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Text A Pt
How Late is too late to fit in a workout? -CS Monday 3:45pm
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Joy Revision
Keogh cycles and skates to stay in shape on the road, while prioritising stretching to combat back pain brought on by songwriting sessions on Zoom. He uses this 7-minute stretching routine to keep his body on song 1/ Cat Cow 2/ Bird Dog 3/ Tabletop c
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Winning Mentality
So, who says you should never meet your heroes? LORD SEBASTIAN COE, without doubt one of the most beautiful runners who ever graced a track, was one of mine. I knew him only from afar in his athletics days. But once his racing career was over, he swi
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The Secrets To Living Well, According To Jeff Goldblum
“ERRH, EEEREEEEH”. Jeff Goldblum is making a noise that sounds a little like a labouring early-2000s dial-up connection, as he searches for a succinct answer to what I had assumed was a straightforward question. The problem is that for Goldblum there
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Class Warfare!
I’VE ALWAYS BEEN proud to be the product of public school. After all, public and state schools are part of the backbone of our country. My kid would follow in my footsteps, I had decided. And by footsteps, I mean tyre tracks, because I have ALS and u
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Ancient Solution To A Modern Problem
Q. I’ve got one of those awful company-wide brainstorm sessions coming up. How can I get through it with my reputation intact? A. I have often regretted my speech. Never my silence. Xenocrates; b. 339 BC ■
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Ask Mh
Q I keep seeing the phrase ‘intuitive eating’ on social media. Is this just another fad? – NP We’d forgive you your scepticism, NP. But, technically, it’s the opposite. Laura Thomas, nutritionist and director of the London Centre for Intuitive Eating
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Exhibit Moral Outrage. It’ll Up Your Charm
INCENSED ABOUT THE treatment of asylum seekers? Spitting chips over government obfuscation on climate change? Well, you’re in luck. Your unwavering moral compass could make you a hell of a catch. That’s the finding of a new study by researchers at th
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Move Into Reverse
GRAVITY IS A fickle friend. It helps you build strength, but it can humble you, too – especially when you’re challenging yourself with a move as tough as the muscle-up. The ‘eccentric’ version is the simplest way to turn gravity into an ally. Here, t
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Monsters Of The Deep
THIS YEAR, marine researchers in Perth landed the deepest fish ever caught off Australia. Using a simple yabby trap attached to a $100,000 piece of scientific-monitoring kit, they succeeded in catching two snailfish that live some 6177 metres below t
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Get Fast And Furious
Game plan: This workout teaches acceleration. Sprint 10 metres. Walk back to the start. Repeat as many times as possible for 10 minutes. Add 5 metres each week, working up to 100. Do this twice a week. Game plan: Learn to run fast under fatigue. Spri
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It’s Paleo! It’s Vegan! It’s… Complicated
Pegan is a mash-up of paleo and vegan. On the diet, you can eat whenever you want and as much of anything as you want – as long as you’re filling your plate with 75 per cent plant-based foods and 25 per cent sustainably raised animal products. (So, y
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Take The Fast Lane To Results
“I’VE BEEN BLESSED with good genetics, obviously, ” says Harry Aikines-Aryeetey. That’s an understatement. As proven by an old family photo from a holiday to Ghana, the British 100m sprinter had pecs aged 13. He first beat his dad in a race aged just
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What Happens When ...i Don’t Warm Up?
“A warm-up does exactly that, ” says exercise physiologist Tom Cowan. “It increases the temperature of the working muscles, which improves high-intensity exercise performance.” Active heating – warming muscles through movement – helps generate more f
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Go With The Flow To Beat Burnout
FOR AMERICAN BANDLEADER Art Blakey, jazz offered a kind of secular baptism. Performing it, he said, could “wash away the dust of everyday life”. Gamers, chess masters and athletes have long reported similar feelings of liberation while immersed in th
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Think Sharper And Feel Calmer In 10 Mins Flat
YOUR MONTHLY DOWNLOAD OF THE LATEST LIFE ENHANCING RESEARCH TO BECOME A worldclass triathlete, Lesley Paterson found herself pushing her limits “beyond what most thought were healthy”. Missed birthdays, early mornings, holidays ruined by searching fo
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Is This The Cleanest Greenest Healthiest Best Burger On The Planet?
If you’re a vegan, or a flexitarian, or perhaps, like me, just prefer to swerve bacon rolls now and then, my local supermarket has a place for you. It’s located, somewhat counter-intuitively, a little way past the many fruits and vegetables on offer
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2022 Tech Awards
Crush your to-do list (office, yard, garage) with these gadgets that make any job fly by Whether you need to zone out with a movie on your commute or zone in and focus at the office, the Apple AirPods Max deliver, with best-in-class adaptive noise ca
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Can Your Brain Tame Chronic Pain?
I’VE KNOWN Tara DiRocco for less than five minutes, but already I’m telling her all the intimate details: a dull, persistent ache in my right arm sets in within moments of sitting down at my desk to work. This pain, which I’ve had for years, brings e
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Get Your Hair Back in Shape
GROOM SERVICE BALD TRUTHS Profile: If your jawline is more prominent than your cheekbones, and you boast a relatively broad forehead with a more pointed chin, you’re in the right place. As typified by: Hey girl, it’s Ryan Gosling. Do ask your barber
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Hot Shots For Your Daily Grind
WITH AN ESTIMATED two in five businesses now moving towards hybrid-style working, the home office is here to stay. Which makes investing in your set-up worthwhile. Already swapped the sofa for an ergonomic chair? Invested in a desk lamp that doesn’t
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The Nutrition Snob’s Guide To salad Greens
Contrary to popular belief, the cooler months – not summer – represent peak salad season: leaves grow better when it’s cooler, says Neil Campbell, head chef at Fitzrovia’s Rovi. The best salads are simple, but quality ingredients are paramount. Buy f
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Getting Hy On Fitness
ONE IMPOSSIBLE CHALLENGE.TWO WEEKS TO TRAIN.GO I HAVE DONE some silly things to fly the Men’s Health flag in the near decade and a half that I’ve worked for the brand. I’ve completed an Olympic-distance triathlon with very little training, suffered t
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YOUR INNER STRENGTH BY FASTING & STAYING FIT Each Ramadan, trainer Faris Khan, fasts from dawn to dusk for 30 days – and still crushes intense workouts. Follow him on Instagram @BrotherFaris for more tips. Here are a couple to keep in mind You’ll hav
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Feel The Need For Speed
BECAUSE FIT IS THE NEW RICH Max sprint efforts have been absent from your training for too long. Time to explode WHEN WAS THE last time you really sprinted? Running all out, arms pumping, core braced, knees driving, feet detonating off the ground wit
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Feast Upon An All-the-seafood Stew
30g Chicken breast isn’t the only lean protein. Seafood is a smart low-kilojoule, high-protein option, too. In this recipe, just a 170-gram serving of any of the fish or shellfish contains at least 23 grams of protein and, at most, 1220 kilojoules. P
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Asian Fusion
YOU’D HAVE TO be almost as old as Joe Biden looks to remember it, but there was a time when people thought Japanese cars were a bit ropey. Then we all fell in love with them, bought so many that it may have helped kill our own car industry, and then,
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50 Best & Worst Foods For Men
Swiss cheese was the surprising food most closely linked with better cognitive health in a recent scientific study. Raw food isn’t always superior. The nutrient beta-carotene is best absorbed when veg is cooked, along with 3-5g of fats. These certifi
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Testing Positive
MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, strong themes emerge when we’re creating an issue of Men’s Health. Leitmotifs pertaining to health, training and society materialise during the planning process, weaving their way subtly through the pieces that make up a specific
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Leading Man
Thanks to stars like Timothée Chalamet and Jason Momoa, the boundaries of suiting are limited only by your imagination. Branch out with accessories and make the look your own. Suiting isn’t always climate appropriate in Australia, but draw inspiratio
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