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IN the article on birds’ eggs, the Master of Charterhouse states: ‘I do not know of any theory which does not break down before the blue of the hedge-sparrow’s egg.’ May I draw his attention to the theory of Dr Edridge Green, the greatest living auth
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More Avian Extremes
• The world’s smallest bird is the South American horned sungem hummingbird (right), which beats its wings 90 times per second. Hummingbirds have the highest metabolic rate of any creature and need to consume half their bodyweight in nectar and insec
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Wind- And Salt-proof Plants For Every Coastal Garden
Griselinia littoralis A very windproof small tree with glossy green leaves, which deserved to be more widely grown. Makes very good coastal hedging Muehlenbeckia astonii Growing to about 6ft, one of many New Zealand shrubs with very dense interloc
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Oh, The Agony!
Q I’m divorced and my friend’s wife has started pursuing me. She asked to meet for ‘coffee’ and when I told her it was inappropriate, she said it needn’t be if she was no longer married. She calls me incessantly, but I never answer. How can I shake h
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Seeing Is Believing
THE wildflower meadow in front of me is a colourful tangle of daisies, poppies, harebells and creeping thistle. A honeybee forages happily among the petals of a greater knapweed and a buff-tailed bumblebee hones in on a plump red clover flower. Looki
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Down With Groundcover
I VISIT a lot of National Trust gardens, the sort that are run on a shoestring by dedicated, but underpaid and underappreciated horticulturists struggling to remain on speaking terms with a property manager who doesn’t know a daisy from a dandelion.
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Town & Country Notebook
1) Crème de cassis is a French liqueur made using which berry? 2) In 2017, Findern Primary School in Derbyshire trialled pupils wearing what in class to encourage better grades? 3) What is the name for trees that lose their leaves in autumn? 4) Wh
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Say Yes To The Old Dress
WHEN The Duchess of Cambridge wore an Alexander McQueen gown in February this year that she had been pictured wearing back in 2012, she was praised—by the very same publications that have historically shamed public figures for turning up to major eve
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Horticultural Aide Memoire
There is no hurry to plant tulips. Now is early enough. Choose your moment when the soil conditions are right, in the proverbial ‘open weather'. The pleasure of tulip planting is that you can do a different scheme each year. If they are going into co
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In The Spotlight
Whiskery and playful, with an intelligent expression, there's something simultaneously cat-like and dog-like in the lissom otter-yet Lutra lutra is actually a larger-framed relative of weasels and martens, with a long body, powerful tail and webbed f
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In A Fix: Top Tips For Doing It Yourself
• If you choose to rewax your jacket yourself, Barbour recommends a 4oz wax coating for coping with light showers and a 6oz–8oz wax coating for heavier rainfall • When buying second-hand clothes, don't be put off by the colour. ‘If older garments are
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A Glimpse Of The Good Old Days
A CATCHPHRASE of a now long-dead friend and colleague was ‘Ah! We had fun in the old days’, usually deployed at times when we seemed to be having considerable fun in the present. It came to mind a month ago when I found myself enjoying an afternoon t
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Miss Katie Hornyold-Strickland
Katie is an emergency medical technician for the East of England Ambulance Service and the daughter of John and Janey Hornyold-Strickland of Kendal, Cumbria. Her grandmother, Angela Engleheart, appeared on the Frontispiece in 1949. ■
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Wines Of The Week
Wirra Wirra, Church Block, McLaren Vale, South Australia 2018. £9.99, Waitrose, alc 14.5% Ageing in a mixture of French and American barriques and hogsheads adds structure and spice to the generous black fruit, ripe tannins and savoury notes lingerin
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As Good As New: Expert Menders
Founded in 1776, lighting specialist W. Sitch & Co has been based in Berwick Street since 1903. The Soho company repairs antique lighting fixtures-preserving originality, yet ensuring safe and efficient functioning-and sources accessories, such as ch
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Online Shows Continue In Impressive Style
Many galleries have, this year, learned a great deal about website presentation. During the first lockdown, the Chris Beetles Gallery, Ryder Street, SW1 (, boosted morale with weekly selections of appropriate cartoons. Now, until
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On The Button
A CHARACTERISTIC of the human psyche is an assumption that few things are quite as good as they used to be. No aspect of life is immune: newspaper journalism, public transport and table manners are all subjected to both conscious and subconscious bia
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Letters To The Editor
I ENJOYED the article on Padre David Railton and his role in creating the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior (November 4). It prompted my Uncle Charlie (who turned 100 years old last month and was awarded a Military Cross in the Second World War) to recall
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Sweet Charity: Thrift-shop Treasures
Don't expect to find the perfect piece. Instead, look for potential, suggests Lauren Bravo. ‘Be prepared to make your own alterations, to take clothes to the tailors or dry cleaners. It widens the scope of things you can buy secondhand. Don't focus t
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ALFRED WALLIS’S popular maritime paintings have been reproduced many thousands of times, on greetings cards, mugs and mouse mats. His vigorously simplified ships and high, plashy seas combine the serendipity of kindergarten painting with Folk Art's n
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Give Six Issues Of Country Life For £6*
Visit for the perfect Christmas gift *After your first 6 issues, your payments will continue at £34.99 every three months. For full terms and conditions, visit www. Offer closes February 1,
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The Last Journey Home
YOUR article on the first Remembrance Day (November 4) has a gap in it. Between arriving on HMS Verdun and reaching London, the coffin of the Unknown Warrior was conveyed by rail in a very special vehicle, which still exists. Said carriage also carri
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The Winners Are...
IN the two years since their launch, our kitchen awards have elicited a cheering number of entries from ‘house’ members of Historic Houses, willing to share their experiences of creating kitchens that are sympathetic to historic interiors. This year’
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Absolute Power–and How To Give It Back
THERE are, as they say, those who are born to power, those who achieve it and some who have it thrust upon them, but that is to ignore the fourth possibility: that you can rent it for £250 a week, plus VAT and insurance. Imagine, for a moment, being
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Country Life
Editor-in-Chief Mark Hedges Editor’s Office/Lifestyle Editor Rosie Paterson 6591 6591 Telephone numbers are prefixed by 0330 390 Emails are Deputy Editor Kate Green 4171 Managing & Features Editor Paula Lester 6426 Archite
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A Feast For The Eyes
WE use back copies of COUNTRY LIFE as place mats for every meal (Letters, November 11): colourful, interesting and exactly the right size. We could just about do the Lord Mayor’s Banquet and the table looks wonderful, even before the food appears! ■
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Growing Old Gracefully
IN the National Portrait Gallery, there is a picture painted by James Tissot in 1870 of the army intelligence officer Capt Frederick Burnaby, airily waving a fag as he lounges languidly on a sofa. Burnaby was famous for his physical prowess (he is su
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Visit Tottering-By-Gently on our website: ■
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Words Grow No Flowers
NATURAL ENGLAND (NE) has been ‘cut to the bone’, say staff members, backed by a new report. The conservation watchdog, which is sponsored by Defra, is unable to carry out its most basic duties of protecting England’s wildlife sites, such as Sites of
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Pass The Butter (knife)
I SEE in this year’s GENTLEMAN’S LIFE (November 4) the answers to that perennial question: what is a gentleman? Because it has nothing to do with class or status, I’ve always liked John Henry Newman’s reply, in his Idea of a University, that a gentle
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