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As a founding member of Diversity in Food Media Australia, GT’s very own digital editor Yvonne C Lam is keen to champion fresh voices and faces. In this issue, she explores the concept of authenticity and what it really means in relation to cuisine.
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New World Ordering
The diner was allergic to anything starting with the letter “A”. Chef Louis Tikaram was working at Tetsuya’s in Sydney when the request appeared. “Is she allergic to aubergine, but eggplant is okay?” he asked. After all, they’re the same thing. Shann
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Editor’s Letter
If this year has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t predict the future. Nothing is for certain. Thinking about the future can be a tricky business at the best of times. On occasion, it can be thoroughly overwhelming. But this year has also serve
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Future Feasts
If you’d asked Australian chefs 10 years ago what restaurants would look like in 2020, very few of them would have guessed that we’d be sitting six feet from each other, restricting booking numbers or bringing our meals home as takeaway due to a glob
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The CBD is set to welcome Fabbrica, a new pasta shop from the team behind Ragazzi. Nearby you’ll also find Tequila on York. The pop-up comes from the crew behind Paddington’s Tequila Mockingbird, and is set to run through to November, peddling wagyu
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Bright Young Things
SERVES 4 // PREP TIME 45 MINS // COOK 20 MINS (PLUS FERMENTING) “This recipe is very traditional Bengali,” says Ahana Dutt. “It’s normally just a piece of fish coated in a coconut and green-chilli mustard paste, and wrapped in banana leaf. I’ve don
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Freeze-dried Powders
This entirely Aboriginal-owned-and-operated bush-food producer perfectly captures the essence of quandong, with this chewy, crumble-like powder. There’s a fruity-yet-earthy character, underpinned by soft fermented notes. Containing twice the amount o
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Partner Promotion
Medium-bodied with intense aromatics of blackberry and spice. Pair it with kangaroo and beetroot, p88. Complex and delicate framed by a line of acidity and light oak. Pair it with crispy chicken and rice, p86. Bright and crisp with hints of musk an
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EATING WITH Michael Zavros
Was food a big part of your life growing up? It sure was. Mum and Dad were not super chefs but they prepared healthy food fairly economically, and in large quantities for five hungry kids. Although, the first time I tasted really delicious food was a
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Land Of Plenty
My family never had any grand plan to be in the restaurant game. Parwana began with my mother Farida (pictured above) and her intuition that, as migrants to Australia, it was increasingly important that we preserve the customs, flavours and essence o
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I was born and raised in Sydney, in the inner-west suburb of Earlwood. I grew up in a family of five kids. Mum and Dad worked their butts off to give us a decent upbringing. We were always happy because we were such a close family. As soon as I had
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Zero-waste Tip
If you’re left with a small amount of fresh herbs, don’t bin them. Finely chop them, pop into an ice-cube tray, top with olive oil and freeze. Defrost and use in a salad dressing or add a cube to a hot pan before sautéing fish or potatoes. ■
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Groundswell Giving
As the skies turned red above Mallacoota and people struggled to breathe through acrid smoke, a wave of helplessness swept the country – and social media. “It was 2 January that we had this surge of people turn to us,” recalls Arielle Gamble, co-fou
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Waste Not, Want Not
We define soft herbs as being, well, soft… with soft leaves and edible stems. These herbs have a higher water content than other herbs and are lower in aromatic oils. For this reason, they tend to have less flavour when dried, so use them fresh and i
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Wines To Watch
About the winemaker Josephine Perry worked her first vintage at Margaret River’s Cape Mentelle when she was just 14 and has been in the wine-making business ever since. Born and raised in WA, she headed north to learn from the old masters, managing w
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The Art Of... Failing
Some of my favourite things on the planet are historical missteps, grand ideas based on future predictions that turned out to be wide of the mark. I’ve long been fascinated by retro visions of the future, architectural or design plans executed with b
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SERVES 4 2 bunches broccolini (350gm), trimmed1 bunch coriander8 eggs60 ml (¼ cup) extra-virgin olive oil400 gm canned chickpeas, rinsed and drained2 tsp finely grated ginger2 cloves garlic, crushed2 tsp cumin seeds, crushed1 tsp ground turmeric100
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Ray Of Light
There are citrus notes of makrut lime, a trace of mushroomy umami-ness and a suggestion of fish sauce in the mix. But I’m not slurping noodles. I’m sitting outside Moonstruck, a modern café and gin bar on Noosa’s Hastings Street, nosing a quirky gin
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Preserved Lemons
Long before modern-day conveniences, such as fridges and freezers, salt was used as a preservative, allowing food to last from season to season. It’s the moisture in food, rather than the food’s age, that causes micro-organisms to grow and spoil it.
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What Is The Sunshine Coast?
Mention the Sunshine Coast and most think of Noosa – with its celebrated beaches, broad river reaches and picturesque hinterland. But this slice of paradise, traditional lands of the Gubi Gubi (aka Kabi Kabi) and Jinibara people, starts at Caloundra
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How To Sterilise Jars
Not only does proper sterilisation prolong the life of the product, it is also extremely important in preventing food-borne bacteria from causing severe illness. The aim is to finish sterilising the jars and lids at the same time the preserve is read
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Brisbane, Queensland
Brisbane: “Less cool than Melbourne and minus Sydney’s glistening harbour.” Once upon a time, says chef Ben Russell, this was how most discussions about the city’s food scene would have concluded. The discussion has changed, insists the former Aria B
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A Note On Storage
Preserves should be stored in a cool, dark place. The area you choose needs to have constant air flow and be dry, cool and dark – when a preserve is exposed to light during storage it will discolour. If the climate you live in is hot, wet and/or humi
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WHERE THE Wild Things Are
There is a wombat asleep on our front lawn. At least, it could be a wombat. Or perhaps a rock. Closer investigation is required. As we creep silently closer and peer into the shadows of the undergrowth, the rock snuffles. It’s a wombat! There is perh
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Step By Step
1 Halve 8 medium lemons lengthways; carefully cut each lemon half in half again, without cutting all the way through. Open lemon halves out slightly. 2 Cut 4 medium lemons in half crossways. Squeeze lemons over a large stainless steel or glass bowl
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Bar Carts
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The outer-casing is formed with delicate sheets of filo pastry; each individually brushed with a healthy lick of olive oil before lining a baking dish and enveloping the filling. Once baked, the pastry turns golden and shatteringly crisp. While any q
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Future Proof
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What We’re Eating…
Fish cakes for breakfast? Aye, aye, captain! These light yet crisp cakes pair perfectly with a zingy cos salad, capers and two well-poached eggs. 41 Pacific Pde, Lennox Head, NSW Karlie Verkerk, deputy editor Victor Liong’s finish-at-home Peking d
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Going Native
Did you know there is a fruit that has the highest recorded levels of vitamin C in the world – more than oranges or kiwifruit – and it grows natively in Australia? Gubinge, also known as Kakadu plum, is one of more than 6500 native plants that are ed
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