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Get Prepped
DURING this time of coronavirus every boat owner would have in the back of their mind, an ‘escape module’. Moored in the marina, ready to go. But is it ready to go? Let’s look at some aspects of preparing to escape a serious pandemic threat on your o
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Cyclone Coming – Now What?
I have never been through a cyclone in open sea, although I have been through a couple on the boat and several more on land. If I never have to sweat another one at all, that is just fine with me. Robyn and I have been regular seafarers under our own
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Essential Kit
Long before Western man ‘discovered’ them, the ‘people of the sea’, as many inhabitants of the South Pacific islands called themselves, had a vibrant, socially sophisticated culture in which travel on water played an essential part. For sixty-five ye
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The First Edition Of Boating Rendezvous
Nine Beneteau motorboats and sailing yachts plus Lagoon 42 and Excess 12 sailing catamarans were exhibited. Flagstaff Marine: Swift Trawler 47, First Yacht 53, First 27, Oceanis 40.1, Oceanis 30.1, Excess 12. Chapman Marine
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Ideas Locker
One of the most irritating sea conditions is a leftover slop with a light wind. The sails slat, boom bangs around and sheets droop and then snatch tight. All this causes more wear on sails and hardware than a strong wind. To avoid damaging the mainsh
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Head Fever
I must go down to the heads again, to the broken seat and ask why Does the lid not fit and the pump not work, however hard I try? The valve is stuck and the vacuum's gone, while my guts are crying For a peaceful sh*t, with a detailed book on lunar al
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The Journey, Not The Destination
I always admired the US Navy ceremony for changing captains of its ships. After all the usual official administration matters are dealt with, the retiring captain turns to the new and announces: “I am ready to be relieved”. To which the new captain r
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Special Offer: Save 40%
The world may look different to most of us this year STAY CONNECTED WITH WHAT YOU LOVE • Free delivery direct to your door• Digital issue available to download on your compatible device• Save 40% off the regular price For these titles and more, head
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Cruising Helmsman
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Covid Trapped
IN early February 2020, after spending a couple of years cruising around South East Asia, Frank and I sailed from Phuket in Thailand to Kochi in India on board our Freedom 39ft schooner Stars End 2. We hoped to spend at least a year in the country, s
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Race round Australia
HAVE you completed your sailing voyage around Australia before? John Rich, from Planet Multihull wants to create a timeline record about those who have achieved the lofty goal of sailing around Australia. John is interested in finding the sailors and
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Hang On
TO escape the heat and humidity of Queensland, for the summer of 2018-19, my wife and I decided to cruise our Island Packet 40 Joule as far south as Sydney, taking our time along the way to visit destinations such as the Clarence River and Port Steph
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Dufour Agency Reboots In Australia
THE Fountaine Pajot Group has announced a new agency, The Yacht Sales Company as a Dufour dealer network in Australia. Nicolas Bérenger, Dufour sales manager, stated, "Australian sailors are known as some of the very best in the world, they are real
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The Raft Of No Return
STORMS are brutal, storms toss boats around as if they are made of foam. The noise is horrendous. Vortexing winds clutch you in a vicious fist, backing and clocking in a gut-wrenching horrifying lurch from one direction to another. The cruel gusts pi
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Lifejacket Safety Website
AUSTRALIA’S Boating Industry Association has launched a lifejacket website to help boaters ensure they have the right information for a great day on the water. The BIA developed and built the site on behalf of the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating E
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Hagar In The Red Sea
I’M in awe. Quiet pride, as she shoulders aside,The great swell in her ride through the dark night.The wind is strong and it’s rising.The masthead light sweeps an arc through the stars andthe message is clear,The wind is rising.The foredeck dips down
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BIA Welcomes NSW Works Funding
BOATING Industry Association President Darren Vaux welcomed the NSW Government announcement of $205 million in maritime infrastructure works over the next three years. Minister for Transport Andrew Constance made the announcement saying the funding w
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Australia Survives Virtual Tsunami
THE Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre (JATWC) recently simulated a full-scale tsunami in the Indian Ocean as part of UNESCO's Exercise Indian Ocean Wave 2020 (IOWave20) involving 23 countries, to test the tsunami warning and response chain. The
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Cape Horners Register Open
THE International Association of Cape Horners (IACH) has taken on the mantle of maintaining an official register of those who have completed solo circumnavigations via the three great capes: Good Hope, Leeuwin and the Horn. The listing, which records
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Club Marine departs NZ
AS Australasia’s large provider of pleasure craft insurance, Club Marine has announced it will be exiting the New Zealand market. The exit follows the withdrawal of a number of Allianz businesses from New Zealand earlier this year, with Allianz being
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Yachts In The Reef a Big Ship’s Perspective
FIRST thing is, the wet season is usually between December and April, but it can be earlier or later. Do not be there then. The rest of the year is the dry season with the south east trade winds and great sailing weather. From the perspective of a bi
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Consider Trailer Sailing
THE major advantage of trailer sailers is there are no expensive mooring fees. You store it like a caravan. Tow it to your destination and set it up, launch the boat and set sail. They are a cheap and affordable way of getting families and friends in
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Easy Dinghy Mooring Made Safer
IF you have ever gone ashore and left your tender on the beach for a nice stroll only to come back and find the tide has gone out and left you with the problem of dragging a 150 kilograms or more of dinghy back to the water, or returned to find your
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Lets Look At Cyclones
I began to take a serious interest in cyclones in April 1989. We had come up to Hamilton Island from Adelaide to compete in Hamilton Island Race Week with the crew from our boat down south. We would be sailing the charter yacht Stylopora in the cruis
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Are We There Yet?
NEARLY forty years ago the first Cruising Helmsman magazine appeared on newsagents stands. As a publishing standard, a first issue of any type of magazine is usually story-rich as it takes a while to convince suppliers to that specific market to come
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Cruising Cuba
AS far back as I can remember I have been fascinated by Cuba: pirates and Spanish galleons, gangsters and gas-guzzling American cars and folk heroes such as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. After a month cruising in Jamaica aboard Distant Drummer, our L
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Cruising Helmsman
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Outside Lifestyle Re-invented
THERE has been a long build up in promotional marketing with regard to the newly-released range of Beneteau catamarans. Calling it the ‘Excess’ range set themselves a target of providing something that would pop into the market and make everyone go “
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GBR Runs Deep
FOR the first time, scientists have viewed the deepest regions of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and, in the process, discovered five undescribed species consisting of black corals and sponges, plus recording Australia’s first observation of an e
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Essential Kit
Rite in the Rain’s paper technology is a solution for protecting important notes from getting destroyed when on deck in rough weather. You can spill any type of fluid on this durable paper and it will wash completely off, without ruining your page or
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