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Racer’s Edge
It’s hard not to feel a little sympathy for FN America’s struggles in gaining a toehold in the U.S. commercial handgun market. First is the fact that the American commercial handgun market probably adds up to a rounding error when compared to the mon
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Dushka On Wheels
The ongoing Syrian Civil War will perhaps be the most cataclysmic episode in Syrian history for the remainder of the 21st century. The conflict has produced some of the highest numbers of casualties and refugees than perhaps any other in the past dec
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Not Just A Red-dotted Stepchild
For the last couple of years, it’s felt like all the attention in the concealed-carry world has focused on increasing capacity in subcompacts. SIG’s P365, Springfield Armory’s Hellcat, and the 43X/48 duo from Glock have been getting all the headlines
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Down Range
With everything that’s happened in the past 12 months, you’d expect that someone in the firearms publishing biz would have something to say on the subject of guns and race. And yet, the silence has been deafening. RECOIL has a history of tackling unc
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M-lok Flintlock!
In a world of Federal tax stamps, excessive paperwork, and menacingly long waiting periods, it often seems like the system is stacked to make gun owners feel like they’re innocent until proven guilty. The hoops that must be navigated to simply exerci
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Editor/ Iain Harrison Managing Editor/ Laura Peltakian Features Editor/ Dave Merrill Senior Editor/ Tom Marshall Contributing Editor/ Steven Kuo Network Manager/ John Schwartze Director, Video Production/ Calvin Coulthard Web Editor/ Forrest Cooper C
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Rex Silentium Mod X
Rex Silentium is a small company making a big splash in boutique suppressor service. We recently had the chance to test their MOD X rifle suppressor, and while we’re very happy with its performance, we’re especially intrigued by their approach to cus
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MSRP: $95 URL: When we show people our favorite tactical pen, the common response is, “Really? It doesn’t look that special.” That’s the point of the Tuff Writer Operator Series pen. It’s not supposed to scream tacticool. Plus, the bod
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Guns And Partisan Politics
Did you know you can own a firearm regardless of political affiliation? Of course you did. So, if pretty much everyone, regardless of politics, can own and have owned firearms, why is “the gun” today considered only a tool of the Right? Too bad that
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Martyr’s Memorial Museum Of Jordan
The Martyr’s Memorial Museum was established in Amman under the tutelage of King Hussein. Unique among museums in the Middle East, it serves as both a solemn memorial to Jordanian fallen soldiers, while also telling the story of the Jordanian Armed F
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The Gyrojet
In the late 20th century (I feel old just typing that), Americans had been involved in multiple world wars and conflicts and were looking for a new frontier. That frontier, however, looked quite different from the days of the Old West. Rather, they s
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Heavy-duty Hot Rod
Ask 10 car guys what the term “hot rod” means, and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. However, most of these definitions will share a central theme. A hot rod is typically a mundane vehicle fitted with the largest-displacement, highest-output
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At The Intersection
It started in the summer of 2016. The back-to-back shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile brought what many saw as a groundswell around race issues in the United States. It was in this atmosphere that the #BlackLivesMatter movement began to
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The Stuff Of Nightm ares
Rather than focus on a particular blade profile, I decided to take a look at some nightmarish knives. These blades deserve that name in more ways than one. Some of them sweep upward, some drop down, a few of different grinds and angles, and of course
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We spend a lot of time talking about veteran-owned spirits in this column. But a truly relaxing, rewarding end-of-the-day drinking experience involves more than just good booze. Fortunately, this issue’s Veteran Vices column has you covered. Glenn Ye
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Compliant But Capable
One of RECOIL’s staffers lives behind the iron curtain, in sunny California. You might be surprised by how many shooters live in the state, despite its aggressively freedom-hating political leadership. Years ago, he bought a SIG Sauer M400 rifle that
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Diamond In The Rough
You’ve heard of Diamondback. For many, the name brings forth visions of cheap .380 handguns you may find in a purse. And Diamondback intends to change that. Sure, they make ARs too, but everyone makes an AR-15. So when someone told us we should check
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Tango6t Sdmr 1-6x
Low power variable optics, which zoom from 1x to 4x, 6x, or more, have surged in popularity for their great versatility, whether for military, law enforcement, competition, defensive, or recreational use. At 1x, with a well-designed reticle and brigh
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“Scar Killers” And Nextgen Rifles
CALIBER: 5.56 NATO BARREL LENGTH: 16.25 inches, 10 inches (shown) WEIGHT (UNLOADED): 7.25 pounds OVERALL LENGTH (16-INCH BARREL): 27.5 inches (folded), 37.5 inches (open) MSRP: $3,299 URL: The AR-15 family of weapons is no stranger to c
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Hold The Line
It’s said that one of the hallmarks of wisdom is learning from past mistakes. If that were the case, then you’d think so-called assault weapon bans would themselves be banished. In 1994, the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act,
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Strike Industries Siar
Strike Industries was founded in 2010 with the purpose of designing simple-but-enhanced small parts for the AR-15 and 1911. They’ve put out some products with questionably bling cosmetics and finishes over the past years but have always offered funct
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Leveraged For Survival
Getting stranded by a broken plane in the rugged wilds of the North American backcountry can leave a person feeling a bit unprepared. “I spend a lot of time in Canada and Alaska flying in bush planes, and at one time, not long ago, Canada required bu
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The Thin Green Line Rzr
In June of 2013, I found myself once again soloing the Baja 500. Since I had attempted this solo endeavor in 2010 and missed reaching the finish line by a heartbreaking 22 minutes over the time limit due to a race-ending crash and breakdown, the mix
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Titanium Dreams
Just like nearly everything else in this issue, we went the DIY route with our silencers. Normally when you purchase a suppressor, it’ll sit at your dealer for months — sometimes more than a year — before the federal government approves your paperwor
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Pointless Knives
Most knives have a tip that can pierce or stab. Anyone who has studied edged weapons in combat will make note that most deaths occur from a stab as opposed to a slash. For chores that require cutting as opposed to stabbing, we’ve seen various profile
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Always Packing
It doesn’t matter how big the room is. If Dana Gleason is in it, you’ll know it. The guy is a one-man minstrel. If there’s a story to be told, he’ll tell it using perfectly timed table-thumps and calculated F-bombs as his musical accompaniment. Dana
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The Sleeper
Retro and clone AR builds have exploded in popularity over the last decade. Whatever the reason, rebuilding black guns from bygone eras is a thriving subculture of AR owners. Whether replicating prototypes from the 1950s and ’60s or reproducing the s
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Bamf Cigars
This issue of Veteran Vices, we’re happy to expand our reach to veterans of allied militaries around the world. Ismael Olivan, owner of BAMF Cigars, is a veteran of the Spanish Army. What started out as a standard compulsory-service stint turned into
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A Different Kind Of Austrian Perfection
Getting paid to travel the world and shoot guns is pretty much the definition of a privileged existence. But once you’ve analyzed the latest striker-fired 9mm handgun (again) and yet another AR that’s claimed by the manufacturer to offer something th
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The Condo Lower
There was a time that finishing a so-called 80-percent lower receiver required a milling machine and the requisite machining skills to operate it. These early 80-percent lowers were advertised as “paper weights” and definitely worked better as booken
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