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Gaming For The Masses
Following on from its debut in 2005, the Buzz! franchise went on to include 18 games in total, 13 of which were released on the PS2. They made use of a set of specially-designed USB controllers reminiscent of those seen in TV quiz shows, each sportin
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G-Con 2
» PLATFORM: PLAYSTATION 2 » RELEASED: 2001 » COST: £19.99 (LAUNCH), £20+ (TODAY, BOXED), £5+ (TODAY, UNBOXED) There was little doubt that Namco would issue a PlayStation 2 compatible follow-up to its popular PlayStation gun, the G-Con 45 – it was onl
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Critical Mass: The Story Of The Ps2
Former president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. David is now cofounder of E Fundamentals. Cofounder of Relentless Software, creator of the multi-million selling Buzz! franchise. Now a games industry consultant. Cofounder of Codemaster
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Bargain Hunt
After a price spike earlier in the year, the console that conquered the world is back to more sensible realms. The original model in black or silver, with appropriate cables and controllers, should run you about £20 loose or roughly £30 boxed. The la
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Game Boy Gallery
NAME: Gray Walton LOCATION: Peterborough, UK FAVOURITE GAME: Pokémon Yellow FAVOURITE SYSTEM: Game Boy, PlayStation, Virtual Boy INSTAGRAM: @GameBoyGray If you’ve ever wanted to take a look at the various models of Game Boy that made it to production
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This SNES classic is still regarded as one of the greatest games ever made, Super Metroid simply had to be on this list. It is as well-regarded for its expertly crafted foreboding sci-fi atmosphere, aesthetics and incredible music as well as the fant
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Five To Play
The beautiful colour vector graphics and wildly original gameplay – spin your trackball to encircle subatomic particles – make this a real lost gem from the golden age of arcades. If you get to play it on an original cabinet, you’ll agree it’s Betty’
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Enhancing The Express
After a 2011 Collector’s Edition re-release by French publisher Dotemu, Jordan Mechner – who’d by then reacquired the rights to the game – and Mark Moran assisted the company with iOS and Android ports. In 2013, a Gold Edition on Steam (released on m
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Previous Prototypes
The chaotic development of Sonic’s sequel meant that plenty of ideas didn’t make the final cut. Across various prototypes it’s possible to see scrapped zone concepts such as Wood Zone and Hidden Palace Zone, as well as a variety of lost enemies inclu
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Betty Ryan
As the first female engineer hired by General Computer Corporation, Betty blazed a trail, both for women in the games industry and on-screen with her dazzling coin-op debut, Quantum. The company had made its name producing Super Missile Attack, an in
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Rambo III
» PLATFORM: MEGA DRIVE » RELEASED: 1989 » DEVELOPER: SEGA You’ve always been a little cauttious about film licences in the past, but you’re feeling lucky about the purchase of Sega’s new Rambo game. The back of the box promises you Commando-style com
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Fatal Fury: First Contact
» System: Switch » Buy it from: Online » Buy it for: £7.19 While Code Mystics has done its usual solid work with this Neo Geo Pocket Color fighter, Fatal Fury: First Contact isn’t one of the strongest examples of the game on its platform. It’s a fine
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The Unconverted
DEVELOPER: VISCO YEAR: 1994 GENRE: RACING Here on Retro Gamer, we’re big fans of Neo Drift Out. The fast-paced rally action is highly unusual on the Neo Geo, and the game is deservedly recognised as a highlight of that system’s software library. Howe
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Fancy A Rumble?
1ST VIDEOGAME APPEARANCE: RetroMania Wrestling (2020) SPECIALTY: Power ? Beginning as a super heavyweight powerlifter in the early Seventies, Austin Idol survived a plane crash, to become a star in numerous wrestling territories. He was famous for hi
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Conversion Capers
The original Matthew Smith classic. First released by Bug-Byte, then Software Projects, it’s the iconic legend that helped to define the ZX Spectrum. It’s a testament to the game’s enduring appeal that when Manic Miner was finally reviewed in Crash m
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Ntsc For Life!
One thing I’ve learnt since professionally writing about retro gaming for the last 19 years is that collecting retro games is a deeply personal thing. There’s no right way or wrong way to collect retro games, but there are plenty of ways to upset peo
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Doki Doki Penguin Land
» SG-1000 » 1985 » Sega I’ve long dreamed of blowing a silly amount of money on retro games in Tokyo’s famous Akihabara shopping district, and 2020 was the year I was finally going to do it. I had my tickets booked, a substantial cash reserve and a w
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The Evolution Of: The Last Ninja
Many of the great UK games developers of the Eighties were synonymous with just one home computer. Ultimate favoured the Spectrum, and while System 3’s Mark Cale respected the firm’s arcade adventures, he remembers thinking that he could better them
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End Game
» What do you get when you take Jim Carrey’s comedic acting, an icon of Nineties videogames and slap them together? No, not the surprisingly non-awful Sonic The Hedgehog movie, but The Mask for the SNES – a platformer that manages to capture the mani
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Tim Schafer has had an incredible career in videogames and his company, Double Fine, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, which is an exceptional achievement that deserves to be celebrated in its own right (look out for a more in-depth feature l
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The Wii’s motion controls were a natural fit for a series about facing your fears with a steady hand. Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse (as its patched version is known) foregoes heavy atmosphere in favour of jump scares and one too many cutscenes, but the m
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Missile Command
» ARCADE » 1980 » ATARI INC Dave Theurer, the creator of such arcade hits as Tempest and I, Robot is a very busy man. I had been trying to get him to agree to an interview about Missile Command for years and when he eventually agreed it was on the pr
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Retro Mania Wrestling
» PUBLISHER: RETROSOFT STUDIOS » DEVELOPER: RETROSOFT STUDIOS » RELEASE: 2020 » PLATFORM: SWITCH, PS4, XBOX ONE, PC » GENRE: BEAT-’EM-UP When WWF WrestleFest first graced arcades three decades ago, all across the world gamers and pro wrestling fans l
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Future Classic
Discover how Greek mythology, blisteringly good combat mechanics, oodles of collectible items and an incredibly strong focus on story-led narration resulted in one of the best roguelikes of recent memory. Prepare to escape the underworld again and ag
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During the making of the game, creator Makoto Shibata kept finding long strands of glossy hair in strange places – on his keyboard at work, and around his room – despite having no visitors. Based on the hair’s good condition, Shibata concluded that t
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Owlboy developer Simon Andersen cites this 2000 Game Boy Color title as one of his favourites. “While its levels were separated by a select screen, you were essentially exploring open dungeons that were unlocked as you gained new abilities. It’s also
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Virtually Impossible
Hi Retro Gamer, After picking up a great PlayStation VR bundle deal on Black Friday, I’ve become convinced that virtual reality is finally ready for prime time. Unfortunately, it appears that I’m in the minority there – there aren’t so many games ava
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