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Róisín Murphy Fixes Your Life
Is it too late to learn how to dance? – Maisie No! You don’t even have to learn, all you have to do is move. My boyfriend thinks he’s the best dancer – when he gets going, he thinks he’s John Travolta. And as long as no one tells him, that’s what he
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Editor's Letter
‘Action’ has always been at the heart of Huck. In the early days, the mid-noughties, that relationship was perhaps more literal. The magazine was born out of surf and skate culture: our first eight cover stars, for instance, all came directly from th
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Opening Stills
Austin is a predominantly Black neighbourhood on the west side of Chicago, and the subject of a two-year project by photographer Sasha Phyars-Burgess. In regards to the title, she decided to include GPS coordinates so that people could look it up on
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Trun The Tide
It’s early evening in southern California. Ty Duckett, a stocky Philadelphia native, lies on his surfboard in the ocean. Another man, wearing a bucket hat, stands nearby: he’s chest-deep in the water and gesturing with his hands. Ty, who’s 35 years o
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Recently, Kathy Karlo was trying to describe the Red River Gorge to a friend who’d never visited before. Despite her best intentions, the climber and podcast host could only offer one valid comparison when it came to painting an accurate picture of t
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Holding court
During the summer, London’s basketball courts were some of the first free public spaces to reopen post-lockdown. Scattered across the capital, each one is a unique, self-contained island – home to an impressive cast of regulars, for whom community is
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The Honest Truth
Vic Mensa is busy adjusting his camera, trying to get it right. He changes it from mobile to laptop view, the neon blue lights from across the room transforming his hue, before he disappears entirely. After a few seconds, he returns again. “Well, tha
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Hot Wheels
It’s spring in Oman – the time of the year when the relatively pleasant temperatures start to give way to relentless desert heat. On this particularly sweltering day, we’re in Bawshar – a wilayat (province) in Muscat, in the country’s northeast – and
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One Future
one future #ckone is a new photography series from Calvin Klein, spotlighting first-time voters in the U.S. amid the 2020 election. Shot during August and September, it sees some of the country's most exciting young visual storytellers coming togethe
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Fight The Power
I was already quite rebellious as a teenager. I hitchhiked a lot in the GDR [East Germany], following rock bands. But I found photography through my father. He was a freelance photographer who shot passport pictures, wedding photos. He forced me to d
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Lessons Learned: CHUCK D
As the free-spoken pioneer behind Public Enemy, Chuck D has carried the torch for the best part of four decades. He has seen leaders come and go, revolutions rise and fall. To mark a political moment unlike any other, the hip hop legend shares what h
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Concrete Dreams
Nowadays, the Beirut explosion is all that people want to talk about. Bilal Hersh finds this frustrating. It’s almost as if his life has suddenly become more interesting to others – “just because there was a bomb”. The 31-year-old skateboarder was ri
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Spin City
This isn’t the kind of crowd that goes to the odd roller disco as a novelty outing. There are some tentative beginners learning the ropes, but for the most part the skaters here are dedicated to pushing what’s possible on eight wheels, whether it’s g
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E.s. Glenn
What first drew you to comics? When I was very young, like seven, I was in a library and found Robert Crumb’s Complete Crumb anthology. When I saw that, I just fell in love with comics. I had never seen anything like that before… all this adult mater
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Street Studios
In my childhood home, there was an old black-and-white photograph that used to hang in the hallway. It was a family portrait – of my grandparents, my great uncles and my mother as a three-year-old, all posing in a photographer’s studio. At the time,
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My love for photography comes from my grandfather. He was captain of a ship in World War II and came back quite clearly traumatised. He used to shout at everyone in the family, but he’d also take pictures of us all, using a waist-level box camera. I
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Lindokuhle Sobekwa on Ernest Cole
I remember coming across Ernest Cole’s book, House of Bondage, when I was in high school. At the time, I was familiar with a lot of black photographers – but not black South African ones. So when I learned of his work, I was immediately inspired. The
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Bower Bird Blues
Two years ago I walked to the hospital for a routine check-up and was told that I had been having contractions all afternoon without knowing. They told me that the baby was on his way, over a month early, and immediately prepped me for an emergency c
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Ozark Life Project
I’ve always craved a challenge. I’ve spent a lot of my life seeking out adventures and new experiences. Even when I was young, growing up outside Chicago, we would ride our bikes anywhere we wanted. There were creeks and forests that you could disapp
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The Coast
If I could pinpoint the moment photography became more significant in my life, it would be when my mother was diagnosed with an illness. I was in my last year of high school, and I had also just discovered that my parents had separated. I felt that m
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Freedom Or Death
I came of age in some of the darkest years of apartheid. Coming from a moderately liberal family – my parents were in fact both German Jewish refugees who fled the Holocaust – I grew up with a sense that I had unearned white privilege. Like many whit
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New Landscapes
People have questioned my validity in the photo industry. I guess that comes with the territory of getting an A1 feature for your first New York Times assignment, but also for being a young, black, female photographer. There is definitely some resist
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The Grass
Earlier this fall I decided to take the long way back to my hotel and wandered through the Christian neighbourhood of Erbil in northern Iraq. I cut down a quiet side street lined with small houses and stopped in front of a concrete, sand-coloured bui
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Lua Ribeira on Cristina Garcia Rodero
When I look at the images Cristina Garcia Rodero’s makes, I see a synergy in our work. I believe it’s because we both like to spend time with people. We enjoy the union one creates with others through the process of photography – there’s a similar en
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Santa Barbara
I grew up in a house of secrets. Every family has a story. You grow up with your version of it, but as an adult that narrative shifts beneath your feet as more facts are revealed. When I was 27, my mother told me she was a mail-order bride. She didn’
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Hypermarché / Novembre
I don’t remember my first photographs. There were never really any signs I wanted to be a photographer – I didn’t even know what one was as a child. I was born in Tokyo and raised in Shizuoka and Kanagawa Prefecture, the eldest son alongside my two b
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In Constant Motion
Humanity has never stopped moving. From the moment we first launched ourselves onto two legs, reaching out beyond our evolutionary cradle in the horn of Africa, our history has been marked by ceaseless travel. As a species, we have spread to the fart
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Who Is Michael Jang?
I was born in Marysville, California, 1951. Back then, they would have said I was an over-active child… but I think we have more clinical names for that now! I didn’t particularly do well in school or tests, though I always excelled in art and visual
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