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7 Breathtaking Bathrooms
When Jacoline van Zyl and Alexander Penman were itching to do a renovation project, Jacoline’s mom and dad’s beach house in Struisbaai presented the ideal opportunity. “My parents, Japie and Mayne van Zyl, have owned the house for 10 years and it had
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Ask JJ
Cindy van Heerden of Parklands, Cape Town writes We have been battling for ages to eradicate this awful invasive plant on our property in Britannia Bay that is overwhelming our succulents – apparently it is called dodder. We try to pick it off but s
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Let's Go Shopping!
CONTACTS AND STOCKISTS @home 0860 576 576, home.co.za AH Marais 023 626 3071, ahm.co.za Builders 0860 284 533, builders.co.za CTM 0800 010 810, ctm.co.za Designed by Debbie 082 555 4965 Douglas Jones 086 166 7242, douglasjones.co.za Holly Wood Kitche
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Ask Ludwig
Rosemary North of Durbanville writes My ‘Sue Gush’ roses bloom beautifully in October but after that they don’t seem to grow or flower as prolifically. Is that normal? The October rose flush is always spectacular, but there is no reason why your ros
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Renew With Paint!
• The floor area of the bathroom is 5m²; adjust the materials and costs to suit the size of your own project. • In preparation, the tiles on the side of the bath were removed, and this surface as well as the floor was screeded with cement. The wall t
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Garden Goodies
Angelonia angustifolia ‘Serenita Rose’ is an elegant and tough flowerbed or container plant for full sun. Also known as the summer snapdragon, it produces spikes of deep rose-coloured blooms from spring to late summer which attract bees and butterfli
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Everything In Its Place
Elize Potgieter was determined to sell or give away all their accumulated clutter when she and hubby Greg moved to Wellington three years ago. “I was always the queen of my garage but every time we moved, I lost a little of my resolve. I could no lon
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WHO LIVES HERE? Clynton and Lisa Fraser WHERE Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal SIZE OF GARDEN 1ha TYPE OF SOIL Shaley and acidic Her garden is an ongoing project and over a period of 30 years, she has gradually enlarged it to include the old, almost derelic
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Build A Nifty Workstation
• 18mm plywood, cut to the following sizes: four 800 x 600mm (sides) four 564 x 600mm (tops and bases) two 764 x 564mm (backs) two 764 x 570mm (dividers) eight 570 x 273mm (shelves) • 18mm laminated pine: one 1 240 x 610mm (worktop) • two 75mm castor
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Spring Is In The Air!
What could be better than being out in nature at this time of year, amidst the sweet scents of all the new flowers and blossoms? Create the same feel in your own garden by planting scented flowers – near a bedroom window, alongside your entertainment
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Ask The Experts
Linda Kinnear of Johannesburg writes We installed a new vinyl floor with a herringbone pattern in our living room about a year ago. Now the floor looks dull and lifeless. Is there a specific product on the market that I should use to treat it? Eva K
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More Scented Plants
• Sagewood (Buddleja salviifolia)* and butterfly bush (B. davidii) • Mexican orange (Choisya ternata) • Gardenia spp. • Orange jasmine (Murraya exotica) • Yesterday, today and tomorrow (Brunfelsia pauciflora) • Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) •
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Quick Questions
Q: Where did the Parkhursts buy their gorgeous Persian rug, as featured on the cover of your August 2020 issue? – Martie du Toit via Facebook A: The rug was a hand-me-down gift from a friend, who also bought it second-hand. The homeowner found many o
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Wine & dine
Spare ribs are taken from the bottom of the ribs, near the belly of the pig, so they are bigger, meatier and a slightly tougher cut of meat. Loin-back ribs are taken from the top of the rib cage, close to the loin, so they are smaller and more tender
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Stash It Or Trash It?
Hanlie Shapley of Wolseley writes Can you tell me more about this porcelain set? How old is it, where was it made, and does it have any value? Ainsley Taylor of Stephan Welz & Co. replies This pretty vintage washbasin and pitcher set, together with
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Crème Brûlée Crêpe Cake
Makes 1 xw0cm cake • 4 eggs• 500ml flour• 1w5ml oil• 30ml brandy• 600ml full-cream milk• 1 tablespoon sugar (optional)• a pinch of salt • 750ml full-cream milk• 1 cinnamon stick• 4 egg yolks• 1w5ml brown sugar• w5ml cornflour• a few drops of vanill
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This past winter felt like the longest and wettest (here in the Cape) in years. Perhaps it was because we worked at home during all those freezing cold months, without the benefit of a temperature-controlled office. To me, it felt as if the cold took
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Don’t Move, Improve!
WHO LIVES HERE? Cobus and Maritza Kriek with their three sons Micha (17), Joël (14) and Benyamin (9) WHERE Potchefstroom SIZE OF KITCHEN 22m2 “We knew we were going to redo the kitchen one day,” says Cobus Kriek, a chemistry professor at North-West
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Local Is Lekker!
Serves 6 •Preparawion wime: 5 minuwes Cooking wime: abouw 10 minuwes • 6 pork loin chops• 30ml wholegrain musward• 30ml olive oil• large knob of buwwer• sprig of rosemary• 1 onion, cuw inwo wedges• 2 crisp apples (Granny Smiwh or Pink Lady work wel
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EDITOR Wicus Pretorius • editor@homemag.co.za CAPE TOWN OFFICE 20th Floor, Media24 Building, 40 Heerengracht, Cape Town Cape Town postal address PO Box 1802, Cape Town, 8000 Office Manager Amina Essop 021 406 2401 JOHANNESBURG OFFICE Media Park Build
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What Ishygge?
The Danish concept of hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is described as a feeling of cosiness, warmth, happiness, contentment, security, comfort and simplicity. Danes created hygge not only to survive their cold, dark and monotonous winters, but also to enj
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Food & Drinks
Make a statement with a 1L Maxwell Williams Kasbah Teapot with Infuser (R699, home.co.za). Out of an African Kitchen: Recipes and Stories by hotelier and guest lodge owner Nicky Fitzgerald (R290, penguinrandomhouse.co.za) is a quirky anthology of rec
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Your Space
Monica Dawson of Port Elizabeth writes Another year has passed and with sadness and an ache-in-a-deep-place-thatstill-wishes-to-be-fabulous I realise that entries for the Fix it with Flair competition have closed. My humble dream ‘shattered’, I have
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Animal Antics
Lucy and Max are ready to go! – Heather van Niekerk, Randburg Ben and Cody wonder when rugby will return to telly! – Megan Williams, Kakamas, Northern Cape Rescued kitten Sussie strikes a pose. – Karline Kruger, Krakeel River, Eastern Cape Mila ba
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The Sock Eater
In a Cape Town parking lot I struggle to worm my car in between two others parked quite rudely across their lines. A man with a Bible under the arm gives directions. When I step out of the car, heannounces that he will safeguard it. “Me and my watchd
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What’s New
WHO Amoret Ferreira WHERE Upington BUSINESS Create Ceramics HER WORK Drawing inspiration from the Kalahari Desert, the plains of the Karoo and the abundant fynbos of the Cape Peninsula, Amoret Ferreira creates ceramic plates, bowls and jewellery with
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Home Alone!
Lindy Brown of Pretoria writes My Jack Russell puppy is six months old and very busy! He is alone during the day when we’re at work and he can be very destructive; he likes to chew on the sprinkler system and plants. Do you have any tips on how we ca
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Down To Earth
Irma Herbst of Onrus decided to have a beautiful window she was gifted built into her boundary wall as a striking feature. Framed by lush ivy, the semicircle window allows the sun’s rays to shine through and brighten up what could potentially have be
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Gardening Notebook
Weedbuster Week takes place from 12–16 October. Do your part by removing invasive plants such as yellow bells (Tecoma stans), yellow flag iris (Iris pseudacorus) and yellow cat’s claw creeper (Dolichandra unguis-cati syn. Macfadyena unguiscati) from
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A Work Of Art
WHO LIVES HERE? Hilko Johannsmeier and Maximilian the Black Russian Terrier WHERE Parkhurst, Johannesburg SIZE 125m² It was a stroke of luck that led Hilko Johannsmeier to discover this house in Parkhurst on a Friday afternoon in 2013. All the estat
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