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Boost to Vulkan
Khronos ( has now released Vulkan extension specifications that brings ray tracing to the graphics API. Ray tracing allows for realistic lighting and reflection effects. With Nvidia and AMD’s latest graphics cards, along with the new
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Guix System v1.2.0
Guix System is a stateless meta distribution whose origins can be traced back to a research paper. The operating system, which has had its 1.2.0 release, is built around the Guix package manager, which is one of the most advanced open source package
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Platform And Hardware Support
As with all niche software, their popularity doesn’t always result in the latest version being made available in the software repositories of most popular desktop distros. With the exception of SkyCharts, all the other applications are available in t
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Yarp: A Similar Framework
YARP is the framework for communications within robotics. It can replace the ROS master as a name server. You can also do this the other way around using the YARP as a name server. The name server will support the nodes and protocols across your syst
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Manipulate And Work With PDF Files
According to the statistics released by Adobe as part of the 25th anniversary of PDF in 2018, more than 200 billion PDF files were accessed using Adobe products in 2017. In the years since, and taking into account non-Adobe products, the sheer number
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Web-based Emulation
If the thought of running an emulator leaves you cold, we can emulate a classic Mac from a browser. Courtesy of we can emulate a Macintosh Plus running 7.01 and even play a few games. This emulation is powered by Jav
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Important Notice!
DEFECTIVE DISCS: For basic help on running the disc or in the unlikely event of your Linux Format coverdisc being in any way defective, please visit our support site at Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer advice on us
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New NTFS driver
Last year Paragon Software made the surprise yet welcome move to mainline its read-write NTFS driver into the Linux kernel, replacing the FUSE-based ntfs-3g driver. This brought improved support for the NTFS file system (which is used by Windows), an
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What We Hurd?
If you were wondering, the GNU Hurd is the GNU project’s replacement for the Unix kernel as opposed to an OS using the Linux kernel, the BSD kernel or historically the AT&T System V kernel. It’s a collection of services that run on the Mach microkern
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Search Options
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy already established that space is big. But if you still have doubts, using these tools will open your eyes to the fact in almost no time at all. The sheer number of space objects, galaxies, constellations and star
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Running With Nixos
For fans of the NixOS and its package manager, there’s also a way to set the whole ROS system up using NIX. Most of the problems with revisions, particularly those involving libraries, are solved with NixOS so it enables you to keep a clean system wh
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Working With Poppler-utils
While we’ve discussed a number of different utilities to manipulate PDF files in different ways, your Linux distribution has still more tools to offer, for still more operations. The poppler-utils package is a collection of tools built on Poppler’s l
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Mac Software
As a means to preserve the history of computing, has created libraries of software which includes a lot of Mac software. Find it at This software can be downloaded and run in the Basilisk I
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On The Disc
Yes, we know, Ubuntu 20.10 is out (and it won’t be that long until 21.04 is released, but remember we write from long in the past Covid-covered mid-December). Still, if you’re looking for a swift, stable OS that you can keep relying on till 2025, the
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Distro Watch
This user-friendly disk imaging software has been updated with a much-requested new feature that enables you to easily mount and open Clonezilla images and access files, along with some important bug fixes and performance improvements as well. Two ve
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DEVELOPER: Ludovic Courtès WEB: LICENCE: GPLv2/3+ FEATURES 6/10 PERFORMANCE 5/10 EASE OF USE 5/10 DOCUMENTATION 9/10 The Guix System has a steep learning curve that puts it out of reach of the average Linux user. Rat
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Support And Documentation
Celestia offers a comprehensive guide. covering everything from installing it on different platforms and even basic navigation, using the star and solar system browser and even selecting objects by name. The wikibook provides a quick rundown of the m
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If you want to use JavaScript and interface directly with Arduino and other system-on-chip boards, consider these simpler systems. They’re designed to interface directly to a large amount of boards, including the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other small
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Remove Text Watermarks From Files
As useful as mobile scanning applications such as CamScanner are, the free versions of such programs often insert watermarks to the finished file. If you’re annoyed with watermarks such as “Scanned with CamScanner” or other such watermarks, there’s a
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Getting To Grips With Docker
This month’s tutorial will hopefully show you that Docker is nothing to be afraid of, and once it’s installed you can start doing some cool stuff using just a handful of commands. You can use it for hosting your own servers, but it’s also handy for q
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New To Linux? Start Here…
Never used a Linux before? Here are some handy resources: Read our quick-install guide Looking for an answer? Want to delve more deeply? ■
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Open-ish Source?
“ The recent proliferation of multiple ‘Source Available’ and ‘open source-compatible’ licenses for previously open source databases has led to some hefty problems. If you don’t spend time researching and understanding the fine print of these license
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Edge on Linux (dev)
Microsoft Edge uses the open source Chromium web-rendering engine, which also powers Chrome and several other web browsers. Microsoft proudly announces that it’s an active contributor to the Chromium project with over 1,700 commits. Since the browser
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The Verdict
For a change, with this Roundup it wasn’t all that difficult to determine the first, second and last place finishers. The real contest thus was between the third and fourth. While Aladin Sky Atlas is certain useful and informative, if we had to descr
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Pi Prey USER
The world is getting armed and dangerous, as another distro joins the Raspberry Pi army. We get the feeling that people like the Raspberry Pi, because the latest distribution to offer direct support for the tiny computer is Elementary OS, as reveale
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Change The Metadata Of Pdf Files
We’ll be using the pdftk utility to alter the metadata of PDF files. Run the pdftk file.pdf dump_data output metadata. txt command. This will create a data dump in the metadata.txt file for the specified PDF file. The data_dump command option of pdft
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Quick Tip
Go to, click Explore and check out the fascinating array of pre-made images. The Hub is organised into categories, so you should be able to find anything that you’re looking for, or perhaps, you’ll come up with some crafty idea
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And More!
Go further with shell scripting. Get to grips with the basics of Bash scripting. First steps in shell scripting. Eric S Raymond’s classic text explains the advantages of open development. Essential guide for sysadmins. Everything you need to know. A
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Kernel Watch
Linus Torvalds announced the release of Linux 5.10, noting that things had calmed down and “nothing makes me go, ‘We need another week.’ Things look fairly normal.” With the release of 5.10 comes the “merge window” (period of time during which disrup
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DEVELOPER: Microsoft WEB: LICENCE: Proprietary FEATURES 6/10 PERFORMANCE 8/10 EASE OF USE 9/10 DOCUMENTATION N/A Although it’s still a preview build, Edge for Linux is shaping up to be a stable and solid optio
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