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Plastic-free Pick
Did you know that the average woman sends 11,000 tampons and pads to landfill during their lifetime? BetterCup is on a mission to tackle this waste and eradicate period poverty with easy-to-use menstrual cups. Each cup lasts a decade and, for every c
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Get To Know Your THYROID
The thyroid is a teeny butterflyshaped gland that can be found at the front of the neck, just behind the windpipe. It’s small but mighty, producing and distributing two essential hormones known as triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), which are c
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Plant Power
Have you tried tempeh? Plant Power’s gut-friendly protein (made from fermented soybeans) adds an umami flavour to salads, stir-fries and sandwiches. £2.75, ■
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A Walk To Remember
Surrounded by beautiful scenery, on paths that have been trodden by Christian pilgrims for over a millennium, walking the Camino de Santiago can be a beautiful way to put our busy modern lives into perspective. The complete trail is a test of enduran
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BOTANICALS Lovely Liquorice
Known to botanists as Glycyrrhiza glabra, most of us know this popular plant as liquorice. Liquorice is famed for its aromatic root but can also be recognised by its pale purple flowers and prickly pods of pea-like fruit. It was championed by the anc
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Turmeric-spiced Kedgeree
• 4 organic eggs• 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil or rapeseed oil• 1 onion, finely chopped• 3 cloves garlic, finely chopped• 2 tsp turmeric• 300g wholegrain basmati rice• 900ml water• 250g undyed smoked haddock fillets, skinned• 100g frozen or fresh pe
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fresh & SIMPLE
• 2 large butternut squash• 2 tbsp harissa paste• ½tbsp lime juice• 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil• 2 garlic cloves, crushed• 8 bay leaves• 2 tbsp runny honey• 150g feta cheese, roughly chopped• Handful of chopped mint• Salad leaves or watercress• Sea
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Michael Garry, Liz’s Personal Trainer, Walked The Final 120km Of The Longest Camino Trail Last Year. Here, He Shares His Experience Of The Journey.
‘I wanted to try the Camino to see how it was, so I did the last week of the pilgrimage. Originally, I had three holiday destinations in mind and the worst of the three was the Camino. I thought it would just be lots of church people walking along, s
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BACKSTAGE BEAUTY with Hannah Martin
September seems to herald a ‘reset’ in many ways. The frivolities of long, hazy summer days pass and a new rhythm begins. And, just as life shifts with the season (the food we eat, the things we do, the clothes we wear), so does our skincare and make
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LET’S TALK ABOUT… Intermittent fasting
For our prehistoric ancestors, periods of feast and famine were the norm. These early humans didn’t eat four or five times a day, but would instead hunt, feast to the full and then go for long periods without a morsel to eat. Fast forward to today, a
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Liz’s Larder
Fermenting garlic gives cloves a wonderfully mellow sweetness, similar to roasted garlic but with a little bit more punch. Plus, it’s full of lovely beneficial bacteria. Use a chopped fermented garlic clove or two to bring a whole new taste sensation
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Tune In
And Now For The Good News with RUBY WAX In need of some good news? Ruby Wax joins Liz to discuss exactly that. From tech to food, wellbeing to education, she shares the game changers, thought leaders and green shoots working to create a brighter and
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Hello And A Warm Welcome…
One of the (few) good things to have come out of the Covid-19 crisis has been expanding our ‘friends and family’ connections across so many platforms, with my regular ‘lives’ on Instagram via @LizEarleMe, and the Liz Earle Wellbeing magazine Facebook
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SALON Secrets Hair Loss Treatments
An inside look at pricier treatments that might actually be worth the investment Hair loss is such a common problem, yet it is one that we rarely talk about. Hair loss – yes, I’m talking about female hair loss – is estimated to affect up to 50 per ce
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How To Fast
Favoured by Liz, this is a very easy and sustainable approach to fasting. It involves abstaining from food for 16 hours and eating for eight. In reality, this means skipping the first or last meal of the day. You might finish your last mouthful of fo
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This daal is from Uttar Pradesh, in the north of India, and is a comforting, gentle accompaniment to more strongly flavoured dishes. The turmeric and ginger give a welcome warming boost. • 250g moong daal• 700ml water• 1 tsp asafoetida (optional)• 1
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Join Us Online
If you’re not already a regular listener, do join our wonderful Wellbeing community and enjoy Liz’s chats online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 12.30pm. You can watch these live via Liz’s Instagram feed (@LizEarleMe) or on Facebook (facebook.c
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Liz Earle Wellbeing
Editor-in-Chief Liz Earle MBE, Managing Editor Polly Beard, Design Director Nicky Acketts, Copy Editor Camilla Cary-Elwes, Senior Health & Beauty Writer Ellie Smith, Image Editor Betty Beard, Editorial Assistant Martha Comerford, Head of Marketing &
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HOW TO GO gorgeously grey
Though lockdown reacquainted many of us with our sparkling silver roots, embracing grey locks has long been a trend on the rise. ‘Being grey at any age is definitely losing its stigma,’ says Johanne Herald, senior master stylist at Charles Worthingto
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Mindful Moment
Studies show that consciously counting our blessings makes us happier and more optimistic about the future. Take a piece of A4 paper and fold it in half three times. Unfold the paper and you should be left with a grid made up of eight rectangles. In
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Full Of Flavour
These onions – sweet inside, charred at the edges and swimming in a tart pomegranate syrup – started their life at Testi, a north London Turkish restaurant that we love, where a similar dish is made by charring onions next to lamb on the grill, then
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Book Club
Join us on Instagram using the hashtag #LEWbookclub and share what you’re reading. by Matthew Walker (£10.99, Penguin) This international bestseller has been described as a vital life raft of a read. It’s written by a neuroscientist professor, who sh
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Wellbeing NEWS
Cycling has increased ten-fold after lockdown, and bike journeys help take the pressure off public transport. With most towns and cities across the country expanding their cycle lanes, now’s the time to pump up the tyres and enjoy the fitness and joi
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Grey hair FAQs
When do most women go grey? Though most go grey gradually with age, the speed with which we shed our colour depends largely on genes. Some women begin spotting silvers in their 20s while others can get well into midlife without a grey in sight. Trich
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Life After Lockdown
Emerging from months of enforced lockdown and isolation marks a very significant turning point in most of our lives. Few of us have been left untouched or unscathed by the appalling pandemic and, for many, life will never be the same again. But, this
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In A Nutshell
The perfect antidote to chilly autumn mornings. Start your day with a healthy hit of tropical sunshine, free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Think of this loaf as a protein-packed breakfast vessel, best topped with a spoonful of kefir, fresh fr
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Health Heroes
by Lexie Williamson (£12.99, Bloomsbury Sport) If you’re striving to feel more flexible, this is a brilliant starting point. Focussing on the feel-good benefits of stretching, Move explores the six key move sequences that will guide your body to feel
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Seeing Results
Working out helps prevent vision-loss as well as improving overall fitness, say scientists at the University of Virginia. They found that when mice moved around more they saw 45% less harmful growth in their blood vessels, something that causes visua
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Building A Brand With Marcia Kilgore
NEW SERIES When it comes to business, Marcia Kilgore knows her stuff. Having founded her first company, Bliss, in 1996, she’s since gone on to create some of the world’s most recognisable brands. From Soaper Duper to FitFlop, Marcia’s entrepreneurial
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Pistachio, Fig, Coconut And Cacao Nib Balls
Looking to wean yourself off sugary snacks? These tasty treats are loaded with healthy fats to help keep us feeling fuller for longer. Try this • 2-3 dried figs, chopped• 100g pistachios• 25g whole almonds• 1 tbsp flax seeds• 2 tsp cacao nibs• 1tbsp
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