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The Low-intensity Disaster
The necessities of our print production cycle sometimes act as a speed bump for us when we want to address current events as they relate to survival. Unfortunately, seven months past our “two weeks to flatten the curve” and five months past the death
7.62x39mm - A Comrade in Arms
In addition to the unique pros and cons of lever guns against more modern alternatives, we also took a look at the ballistic potential of the .30-30 cartridge itself, with an eye toward performance against light barriers in an urban environment (thin
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Editor-in-Chief/ Iain Harrison Editor, RECOIL OFFGRID/ Tom Marshall Managing Editor/ Laura Peltakian Features Editor/ Dave Merrill Contributing Editor/ Steven Kuo Contributing Editor/ Patrick McCarthy Network Manager/ John Schwartze Web Editor/ Forre
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Masks And Respirators For Covid-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. Among the most obvious is the routine use of protective masks to prevent spreading this disease. There has been much debate about the usefulness of masks, and official guidance has flipflop
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Gear Up
MAKE & MODEL Angus Worn-In Stretch Light Work Jacket SIZES Medium through XXL MSRP $90 URL NOTES With the temperature dropping in most of the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to keep an outer layer nearby. Aside from its unnecessarily long an
The Secluded Strength Program
Imagine, if you will, there’s an outbreak of a virus threatening the lives of millions of people, and the only way to stop the spread is to stay indoors and not interact with the general public. “Stay in your homes,” we’re told. Well, not being able
Boot Laces
Let’s face it — the quality and versatility of shoe and boot laces tends to get overlooked. We’re wondering why footwear companies tend not to put as much effort into this component as they do sole construction, padding, and breathability. It has cre
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E-bikes For Survival
While I was writing this article, strong Santa Ana winds had caused catastrophic fires in several regions of California. In the name of public safety, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) — California’s largest utility company — intentionally shut down po
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What If?
In Issue 28 of RECOIL OFFGRID, we wrote a feature on Operation: Dark Winter (ODW) — a senior-level government exercise from June 2001 that simulated a bioterrorism attack in the United States using smallpox as its agent of choice. Its findings were d
The First Responder Case
My introduction to Pelican cases came decades ago when I first started doing rescue work. I was arriving to a training class and spotted a pile of black, hard-sided boxes sitting outside, but there was a problem — it was starting to rain. Thinking th
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About the Authors
Joey Nickischer is a retired detective with the New York City Police Department. He currently works as a lead technical rescue instructor with several different companies covering topics from wilderness search, high angle rope, mine rescue, and off-r
The Recipe for Precision
Over the last few months, I’ve taken several handgun classes that incorporated intermediate and advanced concepts. These skills have made me more well-rounded, but it’s critical to periodically check and strengthen the foundation they’re built upon.
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No Excuse For Ignorance
As you cruise along the highway listening to your favorite podcast, you watch in disbelief and horror as a car a few lengths in front of you swerves violently, knocking a biker clear across three lanes of traffic. You pull over immediately and feel t
Leaving the Comfort Zone
Premise: Initially living a sedentary life in the United States, Greg Ellifritz got the travel bug late in life and couldn’t get enough of it. When he isn’t working in law enforcement or teaching self-defense skills, he’s racking up new globe-trottin
Keeping Your Finances Afloat Above Covid
Americans face challenging financial times as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economy. The definition of how society and the economy works is changing as companies shift to increased reliance on telecommuting. A significant f
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Tapping Into Your Nest Egg
If you need to tap into your 401(k) money, be careful. There are many rules and pitfalls that accompany taking a loan or hardship withdrawal from your 401(k) account. Check the information on “401(k) Loans, Hardship Withdrawals and Other Important Co
The Lone-wolf Fallacy
Walking cautiously down the seemingly abandoned city streets, a solitary man peers suspiciously at his surroundings. A flicker of motion in the periphery of his vision brings his travel to an abrupt halt. He shifts the weight of his survival pack on
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Winning The Germ War
Pick your favorite (or least favorite) disaster scenario and ask what your top priorities following that disaster will be. Are a clean body and living space on your list? They should be. Sanitation and hygiene are fundamental forms of preventative me
Surviving A Carjacking
“Carjacking” is a term first coined in 1991 by writers of The Detroit News to describe an epidemic of auto thefts at gunpoint that plagued their city. The crime first became prevalent in the 1980s, when anti-theft alarm systems made old-school car th
Carjacking Countermeasures
If you happen to drive a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 and your last name is Bond, your solution to carjacking is simple: a hidden button that fires a passenger ejector seat, as immortalized in the classic film Goldfinger. While that may seem crazy, technolo
Vehicle Gunfighting
Countering a carjacking attempt with a gun is certainly a viable option, but it isn’t as easy as it may seem. If you have a CCW permit and carry regularly, you know that as soon as you get behind the wheel and buckle up, your standard draw-and-shoot
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More Than Meets The Eye
What do you think of when you hear the term “concealed carry?” Your first thought might be the legal definition of carrying a concealed gun or knife, and the accompanying guidelines in your home state and city. Perhaps you think of skills you’ve prac
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On The Cover
Make: 5.11 Tactical Model: Women’s Defender-Flex Slim Pants MSRP: $70 URL: Make: 5.11 Tactical Model: Femme Fatale L/S Shirt MSRP: $70 URL: Make: 5.11 Tactical Model: LV10 Slingpack 13L MSRP: $110 URL: www.511t
Not Your Grandpa’s Lever Gun
Today, we live in a world of rapid innovation and obsolescence. Tools and technology that are common now are likely to be forgotten in a decade, if not much sooner. You’re probably not using a typewriter or telegraph to communicate in this era of lap
Threat Perception
We don’t need to extol the value of everyday preparedness — if you’re reading this magazine, you already know its importance. But being prepared without looking prepared is a much more daunting task, and requires a conscious decision to blend into th
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On The Cover
Duty Belt Setup Make: Safariland URL: 1. Handcuff Case Model: Model 190 Price: $40 to $44 2. OC Holster Model: Model 38 Price: $33 to $51 3. Holster Model: Model 6360 Price: $154 to $241 4. Belt Model: Model 94 Price: $89 to $121 5
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About the Author:
Cody Martin is the owner of Risk Strategy Group, a company focused on physical security and risk mitigation, and the founder of Option Gray. Cody spent more than 11 years in federal law enforcement, including time working in executive protection, nar
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Equality Through Preparedness
This was a difficult issue for the team to produce. We had to take a hard look at some very uncomfortable topics. But disaster and hardship are equal opportunity animals. Survival isn’t predicated on your size, shape, strength, or gender. In Septembe
Iconic Survival Knife Designs
When we hear the term “survival knife,” we most often think of a large fixed blade of some type and not a folding pocket knife. Yet, the Buck 110 Folding Hunter may make you change that way of thinking. The Buck 110 was a familiar sight for many year
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