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Hot Off The Press!
If your home office needs a little “something”to inspire you to get behind the desk, look no further than a Wild Africa poster print, the latest in a series of designs by Hermanus-based illustrator Duncan Butchart. Using data from the United Nations’
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Take The Winning Photo
This canvas bag has sturdy sides and a soft inner to protect your valuable gear. The compartments are adjustable to fit your camera and lenses. Product available at winkel.weg.co.za ■
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Cable Car Birthday Surprise
Many people are aware that you can ride to the top of Table Mountain in the cable car for free on your birthday, but the problem is that you might not be able to get there on the exact day. Good news! The special has been extended to include any day
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Wonder World
Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the London Natural History Museum’s showcase for the world’s best nature photography. Entries are submitted from all over, by young and old, amateur and professional alike. The competition has been running for 56
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Keeping Snakes As Pets
Keeping snakes is a popular hobby in South Africa. All across the country, thousands of people keep a variety of snake species in their homes, from harmless to highly venomous. Some enthusiasts build extravagant enclosures that are beautifully decora
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Gifts for Africa
The inside of your vehicle tends to get messy on a road trip. Keep things tidy and save on the use of plastic with this bin. It’s locally made from upcycled and re-covered advertising billboards and comes in a variety of colourful prints like shweshw
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December’s Party In The Sky
After so many months indoors, the cosmos is doing its best to draw us out of our homes this month. December is a busy time in the heavens. Try to keep up! Partial solar eclipse: Late on the afternoon of 14 December, shortly before sunset, people in
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This Bus Is The Business
Soldiers, surgeons, firefighters and airline pilots are supposed to have some of the most stressful jobs on earth. Your life – and somebody else’s – is always on the line! I’d like to add another: bus driver. As a youngster in Cape Town, I’d occasion
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Reason Nyengera
What inspired your choice of work? I was born in a rural part of Masvingo in Zimbabwe, near the Great Zimbabwe ruins. This area is mainly populated by subsistence farmers who depend on crops and livestock for the survival of their families. As a chil
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Garden Route Vibes
Full-morning, guided excursion. Discover the folklore, history, botany and birdlife intrinsic to this very special place. Experience our mobile, off-grid, pop-up camp – it’s the perfect getaway for the whole family, just 8 km outside Plett! Privately
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Wild dogs are curious, intelligent creatures: They like to tease other animals and play games. But they are also efficient hunters, a skill that is not appreciated by livestock farmers. Wild dogs were declared an endangered species in 2016 and there
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Take A Hike
Half a century ago in the Overberg, farmer Jannie Willemse would pack his scissors and combs into a small bag every Saturday morning. He’d say goodbye to his family and walk from the farm Hartebeesrivier in the village of Tesselaarsdal, over the Klei
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Check This
Greg du Toit is a world-renowned photographer and safari guide. In 2013, he won the overall title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year, for a ghostly shot of elephants around a waterhole at night. The winners of the 2020 competition were announced in
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Say Yes To Yzer
Almost every small coastal town has experienced a boom in the past two decades. As a child, we always went to Still Bay for our December holidays and I watched it mushroom over the years, bringing traffic jams and shopping centres to the seaside. Yze
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When Life Gives You Thorns
We had been fantasising about breakfast even before we started the walk. Now, halfway up Chapman’s Peak, the thought of the impending meal was running through both of us. “It’s a full, full plate,” I said, gasping a little at the steep gradient. “The
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René Bosch runs Café René at Kaijaiki Country Inn – he’s a hospitable Dutchman and loves to chat. Have a pancake or try the bitterballen. I enjoyed my berry pancake (R55). Contact: 022 451 2858; kaijaiki.co.za Rosemead Artisan in Park Street is a re
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Best Coast An Ode To Our Favourite Seaside Towns
I like the climate in Amanzimtoti. We don’t really experience winter temperatures and the beach is always there, free to enjoy. Karmen and I have three kids – Liam (10), Zoe (8) and Caleb (7), and a Staffie called Max. We often head to Baggies Beach,
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Landmines are at the forefront of my mind as I take my first steps off the track. It has only been a few years since the peace declaration between RENAMO and FRELIMO, and many parts of Mozambique are still decorated with signs warning,“Perigo minas!”
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Kloof To Cliff!
Have you heard about the network of hiking trails and base camps between eNtokozweni (Machadodorp) and eManzana (Badplaas)? There’s Mount Komati, Oom Paul, Bloutrein, Bermanzi… and the most diverse of them all, the High Five Trail, previously known a
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With My Own Eyes
I live in Richards Bay and decided to drive to the Lake St Lucia section of iSimangaliso Wetland Park for the day, in the hopes of tracking down a lifer. (I’m a serious birdwatcher.) Instead, I found something even more unique! I’ve seen the Big Five
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Behind The Scenes
What was the biggest challenge? The baby! This was the first time my wife Marilize and our daughter Essie (15 months; pictured) had joined me for a work trip. I had to plan visits and interviews around Essie’s nap routine, and everywhere we stayed I
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Num-num Or High Five?
The Num-Num Trail, a five-day hike across three farms in the Skurweberg – the north-eastern extension of the Drakensberg – opened in 2010. As time went by, the hiking huts required more and more maintenance and hikers sometimes got lost on the trail.
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Mission Vietnam
When you look at a world map, Vietnam is an S-shaped land mass next to the South China Sea, bordered by China to the north and Cambodia and Laos to the west. We flew from Denpasar in Bali (see go! #172) to Ho Chi Minh City. The humidity smacked us in
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What’s In A Name?
It’s a 20-minute hike from Candlewood to Uitkomst Waterfall, also known as Bride’s Leap Waterfall. The latter name was inspired by Kootjie van den Heever’s book Die Waters Roep – apparently the wind blew a bride off the cliff, on her wedding day! ■
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Fast Facts
We went to vietnam-visa.com and arranged beforehand so that we would pick up our visas when we arrived at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City. This can only be done at certain airports. It cost about R300 per person, plus about R415 per person to get you
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Alta wins a set of Zartek ZA-748 two-way radios, worth R2 220. Each radio weighs 140 g, comes preprogrammed with 16 channels and has a battery life of 35 hours. It has a communication range of up to 6 km, depending on the terrain, and gives you reli
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Know Before You Go
Where? The High Five Trail is south-east of eNtokozweni (Machadodorp). Pongola Express is the only camp right next to the R541 – it’s 22 km from town. The three other camps are accessible via dirt roads – Escarp Hiking Trails will send you directions
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When you sit on the big cement stoep at my brother’s farmhouse, Windhoek is directly behind you. My brother and I can disagree about this for hours. He’ll say it’s more to the right, to that side of the mountain, and I’ll say no, it’s more to the lef
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Speak To Us
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