Does Matter
When I’ve been shooting, I’ve noticed my spent shells are not fully opening up, and the plastic is rough with bits missing. What is wrong? Tony says: This sounds like you are using cartridges that are too big for the chambers in your gun. Most shot
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In The Field
Finding a good mallard call can be a harder task than you think. Over the years I have had numerous duck calls slung around my neck, but all the good ones seemed to be discontinued or are beautiful bespoke calls that you don’t want to lose on the for
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EU Lead Ban Over All Water Closer
A blanket ban on the use of lead shot over all wetlands is a step closer following a decision by the EU. The EU’s REACH committee, which regulates chemicals, recently voted for a restriction of lead shot over wetlands. If this is enacted, it would se
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Just The Meal Ticket
Growing up in a shooting family meant there was always an abundance of meat in the freezer gathered from the field. I enjoyed our game meals as a boy, even if the family recipes weren’t as adventurous as those we use today. Despite game being a frequ
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For More Information
David Turner lives in the Midlands and is available for lessons, either at your local ground, Kibworth Shooting Ground, near Market Harborough, or Sporting Targets near Bedford. He is a long-time game Shot and specialises in coaching clients in the f
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Make A Clean Breast Of It
How do you breast out your pigeon? Do you use a knife? I’ve been told of another method where the shooter tears the bird apart with his hands. It sounds rather brutal to me, but I’m told it works. Peter says: The problem with cutting the meat off a
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A Most Fetching All-rounder
The Retrieve jacket may look traditional but its materials embody the latest technology to make it one of the most advanced shooting jackets on the market. Härkila has thrown everything at it. As its name suggests, it is designed primarily for picker
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Defra Says General Licences Are Almost Ready For Public Scrutiny
Defra has given assurances to BASC that next year’s general licences for England will be ready for public scrutiny next month. The new licensing regime, which will come into force from 1 January, has been subject to a long-term review following a leg
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Tasks In Hand
There’s so much to do before the doe season starts and, not surprisingly, we have fallen behind. We have to move several high seats from one estate to another, as well as erect ground butts with all the subsequent clearing of sight lines. We cannot d
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Adventures of Nick & Ted
Most of you will have heard the saying: “It never rains but it pours.” Well, as I sit here writing this it is chucking it down and Storm Ellen is imminent. This follows a period of intense heat, so it has not been an easy time to get out to train the
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Is Hard Mouth Hereditary?
I have more or less booked a puppy from a spaniel bitch of good working breeding that belongs to my friend. I now learn from a different source that the bitch damaged some birds on a shoot last season and brought them back with flesh tears. I underst
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Breda Zenith L Game Gun
Some of you will have read about the Breda Zenith clay-buster in September’s issue. The new Zenith L uses the same action but is set up to be a game gun. As such, it has a solid sighting rib that tapers from 11mm to 7mm, as well as a solid joining ri
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Impacts Of Gamebird Releases Highlighted In New Study
A review into the impacts of gamebird releases has been published. The study was commissioned jointly by BASC and Natural England, and conducted by scientists from the GWCT and the University of Exeter. BASC said it would help to guide the debate on
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Crowd Control
Here we go again. The doe season starts on 1 November. As you are all well aware, this year has often been referred to as the ‘new normal’. The change to our lives looks as though it will be with us for some time yet. Perhaps it will never change bac
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The Problem: Knockout Advice
My first general anaesthetic on a dog was carried out on 3 August 1984 and involved me, a geriatric yellow labrador who was suffering from a womb problem called pyometra (possibly the same problem affecting yours), a 20ml syringe with needle attached
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Make Practice Pay Off
I’ve been doing a few simulated days in preparation for the game season, but my shooting hasn’t improved. Why might this be? Tony says: Simulated game shoots are great fun and good practice for the game season. The main problem is that with so many
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Beretta Bargain
Beretta shotguns can often come at a price that is not for the faint-hearted. The premium EELL version of the DT11, for example, is a superb piece of engineering with the finest selected woodwork and exquisitely hand-engraved decoration and is aimed
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Fowlers Asked To Heed Duck Call
Wildfowlers have been asked to contribute to a survey to determine how duck populations are changing. BASC has put out a call to the wildfowling community to enable it to compile as much accurate data as possible to help safeguard the future of the s
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Venison Korma
8 cloves garlic, peeled1in ginger peeled and coarsely chopped2oz blanched slivered almonds1/2 pint waterVegetable oil2lb stewing venison cut into bite size pieces10 whole cardamon pods6 cloves1in stick of cinnamon1 large onion peeled and finely chopp
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There’s More
Other things you might want to talk through with your vet include: • Intravenous fluid therapy, with Ringer’s lactate or Hartmann’s solution at a rate of 5ml/kg/hour is beneficial. • Pre-anaesthetic blood testing of ‘unhealthy’ patients helps to i
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Entropion In Labradors
After suffering weeks of runny eyes, my young labrador has been diagnosed with entropion and may require repeated surgery. Is this right? Might he not grow out of it? Neil says: Entropion is the inversion of one or more of the eyelids, resulting in
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Czech It Out
The CZ 511 is essentially the same gun as the older Brno 581 which had previously been in production since the 1950s, the newer name simply reflecting the rebranding of Brno to CZ. Its design therefore comes with a strong pedigree, and even owners of
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