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A2Z TILES AND FLOORING – tiles, mosaics and vinyl 011 453 1815, 082 337 6460, BERTCON – residential and industrial building 044 877 0049, 083 305 0314, BLUE ARCHITECTS – residential architecture 083 395 3089
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There were many lessons learnt in 2020, but probably the most crucial was the importance of creating a safe and comfortable home environment. This understanding continues to inform furniture and fabric trends for 2021, allowing us to create multi-lay
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There are many elements that define contemporary architecture, from clean lines and open-plan spaces to the use of natural materials and light. However the cutting-edge architectural design of this home, situated in an affluent estate of Pretoria Eas
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Essential Décor
Available in sets of two, Biggie Best’s George side tables offer a quick and effortless solution to update any space regardless of style. No green fingers? No problem. SHF Home offers a range of on-trend faux plants to
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360 FRAMELESS GLASS – glass specialist 012 664 0833,, BLU_LINE – kitchen specialists 0860 548 464, 021 201 1296,, HANDS ON LIFTS – domestic passenger elevators 082 6
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Out in STYLE
Many South Africans enjoy spending time outdoors relaxing with family and friends – braaiing or even just having a good conversation. Here are some great ideas on how to enhance the ambience in 2021, and for this to last for years to come. Trending f
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One of the reasons that this homes looks as amazing as it does is because these home owners took their time deciding on all the elements that they wanted in each space. “If it didn’t fit with our vision, it was out,” says the owner, explaining furthe
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Cleaning Tips By Mobelli
Maintaining Mobelli furniture is simple. Just hose it down with water. No detergents, no oils – just plain water to wash off the dust. For upholstered furniture or cushions simply wipe up spills. Should you have any stubborn dirt that won’t come off,
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FLUSH BATHROOMS – luxury bathroom fittings 021 511 7888,, ROCCO TILE – tiles and bathroomware supply and installation 011 886 0706,, THE CURTAIN CLUB – cust
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The sky’s the limit for South African designers who draw on the richness of Africa’s culture and heritage to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and objet d’art. These pieces are found both locally and abroad as gallerists and international buyers
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The Finest Of FRESNAYE
Involving a major structural renovation, this Cape home with an enviable address in Fresnaye boasts majestic sights of the much-loved foreshore as well as breathtaking ocean and mountain views. Commenting on the location, interior architect Ernst Fra
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HOMES FOR tomorrow
What innovations can we expect for next year? Leading architects let us in on what will be new in sustainable buildings, multi-purpose home spaces and eco-conscious designs. There have been a couple of strong trends coming through over the past few
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BB DESIGNS – metal work 082 555 4650, @simonbeebe (Instagram), FRAMEWORK DESIGN – interior architecture and renovations 083 318 9800,, GFP LIGHTING – lighting design, supply a
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The season for sensational home entertainment is here – and it’s all the more fun if you have the right bits and bobs for that fully immersive experience. With so many products on the market though, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. Let us
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KITCHEN Confidential
The kitchen is the centrepiece of every modern home. And in 2021 its importance to family living is just going to become greater as we all start to embrace the joys and convenience of smart home appliances and intelligent, timeless design. In 2021, t
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Open and SHUT
More than just a means to create privacy, blinds and shutters have evolved to become integral elements in home design, offering everything from décor to temperature control and security. In 2021, they’re only going to become more indispensible, not t
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Life-saving Little Helpers
For the past eight years, NutriBullet has been turning the nutrition industry on its head by delivering high-quality blenders to extract maximum nutritional value from your fruit and veggies, turning ordinary food into superfood.
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Put Up A Good Front
Garage doors are staying eco-friendly and on-trend in 2021, according to Absolute Doors’ Rob van den Berg. “High-density foam-filled garage doors are the latest trend, as these doors have insulation qualities. They keep the heat out in summer and the
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The future BATHROOM
COVID-19 has forced us to relook at the way we are going to be living our lives in the future, so we need to turn our homes into havens of comfort and enjoyment. Much of 2020 was spent indoors, what with the COVID-19 lockdown and working from home. M
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Keeping your home cool during summer is as important as keeping it toasty during the chilly winter months. But getting both right in a country of extreme temperatures can sometimes be a bit tricky. Here’s how to find the balance in 2021. Closed wood-
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Four Top Finds
Dress up your bathroom this season with plush bath mats available in an assortment of colours. Gio offers a wide selection of modern-looking taps including the best standard chrome finish in new trendy black. Sma
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Cleaning And Maintenance Tips
Cleaning is quite simple, with minimal amounts of ash being removed periodically and the glass being cleaned as needed. This entire process can be done within minutes, and can be sped up further by the addition of a vacuum cleaner designed specifical
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Ever wondered what influences interior home and décor trends? Well I’ve noticed how it all begins with what the fashion industry finds trendy, and in this case it’s florals with bold colours and intricate patterns – but still making sure that every i
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The perfect PALETTE
One of the easiest ways to transform your home at minimal expense is to give it a “paint-over”. Go the bold route with a vibrant and colourful colour palette or adopt a more restrained approach with a muted yet sophisticated selection of colours. Eit
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Fantastic FLOORS
Whether you’re after the inherent charm of hardwood floors or the durability of large-format tiles, there is a tremendous range of flooring options, each offering a variety of features to cater to home owners’ needs and aesthetic requirements. We ask
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Tips For Painting A Room
• Always prepare your wall surface properly. • Use the correct product for the right surface. • Never use indoor paints for outdoor applications. • Always prime your surface properly. • Observe drying times between coats. • Two coats are usually bett
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Multipurpose SPACES
Each new year brings new design trends that influence consumers’ buying decisions. These trends are long-standing and they develop and change over time. Trends come from consumers’ attitudes, lifestyles, needs, wants and spending patterns. The consum
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Paint Trends
Using a contrasting paint colour on a feature wall is on-trend for 2021. This can be a flow-in contrasting colour where the shade of the room colour is repeated on the feature wall but is at least two to three shades darker. These colours all feature
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