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Pieces Of The Past Competition Winners
This competition celebrated the heritage of quilting by featuring outstanding quilts that echoed the theme “Pieces of the Past.” The competition was fierce, with entries from all over the world that featured outstanding artistry as well as interestin
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Exploring Pattern& Rhythm
basic hand stitches have so much potential. One of the benefits of working by hand is the tactile nature of holding the needle and working slowly as you add layers of stitches and patterns. Handwork allows for multiple ways to mark your work with thr
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Wintery Wonderland
as I explore new pathways and techniques in textile ‘illustration’ and manipulation, I discover more ways to bring each story to life. Blending different elements and fiber to imply climate, for example, creates more drama. Angelina fibers, used in m
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How To Change A Stitch For Effect
• Change the weight or type of the thread • Alter the size of the stitch or the space between stitches • Adjust the angle of the stitch or distort it • Combine two or more stitches to create a new stitch NOTE: Find more details in Part 1 of this arti
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Specialty Fibers that Shimmer and Shine
Lorraine uses many specialty fibers in her work—some that create a muted background like felted tussah silk and merino wool, and others that cry out to be the stars of the show. Here’s a quick explanation of the ‘bits and bobs’ she used to create the
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Dot, Dot, Dot…
the world has gone a little crazy lately, and I can’t seem to get my creativity in gear. Has the daily grind got you spitting nails, too? Let me recommend the hypnotic world of dot painting. I had seen dot-painted mandalas on rocks and T-shirts, mugs
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pablo Picasso said, “To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.” This exhibition explores all the wonderful ways in which music can serve as inspiration for the creative process. Both music and art elicit emotions, create different moods, suggest mo
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Tool Time
• The dotting tools primarily used for fabric are acrylic rods. They are little larger and flatter than other dotting tools, which have a pen-like holder and metal balls on the ends. • Using a flat plastic lid or plate as a paint palette, load paint
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Add Shimmer to Quilts with Silk Thread
ahhhhh, silk! That luscious, luxurious fiber we all love. Hand applique enthusiasts have used silk thread for years because of its luster and strength. But why are so many quilters hesitant to use it for machine quilting? Don’t save it for special oc
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Tips for Dotting
• Practice painting on a scrap of fabric with each tool. • Some metallic paints have difficulty sticking to fabric. If this happens give the tool a slight turn as you lift it straight up. • Clean the tools after every color with a baby wipe. • If you
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Tips for Getting Started
For most of us, setting up your machine for free-motion quilting is as easy as dropping the feed dogs and installing a freemotion presser foot. But take the time to follow these simple additional steps before working with silk thread and you’ll get b
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Your Art Here
at QUILTING ARTS, we celebrate contemporary art quilting, surface design, mixed media, fiber art trends, and more. We are always looking for new techniques, innovative processes, and creative approaches to the art of quilting. We’d love to hear from
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My mom sewed my clothes when I was a kid; she said she had to, I was too tall and thin for commercial garments! I learned to sew from her, designing and sewing my costumes for Halloween, school themed-dances (luau or sock hop anyone?) and even my hig
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most business owners in the sewing and quilt industry have pondered whether running a business centered on their beloved hobby is a good idea. The thought of having to be creative ‘for a job’ brings with it the fear that our creative well might somed
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What is Tyvek?
Tyvek is a synthetic material that is lightweight, durable, water resistant, and versatile. It comes in many forms: Tyvek is used in the construction industry as a moisture barrier that is wrapped around houses, sewn into jumpsuits as protective equi
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Tips For Getting Through ‘Business Burnout’
Identify the Block: Is it that your financials are not done yet? Is the need to reply to emails getting in your head before you can start your next quilt? Take time to write out what’s bothering you so you can break through those problems first. Work
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Editor’s Note
IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN—TIME TO REVISIT 2020 AND PLAN FOR ’21. TIME TO REFLECT, RESOLVE, AND RE-SET. It’s been a while since I replaced the oft-discarded New Year’s resolution for a new practice—namely, setting artistic goals and choosing a ‘wor
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Designing with PAINTED TYVEK
tyvek is a wonderful fabric that has lots of different uses in art quilts. One of the wonderful things about painted Tyvek is you can stitch it in strategic ways to create dimensional embellishments. I have created wonderful leaves and seaweed with d
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The Last Word.
The new fabric—two lights, three mediums, and two darks as the instructions specified—sat folded in the backseat while I drove past the white-peaked Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon to my first quilting class. The sunrays over the fields that morn
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It’s Your Turn
Dear QUILTING ARTS, Cindy Griselda’s article on color [“Add a Spark of Color,” August/September issue] could not have been more welcomed. As a textile artist and continuing education student in surface design, I found Cindy’s no-nonsense advice for t
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i take a lot of photos for inspiration and as imagery in my fiber work. I especially like to find ways to use photos that go beyond just printing them out on a piece of white fabric. One of my favorite supplies for this is TAP—Transfer Artist Paper—a
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Tips for Using TAP with Sheers
As with any product, be sure to read all directions before you start a project. Below are some tips that will help make your sheer TAP transfers a success. Let the transferred image cool before pulling off the TAP backing paper to reduce distortion.
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About Our Contributors
Julie B. Booth is a surface design artist, teacher, and author of Fabric Printing at Home. She has written articles for Quilting Arts Magazine and appeared on “Quilting Arts TV.” Julie teaches numerous classes in hand stitching as an expressive art f
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Artist Q&A
textile artist Judith Martin lives on an idyllic, sparsely populated island in the Canadian waters of Lake Huron, slow stitching large-scale drawings and art quilts, for which she has received recognition across North America as well as other parts o
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Let Itshine
the expression “every cloud has a silver lining” is about being optimistic and always looking for hidden goodness or comfort. But sometimes, that silver lining really is silver! We tested our readers’ mettle to use metallic, glittery, or shiny elemen
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it began with an ad in QUILTERS NEWSLETTER MAGAZINE in 1980, when Karen Berkenfeld was looking to start a ‘quilting bee’ in her upper Manhattan apartment. At the start, it was as much a social gathering as anything, with members including several new
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