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Like many, Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air (1997) was my introduction to Everest and its inexplicable temptation. Sharon Wood takes us back a decade, to the spring of 1986. This is 10 years before the disastrous climb resulting in eight deaths that Krak
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Celebrating Fall Gardening Traditions
Many of us have specific things we do to wrap up the gardening season. For me, this includes pulling up the last of the vegetables, cleaning up perennial beds, topping up my compost, cleaning off my gardening tools and tidying up before the snow fall
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Expect colder-than-normal temperatures in Yukon throughout the season. Everywhere else, we expect seasonable temperatures most of the time, despite several Arctic outbreaks crossing through the area. Precipitation will be above normal over northweste
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The Lost Stories Project
In 2017, singer-songwriter Jann Arden’s soul-nourishing memoir Feeding My Mother: Comfort and Laughter in the Kitchen as My Mom Lives With Memory Loss was published. Arden’s steadfast advocacy for dissolving the stigma surrounding dementia came in ma
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Did Your Know ?
In Garry Leeson’s memoir, The Dome Chronicles (Nevermore Press, 2019), readers are introduced to a budget-savvy, DIY septic tank solution favoured by Maritimers in the past. Leeson learns of the alternative from a local pumper truck operator who expl
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For this year’s Almanac, we decided to showcase innovative and visionary Canadians in the farming industry. Typically, our Almanac includes the Small Ponds section, which introduces readers to our nation’s greatest musicians, authors, athletes and th
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The polar jet stream will be running straight through this area, so expect much colder than normal conditions with a barrage of polar vortex air masses. As a result of the colder flow, we should see a drier pattern, with the lack of an active storm t
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Andy’s Sea Foods Restaurant
In 1933, my grandfather Andy Perry bought a building on the corner of Spring Street and First Street in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Already an avid racehorse breeder, Andy created a speakeasy/café in his new building and named it after one of h
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A Cup Of With A Local
It was late 2017 when I first heard about Suzanne Crocker’s ambitious 100-mile diet, northof-60 style. She had started the 1-year challenge that summer, with her family in nervous tow. My selfish thought was, “What, no bananas? No avocados? For a yea
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Caberneigh Farm
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? CaberNeigh Farm: CaberNeigh Farm is a 50-acre farm-slash-vanity-project in Uxbridge, Ontario. We have horses, dogs, cats, pet goats, laying chickens, a pot-bellied pig and bees. The tr
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As we write this section in early 2020, social distancing is encouraged. As a stargazer and amateur astronomer, I stretch my legs with walks under the stars. There are more creatures wandering about in the country than in the city. During these walka
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Besting Big City
Satin’s coming home! I’m at the end of our long, tree-lined lane, making daisy chains and waiting. I know they have a distance to travel from the city, but 2 hours late? Every cloud of dust has me hoping it’s the truck and trailer. Oh boy, here they
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Farmhouse Fare
Through an informal Facebook survey, we asked readers to tell us about their farmhouse cuisine favourites and, oh boy, did you ever! That was the fun part. Picking just three dishes from all the wonderful suggestions was nearly impossible, and it mad
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Hagenlea Beef, Brodhagen Family Farm
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? Hagenlea Beef: My family’s century farm is located about 20 minutes northwest of Stratford, Ontario. We own 150 acres and a farm with my uncle down the road (my dad’s homestead, where
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The times of events presented in this section are based on the city of Ottawa. It is common for astronomical almanacs to be centred on the capital of the country for which they are designed. Purely celestial events happen at the same absolute time ac
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Threshing Time!
When I was a kid growing up on a Prairie farm near Holdfast, Saskatchewan, in the ’40s, threshing time couldn’t come soon enough. Only one of our neighbours owned a threshing machine, so every year he and his machinery moved from farm to farm to harv
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Good To The Last Drop
Save the juice (or syrup) from canned fruit. From lychee to peaches and every fruit in between, the juice or syrup it’s canned with is tasty stuff and shouldn’t go down the drain. Here are some delicious ways to use it up. • In drinks: Add a splash
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The Jungle Farm
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? The Jungle Farm: We grow 6.5 quarters of traditional grain and have a market garden with about 20 acres of berries and 15 acres of vegetables. We grow fun stuff like strawberries, rasp
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Important Astronomical Events Of 2021
A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon orbits through Earth’s shadow. The penumbra phase is when Earth’s shadow progresses across the moon, and the umbra phase is when the moon is entirely within Earth’s shadow. The moon is then illuminated only by lig
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Lessons Learned on Highway 71
We all walked to school in those days. Me, my little sister and pain-in-the-butt kid brother came up Kehl Road and turned right on Highway 71 for the final half-mile to school. Quite a few kids came down Hammond Road and we seldom reached the pavemen
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Harrowsmith Radio
Since its birth, Harrowsmith has told entertaining, empowering and informative stories of Canadians living well and sustainably. Now our flagship podcast, Harrowsmith Radio, puts those powerful tales right between your ears. In each episode, host W
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King Cole Ducks Ltd.
Introducing Jackie Fisher, manager of farm excellence and one of four sisters operating King Cole Ducks Ltd.... Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? King Cole Ducks Ltd.: Our family farm has grown over the past 70 years
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Magnifying Your Macro-view Of The Universe
A walkabout under a clear sky gives you a macro-view of the universe. As when walking through a forest, your senses are open to everything. There may be flowers in the distance, birds in a tree, or a foraging animal across a field. Your eyes are alr
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Pulling Wrenches, Fighting a Forest Fire and Ducking a Grand-Theft Canoe Rap—All in One Day
The weather was great for the first 3 weeks that October—an extended Indian summer— and although I was busy-busy, my weekends were free. Bobby Green had a nice 1958 Meteor, but the motor was a bit lazy. It needed a valve job. Money was tight, so we d
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Get Your Ducks In A Row!
Serves 4 to 6 This recipe is easy to prepare and guaranteed to please with even crispier skin thanks to the brilliant cherry and port combo. Wow your guests with the subtle sweetness of port and the tang of dried cherries. 1 King Cole whole duck, ab
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Regal Point Elk Farm
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? Regal Point Elk Farm: Two-hundred-acre farm, 100 elk and a 2,500-tap maple syrup operation. HS How long have you been in the industry? RP Since 2002. My retirement project. HS How m
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Save the Date
On October 13, 2020, at 7:20 p.m. EDT to be exact, we will be passing one of our celestial neighbours. It will serve no purpose to say “Hi!” because sound doesn’t travel through space. And there is no one there to hear us, as far as we know, so it is
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Camp Greenhorn
In the ’60s, I was a skinny, unhappy teenage city kid who preferred spending my spare time in farm fields and woodlots. In the summer, I worked long hours at a riding stable to get free rides on their crazy rental horses. I regularly brought home man
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Is Duck A Healthy Choice?
The skinny on duck fat: Duck fat is healthier for the heart than butter or lard: 33 percent saturated fat in duck versus 62 percent in clarified butter. (Yikes!) Duck fat is also higher in cholesterol-fighting monounsaturated fats: 49 percent versus
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Cookstown Greens
Harrowsmith: Tell us about your farm. What do you grow or raise? Cookstown Greens: Cookstown Greens is a certified organic vegetable farm located in Egbert, Essa Township, which is 15 minutes south of Barrie and 15 minutes east of Alliston [Ontario]
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