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Raiden Higa’s 1965 Ford Falcon is what you could call a legacy purchase. His dad was always into Falcons, and that interest must have rubbed off on him because in May 2010, he found a clean, unrestored Falcon in his hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta, C
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Score To Settle
The Chevy versus Ford debate is as old as these legendary car companies, and within each camp, smaller factions duke it out for performance supremacy. One such battle has long been GM 12-bolt versus Ford 9-inch. In truth, the 12-bolt is a far more ef
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Improve Top-End RPM by Adjusting Hydraulic Lifters for Minimum Preload
When adjusting hydraulic flat tappet or hydraulic roller lifters for proper preload on a 350 small-block, a 454 big-block, and other displacements and engine makes with non-positive-stop stud-mounted rocker arms, stock specs typically call for a cons
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Rare 1966 427 Big-block Impala Ss
At Chevrolet’s preview of its new-for-1966 models held in July 1965, Petersen Publishing’s photo chief Bob D’Olivo captured a boat of an Impala convertible lapping a GM proving ground. It’s hard to make out in the photo, but there are crossed flags o
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E-Turbo Revolution: Electric Turbos Get Real!
We’ve all seen those scam advertisements for the so-called “electric turbo.” These inexpensive devices are claimed to function as turbochargers, but they are really just simple ducted fans or blowers, at best good only for blowing smoke. If you think
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Persistence Pays Off
Old Smokey is hard to characterize. It’s a tube-chassis race car hiding under a weather-beaten 1949 Ford F1 body. It is registered and legal to drive on public roads. It obliterates a pair of rear tires at will, thanks to a massive wave of torque fro
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Subframe Save
❱As HOT ROD readers most likely know, unibody cars don’t have frames in the conventional sense. There is no single support structure that more or less everything is bolted to. Rather, unibody framerails are really just like every other part of the bo
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Understated Elegance
As a young lad, Kevin Martin was always the one who knew what every car brand or model was. As he got older, that passion didn’t fade. When he was financially able to start buying up cars, he went on a shopping spree that included GTOs, midyear Corve
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Pulled From The Pasture
An idea catching fire today revolves around the theme of “just get it running,” which saved this 1968 Road Runner that had been parked in a farmer’s field for decades “close to Caddo Mills…in East Texas,” according to its rescuer, Jerry Coleman. Gett
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Long-term Commitment
There was no shortage of history-making events in 1971. The Apollo 14 astronauts landed on the moon, the war in Vietnam continued to rage on, Intel released the world’s first microprocessor, and Dirty Harry made his big-screen debut. But none of it m
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How the LS Made the Big-Block Cool Again
Today, my TV cohost Mike Finnegan called me and asked if I’d be down to help him install a Toyota 2JZ inline-six engine into his ’68 Dodge Charger. I said yes. This was not the me of 30 years ago. It may have sort of been the me of 10 years back, and
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The HOT ROD Archives
May 2001: 148 pages, $3.99 Take one crazy staffer, an old-fashioned Deist Nitro-approved fire suit, and an altered wheelbase Nova, and you have the ingredients for one of the most iconic HOT ROD covers ever. Petersen Publishing photographer Jimw Brow
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Sports Car Racing Resurgence
Last weekend was the 59th running of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, and I was there in spirit as I listened to nearly the entire race broadcast on IMSA Radio through my headphones. It was an exciting race with long stretches of green flag racing and
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Single-Plane vs. Dual-Plane
Does an intake manifold really make a difference? Two basic types of intake manifolds are used on most carbureted and many retrofit fuel-injected engines: a dual-plane intake and a single-plane intake. In the battle for intake manifold supremacy, whi
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Outrageous Malaise
Chrysler has always been clever with the branding of their performance vehicles. You’re likely familiar with the Hellcat and the Demon as examples that stir the soul. If you’re into old-school Mopar iron, you have the Superbird, Road Runner, Super Be
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Reborn To A Higher Power
Plymouth decisively shed the Barracuda’s economy car roots with the introduction of the nameplate’s third generation in 1970. The completely redesigned car was built on the sportier E-body platform, and its crisp lines, high haunches, and stunning pr
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Double Vision
This story starts about 10 years ago, when Jeff Thompson got the urge to build a simple hot rod. “Nothing flashy,” he told us. “Just a really nice ’32 three-window coupe in the style of the late ’50s/early ’60s. Something with three pedals and minima
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Big Power Small-Block
When Steve Brule and the crew at Westech Performance Group aren’t busy knocking out fresh episodes of Engine Masters, they spend their time testing out myriad different engines on their pair of Superflow 902 engine dynos. This time around, it’s a str
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In The Rearview
Editor-in-Chief @john.mcgann It’s early January as I write this, and the pages of the calendar have finally flipped on 2020. Good riddance, in my opinion. I’d imagine a lot of folks reading this feel similarly. This was an unprecedented year for all
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Shifting Gears
Automatic transmissions have come a long way from the non-overdrive, slow-shifting slushboxes of the past. And while we can appreciate how good they are, many of us still prefer a manual transmission. Why? Why do we desperately cling to what some cal
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Etymology, Definitions, Labels
Roadkill@davidfreiburger I’ve finally embraced my midlife role as the curmudgeonly gearhead who complains about how the kids these days just don’t get it. I started out as one of those kids, then was fortunate to live under the tutelage of the likes
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Who Can Build a 1,000HP Turbocharged Street Ford Coyote Engine and Trans Going in a 1994 Mustang GT?
Q: I’m looking to swap the engine in my 1994 Ford Mustang GT. My goal is to Coyote swap it and turbo-boost it to make 1,000 hp. What transmission would you recommend that will hold up that much hp? Where do you suggest buying the engine and trans? A:
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Birth Of A Legend: The 1974 Penske Iroc Camaro
“There were no regulations for us to follow—we made up our own rules.” That was Jay Signori, Roger Penske’s project foreman, talking to Car Craft magazine’s Rick Voegelin about the birth of the original IROC Camaro in 1974. A full 10 years before Che
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The HOT ROD Archives
A different take on the swimsuit-themed issues popular in the ’90s, this issue went retro with a pin-up aesthetic. No doubt this issue sold well and probably made a ton of money, as it was jam packed with ads from companies banking on getting their p
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Rust Busted
Automotive sheetmetal and rust repairs can be intimidating. But with some practice, the work is pretty easy to get the hang of. Replacing a doorskin is a good job for the beginner to start with. Doors are perhaps one of the most vulnerable parts on a
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Blue Oval Bruiser
Between co-hosting Engine Masters and running Westech Performance Group, Steve Brule is one busy guy. But even with a constant flow of engines through his dyno facilities, there are still a few that catch his eye. A perfect example is this 511-inch a
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Intake Shootout
Although owners of the various iterations of LS engines might argue the merits of each, one thing they all have in common is confusion about the workings of an intake manifold. Specifics get cloudy when it comes time to upgrade from the factory. Natu
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How to Pick the Right Cam for Your Engine
Your performance camshaft is the brain of your engine. Assuming your engine is otherwise sound and correctly tuned—but doesn’t perform as expected—it may be because that cam is mismatched to the overall engine and drivetrain combination. The experts
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