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Sennheiser HD 560S
PRICE: £170 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: SENNHEISER.COM Sennheiser explains that its new HD 560S headphone is: “tailor-made for listeners who need to understand a tune in all its detail, from the recording studio to the sound file.” Its transducers are specif
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Speaker designer and consultant HFC: How far back does your association with Ken go? KHF: We met the first time at the High-End show in Frankfurt 30 years ago. We became really good friends and shared hobbies like photography and watches. We travelle
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The Brains Trust
As the rather disparate combination of both dating websites and recruitment agencies never tires of reminding us, first impressions really count. It is highly likely that a few of you have looked at the pictures that accompany this piece and seen tha
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True Colours Industries
AS AN UPGRADE to the ‘kettle leads’ usually supplied with audio equipment, the Herald Constrictor is TCI’s entry-level mains cable from its Constrictor range. The company has been making reasonably priced audio equipment cables since 1997 and the Her
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Prime Time
PRICE: £4,500-£6,500 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: RENAISSANCEAUDIO.CO.UK VPI INDUSTRIES HAS unveiled two new Prime 21 turntables – the Prime 21 and 21+ – designed with a focus on ease of setup so that they can be removed from their box, calibrated and connect
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Unique Group Tests
AS ONE OF the companies participating in this roundup also produces its own range of turntables and cartridges, it’s important that the cartridge that’s selected for testing is from a brand that has no association with any of the participating models
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ED SELLEY EXPERTISE: REVIEWER Active in the industry since 1999, Ed’s first record was Boss Drum by The Shamen. He splits his time between reviewing and protecting hi-fi kit from his son Will. NEVILLE ROBERTS EXPERTISE: ENGINEER Neville has an eclect
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FOUNDER AND CEO of Vertere Acoustics, Touraj Moghaddam, considers that every interconnect degrades the audio signal to a greater or lesser extent. In his view, the best cable is the one that degrades the signal least as it will preserve the dynamics,
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Karma-AV Brings Inakustik To UK
PRICE: £40-£27,000 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: KARMA-AV.CO.UK Karma-AV is introducing German manufacturer inakustik’s cables to the UK. The range includes the Reference Air speaker cables and interconnects, the Excellence digital, XLR and speaker cables, Pre
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PHONO STAGES £700-£1,350 Deck hands
WHILE UNDOUBTEDLY TRUE that if neither your amplifier nor turntable has a built-in phono stage, you’ll need to buy one to play records, it won’t (or shouldn’t) be a merely functional purchase. All right, there are some very inexpensive standalone pho
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Meridian Time
When I first got into hi-fi in the eighties we had a world dominated by vinyl and Compact Cassette. The former was for serious music fans, while the latter was for more casual listeners. Amplification was almost completely solid-state, and had been f
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Buying Guide
Recommends ESSENTIAL HI-FI YOU’LL WANT TO OWN 6000CDT PRICE: £380 REVIEWED: HFC 447 The 6000CDT is exceptional at revealing what’s on your discs to deliver a great big soundstage with plenty of detail inside. It can dig down deep into the mix to eke
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Three’s Company
PRICE: £500-£3,200 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: DENON.COM IN CELEBRATION OF its 110th anniversary, Denon is launching three new hi-fi products: the PMA-A110 integrated amplifier, the DCD-A110 SACD player and DL-A110 MC phono cartridge. The £3,200 PMA-A110 amp
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Leema Acoustics Elements Ultra £1,350
At first glance, the Elements Ultra looks promisingly uncomplicated. On the front there’s a toggle for flicking from stereo to mono and a small, blue LED to tell you the power’s on, leaving plenty of space for the Leema logo in the middle. At the oth
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Remote Working
I’ve always been keen to explore the technology used to make high-quality audio recordings and have been fortunate enough to be involved with a number of sessions with audiophile record label Chasing The Dragon. Some of these have been held at record
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One of the oldest and most revered names in vinyl’s history has created a deck that mixes modern materials with classic design cues. HFC gives it a spin… REVIEWS Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 Anniversary speakers, Sonos Five soundbar, QED XT5 power cable,
Hi-Fi Choice1 min lettiComputers
Raising The Bar
Denon is also launching its first soundbar with Google Chromecast built in – the £300 DHT-S416 – allowing users to stream hi-res audio over wi-fi from music services including Google Play Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music HD, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer,
Hi-Fi Choice3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Lehmann Audio Black Cube SE II £850
hough the Black Cube SE II’s separate power supply is bigger and heavier than the unit itself, as a package this is still a relatively bijou combo with a modest footprint that’s easy to accommodate. Indeed, because of the small form factor, Lehmann A
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Dub Wiser
On a rare day out, I recently visited the Museum of London to take in the pleasures of its Dub London: Bassline Of A City exhibition. The first pleasure was simply to set foot again in one of our great cultural spaces for the first time in months. Th
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Hi-Fi Choice
Editor Steve Sutherland Production Editor Jake Day-Williams Art Editor Emily Hammond Andrew Everard, Paul Hirons, Paul Hocker, James Hughes, Cliff Joseph, Jason Kennedy, David Price, Neville Roberts, Ed Selley, David Vivian, Chris Ward, Nigel William
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Home Starters
PRICE: £1,500 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: FALCONACOUSTICS.CO.UK FALCON ACOUSTICS HAS released the first of six models in its Complete@Home range of loudspeaker systems for home assembly. The IMF100 is a two-way 1/8th wave transmission line system, featuring
Hi-Fi Choice3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Musical Fidelity MX-Vynl £700
It seems Musical Fidelity isn’t averse to scoring easy wins when it comes to phono stages. For a start, the MX-Vynl has no fiddly DIP switches. Nailing the correct load setting is instead accomplished via a calibrated rotary control on the front and,
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A MAZE-ing
PRICE: £400-£2,250 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: KEF.COM UK SPECIALIST KEF has unveiled its LS50 Wireless II speaker, which comes with advanced Digital Signal Processing – KEF’s Music Integrity Engine and a claimed 380W of amplification. A new 100W class A/B a
Hi-Fi Choice3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Primare R35 £1,350
Weighing a hefty 9.5kg, the full-width R35 would be a big boy even if it were an integrated amplifier. As a phono stage in this company, it’s a strapping Swede in the most striking terms possible, especially as supplied in bulk-enhancing black (titan
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Musics Reviews
ALBUM OF THE MONTH Letter To You CD Columbia THE BOSS HAS made a habit of nailing the zeitgeist at critical moments in recent history. His 2002 album The Rising was a cogent message of resilience in response to 9/11. Five years later, Magic was anoth
Hi-Fi Choice1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Restore… Reimagine
PRICE: £9,000 AVAILABLE: NOW WEB: BANG-OLUFSEN.COM BANG & OLUFSEN has announced the “rebirth” of one of its most iconic turntables with the launch of its Beogram 4000c Recreated Limited Edition. Originally introduced in the early seventies, the 4000c
Hi-Fi Choice3 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Rega Aria MK3 £1,000
What’s the difference between the Aria MK2 and the MK3? Well, you’re looking at it. On the inside, nothing. On the outside, what Rega calls its “latest half-width, custom-designed case to give the Aria a fresh new look”. Very smart it is, too, in a P
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Elvis Costello
Hey Clockface CD Concord IT’S MORE THAN 40 years since Costello’s brilliant, acerbic debut My Aim Is True, but in recent times some of us had given up on him. His melodic gifts appeared to have deserted him and the biting directness of his songwritin
Hi-Fi Choice2 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Q for Quality
PRICE: £1,500/TBC AVAILABLE: NOW/JANUARY 2021 WEB: QACOUSTICS.CO.UK Q Acoustics is launching its first active loudspeaker range, the Q Active 200 bookshelf and Q Active 400 floorstander. The 200 is available now with the 400 to follow in January next
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